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To the best of my knowledge, Albert Bouchard has never performed under the name "Albert Bouchard and Friends", unlike his brother Joe. (Not that Joe's ever played under that name either, I mean he's played gigs as "Joe Bouchard and Friends" - hence the "Joe Bouchard and Friends" section.

So if Albert's never played under this name, what's this section all about then?

Well, I like the idea that it mirrors the Joe section, but really it's a matter of expediency - it's a place to put any gigs that Albert's done with other people outside his main projects - and any future ones he might do in future. If he does more than a couple with the same line-up, then they'll get their own subsection - like the Outrageous Canadians...

Currently, Albert's now done two shows with Mike Pinera's Classic Rock All-Stars, which - in AB terms - is practically a residency, so I'll keep my eye on that and if any more gigs crop up for this line-up, I'll break out a new section... although I'm a little hesitant, as the moment I gave the Underbelly their own pages, they seemed to stop playing... :-(

If you've ever seen a gig that might fit into this section, or know of any shows I'm currently missing, please get in .

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