The Brain Surgeons [photo by Bruce Johnson]
  • Ross, Debs, mini-Albert and Dave
  • Photo: Bruce Johnson

Welcome to the The Brain Surgeons section of the Hot Rails site in which I attempt to keep track of as many tBS shows and setlists as possible.

The Surgeons came about after a collision of creativity between Albert Bouchard and ex-Flaming Youth Deborah Frost who, together with Billy Hilfiger on lead, Peter Bohovesky on rhythm and David Hirschberg on bass, unleashed "Eponymous" on an unsuspecting world in 1994 and they began gigging and recording on a frequent basis.

Temporal and tragic erosion gradually reduced the Surgeons to an operating team of three, but the addition of Ross the Boss on lead in Summer 2004 re-ignited their warp coils and re-focussed their musical style and resulted in a fantastic new record: Denial of Death. It should have been Onward, Surgeons, Onward!!!

But just as we were basking in the warm glow of Denial came the sad news that the Surgeons had self-imploded and were on hiatus with immediate effect... Albert had "done it again"... Doh!

If you've ever seen a Brain Surgeons show, please send me a , and if you know of any missing gigs or setlists, please tell me about them.

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Well, the Brain Surgeons might have "vanished into dust and left us all alone", but you can still vicariously relive the early Brain Surgeons live experience by getting yourself a copy of the Barndance DVD, featuring rare studio and live footage spanning the Brain Surgeons' first decade, including:

  1. Needle Gun
  2. Language of Love
  3. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
  4. Death Valley Nights
  5. Night of a Thousand Guitars
  6. Sally
  7. Gun
  8. The Girl That Love Made Blind
  9. Medusa
  10. St Vitus
  11. Godzilla
  12. On The Road (Again)
  13. A Kiss Is A Promise
  14. Curse of the Hidden Mirrors
  15. Biloxi

It's not available from Cellsum - you have to go to CustomFlix.

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