The Underbelly

Welcome to the The Underbelly section of the Hot Rails site in which I attempt to keep track of as many Underbelly shows as I can.

I suppose the genesis of the Underbelly came about thanks to French impresario Dom Berard who brought Les Braunstein to Europe to open for the Brain Surgeons 14 Feb 2005 Paris gig.

That night, seeds were sown - and although it took over two years - and the demise of the Surgeons - for germination to take place, we now have a flowering: original SWU members Les Braunstein and Albert Bouchard have been joined by ex-Brain Surgeon David Hirschberg, who, together with guitarist Adrian Romero, have come to form The Underbelly.

Although initially seeming to be only a temporary project to record a Motorhead tribute track, they then started to play some live shows, hence this new section.

If you've ever seen an Underbelly show, please consider sending me a for posting on the site. And if you know of any missing gigs or setlists, please tell me about them.

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Funny Farm || Arlene's [ 20 April 2008 ]
April 2011: Underbelly on CDBaby

With the Underbelly's last gig being in November 2008, and with each passing day bringing no further news, I had been wondering if The Underbelly had unfortunately become The Overbelly...

Well, at last something has happened. Back in January 2011, I had noticed on Albert's news page that he'd said this : "I've been working on mixing some songs for the Underbelly's first release. We plan to have a double sided digital single out by March 1st."

Now, I don't know if the following link is what he was talking about, but it seems too much of a coincidence for it not to be (what exactly is a "double sided digital single" anyway?):

Check out that version of Astronomy!! Let's just hope this serves to add a little bit of impetus to the Underbelly project which, like I say, has seemed to have stalled of late.

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