I worked for Dallas based Sound Productions. They leased Steinway grand pianos to groups on tour and my job was to set up and tune the piano for shows.

I traveled with BOC for about a year and a half and consider myself fortunate to have had the experience and lived through it. While I wasn't the wildest one of the bunch, I did my best to try to keep up. :-)

If you knew me then and I inflicted any mental, physical or emotional injury to you during this time period, I'm sincerely sorry. I hope we had fun, though! I think I was pretty obnoxious, but I don't really need any confirmation on that point thanks, anyway.

The band was great to listen to every night and band and crew were all really neat people to boot. Sam Judd was a never ending source of wit, humor and amusement unless of course, he was mad at me. (Have I ever apologized for the hotel incident in Brussels? - sorry, buddy!)

I'm from Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Russia and now Missouri. I'm a Christian and still have a "wonderful" time enjoying life, family, travel, friends and music, just without the debauchery, drugs and drunkeness. :-P

Glenn 'Gravy' Cotita

Before embarking on their 1975 European tour, BOC holed up in ELP's Manticore Rehearsal Studios in Fulham (London) for some rehearsals...

"I really can't remember where the Joe/Eric shirt thing above happened, I do seem to remember that in the dressing room, Joe noted that the shirt had a bad seam, so he and Eric concocted the 'tear it off' bit. I especially like Donald looking on intently. They told us they were going to do it, which is why I was ready with the camera..."

Various crew shots...

"Re the girl's tattoo above - remember this was in the mid-seventies, tattoos weren't exactly in vogue. There was one kid that showed up at a gig - won the privilege of coming backstage on a radio station promo - he had the BOC 'logo' tattooed on his FOREHEAD!!!! He scared us. None of us were that crazy. I hope he's still fond of the band..."

Sometimes roadies get to sneak a few photos...