In this section I intend to include as many features and interviews with people connected with Blue Öyster Cult in some way as I can get: band members, ex-band members, writers, road crew, friends, fans... all are welcome!!

If you've ever done an interview with any ex-member of BOC which is currently no longer in print or is now off-line (or even just in your drawer), or perhaps you've got a story or feature you want to share, why not and I'll put it up here.

Please send me anything you have. Obviously, I'll take what I can get but digital text is preferred :-)


Joe Bouchard
8th June 2001 Interview by Dean A. Orewiler
Albert Bouchard
Sam Judd
Lose the Boots by Sam Judd
Excerpts from the Sam Judd Diaries
George Geranios
22 Aug 1981: The Donington Story by George Geranios
Find out what really went on behind the scenes at the infamous Donington 81 gig
8 Sept 1980: The Old Waldorf,SF by George Geranios
Find out the story behind this KSAN radio concert broadcast
Glenn Cotita
Gravy's Photo Gallery by Glenn 'Gravy' Cotita
See some pictures from Glenn's private collection...
Joe Bouchard
"New Solid Black" by Ralph
Review of Joe's latest solo CD...
"Million Miles More" by Ralph
Review of Blue Coupe's latest CD...
"Tales From The Island" by Ralph
Review of Joe's solo CD...
Joe Bouchard's Blue Oyster Cult Songbook by Joe Bouchard
Joe gives some insights into his BOC compositions...
"Beyond the Valley of the X" by Ralph
Review of the X Brothers record...
Albert Bouchard
Ronald Binder
Tales from the Blue Öyster Cult Underground by Ronald Binder
Find out how Ronald came to co-write "I am the Storm"...
Les Braunstein
Fantasy Morass by Les Braunstein
Tales of the Soft White Underbelly
Les Vegas in Paris by Les Braunstein
How Les came to play with the Brain Surgeons in Paris on 14 Feb 2005
Kim Fowley
An Affair to Remember by Kim Fowley
Find out how BOC came to record "This Ain't the Summer of Love"
Don Waller
This Ain't the Summer of Love by Don Waller
Don gives some background info on the writing of "This Ain't the Summer of Love"
Stony Brook Forever
An Appreciation of the Stony Brook Student Activities Board...
My First BOC Concert...
Fans Tell the Story of their BOC Baptisms (why not send yours?)
The Blue Oyster Cult Memory Project
Fragments and Memories of BOC in concert...
Underbelly Memories
Fans Tell stories from the early days...
Monster Island Memories by Jack Taylor
Jack's 2003 UK Tour Diary
BOC on Tour Forever? by Ralph
Some thoughts about BOC's future touring schedule circa 2003...
Fast Cheap and Out of Control by Dan Tancer
A report on Sandy Pearlman's London lecture on 23rd June 2005...
Tales of the Psychic Warrior by Jacob Koehler
An ongoing column outlining Jacob's insights, opinions and reviews of all things Cult...
Trip of a Lifetime by Makis Maurogiannis
Read about Makis' trip to the US to see Blue Oyster Cult in February 2006...
On the Road with Karen and Bob by Karen Baxter
Read about Karen and Bob's Californian Adventures in April 2006...
On the Road with Karen and Bob again!!! by Karen Baxter
Read about Karen and Bob's UK Roadtrip in July 2006...
On the Road with Karen and Bob again squared!!! by Karen Baxter
Read about Karen and Bob's Cali Roadtrip in March 2007...
My recollections of a Brain Surgeons/Blue Oyster Cult weekend by Redcap
Read about Mark's rather amazing weekend 28-30 July 2006...