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Welcome to the The Regal Tones Reunion section of the Hot Rails site in which I attempt to keep document as many Regal Tones Reunion shows and setlists as possible.

The Regal Tones, of course, finished as a going concern forty years ago but in July 2006, in true Blues Brothers style, they got the band back together again for a special one-off charity benefit show at Clayton Arena.

Another one-off happened in July 2007. Then they had a year off. Then they had a further one-off in 2009. That makes a grand total of three one-offs!!! :-)

If you've ever seen a Regal Tones show - either one of the contemporary reunion shows or else one of the original Clayton and environs shows, please consider sending me a for posting on the site.

And if you know of any missing gigs or setlists, please let me have as many details as you can..

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Here's Joe's latest news on the Regal Tones:Regal Tones

I've attached the Regal Tones flyer as a JPEG. Albert plans more graphics and announcements on the Cellsum site.

Regal Tones January 1974

I've also attached a photo I got from Eddie Bazinet, the bass player, from January 1974 featuring the Regal Tones nine years later.! From left to right: (Cousin) Ted Streets, guitar & vocals, Joe Bouchard, guitar, piano & vocals, and Ed Bazinet, bass guitar. Seated Albert Bouchard, drums & vocals. Missing from the photo Steve LaLonde, alto sax & vocals.

Regal TonesRegal Tones Reunion!!
Cellsum brings us the exciting news that Albert and Joe's original home-town high-school band, the Regal Tones are reuniting "on July 8th 2006 for a special benefit show in Clayton NY. "

"Details are being worked out but it will be a long sweet trip down memory lane."

I asked Albert for some more details. Here's what he said:

Well, this will be the first time we will have played together since 1965. The Regal Tones played over 400 shows in their career. We had a repertoire of over 220 songs but will probably only play 40 or so at this show.

It is a one off but it will be well documented I think. We will probably have opening acts that will be our nieces and nephews. A number of them have bands.

It is a benefit for 2 charities. The Ryan Russell Memorial Scholarship Fund (our cousin once removed) and the Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Research Fund.

If you click the image above, it opens up a newspaper clipping which mentions the Regal Tones were in a Battle of the Band finals. I asked how they did in this competition:

We actually did win that battle of the bands. We lost other smaller contests but that was the biggest one in the area. It was a multi-day event with 2 run-off rounds before the final. So to win we actually had to win 3 contests. In the final we played This Diamond Ring, She Turns Me On (an original) and Johnny B Goode. We were the only band in the area to play original tunes.

PS We will be wearing uniforms

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