It was the stuff of nightmares...

Blue Oyster Cult were playing on the same night as the Brain Surgeons!! It was like waiting ages for a bus and then two come along at once - and they don't pull in at your stop anyway because they're both full up!!

What on earth to do? The Mid-West crew had a tough menu choice to make: Brains or Oysters...? It was a big pity they couldn't do both, but of course, the laws of physics forbids people from being in two places at the same time...

Or do they??!! Read on to find out how the theories of Einstein and Hawking were reduced to rubble by a guy called Mark from LaCrosse, Wisconsin...

Friday Morning, July 28th, 3 am... I rise to to go to work, need to be a functioning member of the world by 4am... well, it took me till 5 am but wtf! Worked till 10 am and proceeded to head home and pack the BOC Dodge Road tripin' Dakota for yet another drive south to the home of the Dog Family.

Uneventful drive there as it for the most part all interstate. 2 toll booths. Got to the Dog House @ 4pm. Set up the tent and got ready for the 1st night of what would be the rare of rare weekends in BOC history.

We, Kira, Dog and Mrs. Dog had a grill out before heading out to the Abby Pub in downtown Chitown... I was tired but the promise of a show was my fuel for the night.

The Abby was everything I had hoped for! What a room, sound, feel, vibe, it all meshed together as one. Good Friends and tunes would soon to come. Robzilla, Big Steve, Doug V.D., Milwaukee Dave and Ting, Pat Connor, Jon (a Bouchard look alike!), R-Jay, Pixel Bob, DawnOwar, Heather, Brother David H. and the others that I had not met, but would soon be friends with.

Opening acts were a blur to me as there were too many people to talk to. Then the attack began!

The Brain Surgeons, NYC took the stage... In a blaze of Red and Black the show begins!

Hornswoopmebungoponyandadogsleadonice Futafuck!!!!!!!!!! We are now officially rockin'!

Rocket Science is another from the DOD cd... the named roots for this go back to the stem cell years of the Brains. Another mover from the new Brains!

Change the World Henry... Excuse me while I clear out a 10 foot circle to move in! Song 3 In the set list and I'm already getting tired! (gotta remember I have been up for @ 18 hours now)

Gun... Good old tune... .to me I say dump it for D-Train! ;-) Inside joke 'tween a few fans...

1864... now the boots get a work out again! It's my own mosh pit time Brothers and Sisters! Out the fuckin' way or I might say I'm sorry for bumpin' into you. Total new Metal to the fullest extent.

Jimmy Boots (Fetish) tends to slow things down a tad... not much mind you, thankfully!

Onward Solders, onward... Constantines Sword... it's a mover, and a good tune that needs air play IMO due to the content.

If you aint jumping by now in the show you are dead

Dark Secrets... what the hell can you say about this tune gripping, it pulls you in from the start. It goes from melodic to a frenzy and back again.

Verboten is another power tune. A 3lb weight loss tune as you cant help but move.

Cities on Flame! Classic, The band has gotten hotter than ever with the addition of Ross on this epic Albert tune. (Ross ain't no Buck, but he does Rock!)

Plague of Lies is another tile shaker! You go from Frenzy to Frenzy in this one. Debs vocals are awesome (not on this song alone, but the whole evening)

The thunder that is Godzilla is next. Knowing I'm gonna see BOC do this song the next night gives me reason to be in total amazement as to how the 2 bands approach this song. Both versions rock! Don't get me wrong. But seeing Albert do it only a couple times a year and BOC 5-12 times, Albert's version excites me more than the new line up, and they excite the Hell outta me!

And there he is, that 1 loudmouth screaming for his favorite song from Albert. That would be me! Yelling for Astronomy!!!

So we got...

Dom and Sub. Another song that usually gets me a clear zone of 10 feet or more. And did it Rock!

Encore time!


Hey, Hey-Hey! Hey, Hey-Hey! Genius! It really doesn't get much better than this!

Last tune of the night to really ruin my voice was Tattoo Vampire. This is another song that I have seen BOC do and Albert. I'll take the Albert live version thank you!

What a fantastic evening of Rock and Roll! Hung at the bar till we got kicked out for the 5th time or so. Got tons of shit from the Brains about going to see BOC the next night instead of driving to Janesville, WI. the next to see them again.

That's the next story.

July 29th... a day unlike any other!

Still feeling the effects of the previous nights show, lack of sleep, beer... I got a quality 4 hours of sleep in! Woke at 8am and Kira and I went to the I-Hop for breakfast... sad, sad, sad... My Denver omlet sucked!

Back to the Dogs we go. Kira needs to hit the road by 11 am to fetch up the Brothers from Norway, and I need a shower and to brush the dust off of my teeth. Hung at the Dog House for the better part of the afternoon and had a couple beers. Hit the highway to the hotel in Crystal Lake, IL. and got ready for the trip to the show. Then a knock came on the door and we got to meet the Norse CVLT Brothers! This was looking to be a really special evening in so many ways!

Off we go to the Airport! Great sounding show! The place is set up very nice indeed. Rare Earth opened, good act as the play some classics that only us old farts would know. ;-)

We got lucky enough to get a series of front and 2nd row seats on the Richie side. Time to Rock!

Setlist, Short but it Rocked!
Red and Black
ME 262

The return of Allen to the line-up was good to see after his leaving the UK tour a couple says early.

As always the Boy'z were on fire! The heat of the day began to take a toll on me, and the rest of the night would put my system to the test. I think I had more fun watching the Norway fans having a good time at their 1st show that I kinda was outta focus on BOC...

But I did pay attention.

Tight, tight, tight! They were on fire the whole night! Right down to the EB setlist changes. Sad deal at the end as the promoter has a "firework show" set for 10:30, the band was ready for encores and they were told they could not go back on, fucked up or what?!

After the show Kira got all of the guys from Norway to hook up with the band for a meet and greet! Great Job Kira as that is what the CVLT family is all about!

SO!!! Show over! Well, the night before a couple of us hashed out this master plan to perhaps roadtrip to Janesville, WI after BOC was done as the Brain Surgeons came on at midnight.

Hummmmmmmmmmmmm... no Brainer! Dog and Mrs. and myself in 1 van and Rob leading the way. We got to Janesville in time to catch the whole set!

After an interesting road trip we finally found the Back (Room) Bar in Janesville. We arrived at @ 12:15 and as Rob had told us "No Band on yet"! They got wrong directions to an eating place and got back late so this all worked out great!

So, The band sees us and says"We thought you were going to see BOC tonight?!"

Reply: We did, and now we are here to Rock again! Big Smiles from the Brains as we are the Brain Trust! This needed to be done!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many from the Abby were there as well as Alted (Ron) and his brother, Barrymore Sal from Madison, a bunch of ManOwar fans that we had met last year at the Wisconsin Rapids show. Good crowd and a 2 foot high stage! Setlist for this one was the same for the most part but Vera was added.

Red and Black
Rocket Science
Change the World
Jimmy Boots
Const. Sword
Dark Secrets
Zilla (with the drummer from the 1st band sitting in on the skins... This dude Rocked!
e: Astronomy (with the double Hey's ala Immaginos)

Classic! What a night! The band was on total fire and I wouldn't be surprised if this wonderfully tight venue was back on the tour dates for next year. Booted outta the bar again... sigh...

Got back to the Hotel around 4am and was awake by 8 am and somewhat ready to see BOC again at the taste of Lincoln fest. That night at 8:00pm... my ass is now dragging as I have had a whole 7 hours of sleep in the last 2 days.

We all got together for lunch at the Bennigins across the street from the hotel and headed back into Chitown to drop off the Norse gang at the hotel they would be staying at for the remainder of time in Chicago. Hot don't come close to the temps... it was in the upper 90's with a heat index well over 100 and humid...

We all stoped by a small lake at a park to catch some shade before the show and proceded into Chitown once again. We found parking close by and entered the grounds and slowly met up with other fans. I wandered around and checked out some other cool bands and had some fine food as well and answered any questions about BOC that I could.

Time to rock again! This time no barrier infront of the stage so we all got good and close. The Norse Brothers were all smiles as were we.

Hot night for Rock and Roll!

The Red & The Black
Before the Kiss, A Redcap
Burnin' For You
Harvest Moon
Buck's Boogie
Harvester Of Eyes
Cities On Flame
I Love The Night
Black Blade
Last Days of May
Intro - Don't Fear the Reaper
No Encore

Sweaty hugs as we parted after seeing good friends and music once again.

Got back to the Dog House at @ midnight I think... We talked for a bit and I thanked him for opening his home once again to me. Fell dead asleep in the tent till @ 7 am and packed things up for the long ride home. What a weekend! I had a grin on my face as I left the Dog's house and hit the road. I would do it again in a heart beat!

Thanks to everyone!

"We parted knowing our bond as CVLT Family will never be lost or broken... the ride home was a solitary one for me as usual, but it allows me to reflect on the friends I have made through the Blue Oyster Cult."

And that's what it's all about!

Mark/ Redcap [ August 2006 ]