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Welcome to the Albert Bouchard section of the Hot Rails site in which I attempt to keep track of as many Albert-related project shows and setlists as possible.

Since the demise of the Brain Surgeons and subsequent hiatus, Albert has at last begun to show signs he's ready to start playing again. This site will try to document the expression of this as much as humanly possible, as well as celebrating that which has already gone before.

As well as a Brain Surgeons section, there are also sections covering his work with Helen Wheels, as well as new sections on The Underbelly and the Regaltones reunion shows. Albert has also played with Blue Coupe but as this is two thirds BDS, you'll find details on this in the Joe Bouchard section.

If you're looking for info on the gigs Albert's done with Mike Pinera's Classic Rock All-Stars, then check out the Albert Bouchard and Friends section - which is where I put all the AB gigs that don't fit into the regular main categories...

If you've ever seen an Albert Bouchard show, please consider sending me a for posting on the site. And if you know of any missing gigs or setlists, please tell me about them.

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20 Jan 2015

Check out Albert's latest CD release: "Incantation":

  1. Ghosts
  2. Roadshow
  3. Ravens
  4. Do You Believe in Me
  5. Prayer (Light the Dark)
  6. Trinity
  7. Cry 3x
  8. Voyeur, Pt. I
  9. Face in Your Mirror
  10. All Dreaming
  11. Career of Evil
  12. Death Valley Nights

Details here: