1988: As usual, this page, as with a great part of the rest of the site, would not have been possible without the help of ex-BOC roadie, Sam Judd, and it's his notes which inform many of the facts contained herein...

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John A. Swartz

I saw BOC at the Channel in Boston in 1985 and 1988. Here's the 1988 setlist:

The Channel
Boston, Massachusetts
January 1, 1988

  1. R. U. Ready 2 Rock
  2. Dominance and Submission
  3. E.T.I.
  4. Take Me Away
  5. Buck's Boogie
  6. Veteran of the Psychic Wars
  7. Flaming Telepaths
  8. Joan Crawford
  9. ME-262
  10. Burnin' For You
  11. Harvester of Eyes
  12. Godzilla
  13. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  14. Roadhouse Blues
Mike Huggler

I'll never forget this one. Small venue, we were in arm's length of the band. Eric Bloom grabbed a beer right out of my friend's hand. Fantastic show. Loved it.

Here's the tunes, but not exactly sure about the order. (It was a long time ago)

  1. RU Ready to Rock?
  2. Harvester of Eyes
  3. ETI
  4. Hot Rails
  5. Last Days
  6. Flaming telepaths
  7. Take me Away
  8. Joan Crawford
  9. Dominance & Submission
  10. Cities on Flame
  11. Burnin for You
  12. Godzilla
  13. Reaper
  14. Roadhouse Blues

Highly unlikely they did "Hot Rails" in 1988 - they stopped doing that one after Joe left in 1986.

Dan Helmbrecht

Also have opening band for 2/1/88 concert at the Iron Horse in Crystal, MN. It was Touched (have ad if you want copy).

It was in Crystal MN which is a small town (we call them suburbs in the states here) right next to Minneapolis.


Here's a link to some photos by Gene Kulin from this gig:


The Brat Stop in Kenosha WI, my home town at the time, venue 7 miles from my house. Could not believe they were playing there. The place was packed.

The cool thing about this show was we knew the guy running the sound. He had told me that he could get me back stage to meet and greet, so I put together a photo album of all my choice pics that I was going to present to the band, which I ended up doing. We were happy to see Alan back.

  1. R U Ready
  2. Dominance
  3. ETI
  4. Bux Boogie
  5. Take Me Away
  6. LDOM
  7. Harvester
  8. ME262
  9. Joan
  10. Flaming
  11. Burnin
  12. Godzilla
  13. Reaper
  14. Encores: Cities
  15. Roadhouse

This was the first time I had Buck sign for me. He was walking thru the crowd before show, noo one recongized him at first. He walked right past me and I stopped him and had him sign a piece of paper from my wallet. I had brought a pen in antcipation of meeting them afterward.

So the show gets over and the sound guy leads me down a flight of stairs to the dressing room and I present these photos to the band. I was the only fan down there. I had them all to my self. What a nervous thrill.

There was a table there and Buck and Eric were sitting there with Allen and I looking over their shoulders looking at the pics and them commentig on them. It was so cooooool. I have excellant pics from this show as we were very close it being a club. I still didn't intoduce myself properly figuring they would never remember me anyway next time which wasn't until '89 around the Imaginos album.

Rich Hoffman

Recently there was a torrent of an audience recorded 1st gen VHS of this gig on dimeadozen... I recently watched it, and have a correction to your setlist info. There's a track missing. Flaming Telepaths was performed between Joan Crawford and Burnin' For You.

This was an interesting show to see, as they performed in the round. Slight "glitch" which was pretty funny - the intro tape for Born To Be Wild was mistakenly played at the beginning of Godzilla ("Sounds like something coming this way now... A dinosaur on a motorcycle!")


Thanks for the correction - the error has now been rectified...

Christoph Gilles

Hi, the special guest was "Mama's Boys"...

Wolfgang Muller

The supporting act at Babenhausen was Mama's Boys.

Stefan Weiss

The 1988-03-07 show in vienna was opened by burning vision (again an austrian band - nowadays nearly unknown) and mama's boys...

Michael Ott

Mama's Boy opened the show.

It was promroted by Mama Concerts.

Quick Gig Facts

I went to see my favorite band once again with my great friend Russ Jones. This was a great show for me. I was really becoming a so called "expert" on THE Blue Oyster Cult! This was really a great venue. So different than the usual arena or concert hall. more like a cocktail lounge or club. Very cozy!

Lots of band merchandise at this concert. More than any other concert I had been to. Of course I had to have everything, bumper stickers, key chains, buttons and t-shirts too. A great table right up front and whiskey and cokes all night long. the sound and lighting was as good as any other time, great atmosphere.

It was great to hear ETI, one of my favorites. Of course at this point, i knew every song inside and out. and felt like I was an old expert, learning and knowing the history and members of the crew and band. Jon Rogers and Ron Riddle fit in nicely although it was very strange not seeing Joe.

Eric and Buck were awesome as usual. We went to the first set and then rushed home to record the second set which was being broadcast on a local San Jose radio station. Still have those cassettes to this day!

Once again, a great show, but I have not been to a bad show yet! Miss you Rusty, my brother. You are surely on tour forever.

Steve Meyers

I probably hold some sort of record for being the longest-time fan before seeing BOC in concert. I have been a huge fan since 1974, when I was an 18 year-old soldier in the U.S. Army. We used to sit around getting stoned on Oaxacan spears and Jack Daniels in the barracks, with our stereos cranked up with everything from Aerosmith to Zeppelin, but there were only two bands that really did it for us. A certain group called kiss, and another by the name of Blue Oyster Cult. We wore out our copies of the first album, T&M, Secret Treaties, and when it came out, OYFOOYK. I just loved this band from the first time my buddy Brian turned me on to them.

Well, for one reason or other, though I attended many concerts over the years, I had never seen BOC until March of 1988 at a bar in San Diego known as The "Rockin'" Bacchanal, where many past-their-prime rock bands made their tour stops.

The band was in town for two shows, one on March 30, and one the following night. I could only go to the first night, and I am so glad that this was the one I went to, as it was the better of the two.

For the occasion, I drew a large Kronos sign in permanent black ink on my left bicep. Then my friends and I got liquored up a bit, toked a few, then made our way to the venue.

The Bacchanal was a great place to see a concert. It held a couple hundred folks, so it was intimate, plus the added convenience of several built in bars, with waitresses bringing drink orders before the band came on. Unfortunately, the Bacchanal is no longer in existence, as it went out of business (I don't know why).

Anyway, it's time for the show to start. My friends and I are right up front, about 5 feet from the stage, which is only a platform about a foot off the floor to begin with, so we're right in their faces. No back-up band, just Blue Oyster Cult. Yippee!

It was really awesome is all I can say. It was great to see Eric, Buck, and Allen finally! Jon Rogers and Ron Riddle were also excellent as well (I missed seeing Albert and Joe, but what can ya do?).

As per usual, the started the set with R U Ready to Rock, Dominance & Submission, ETI, Buck's Boogie, and Flaming Telepaths. Very hot indeed.

We were all expecting Astronomy to follow Flaming Telepaths, as it has such a natural intro, but when we all started calling for it, Eric told us that the band was not performing this song in their set until the new version was released on the upcoming Imaginos album. Kind of disappointing, but they more than made up for it with the remainder of the program.

They went on to play 17 songs altogether, including 4 encores. This is how the rest of the songs came at us:

Take Me Away
Then Came the Last Days of May
Me 262
Joan Crawford
Harvester of Eyes
Burnin' For You
(Don't Fear) The Reaper
Golden Age of Leather
Summer of Love
Cities on Flame
Roadhouse Blues

Wow, what a show!

After the show, we got to hang out with the band out behind the club, and got to talk to Buck and Eric. How cool is that? I was to say the least, really stoked!

I saw them again at the Bacchanal on May 5th, when they came back into San Diego. That night they rocked with a 16 song lineup, including 3 encores: Summer of Love, The Red & The Black, and Cities on Flame.

I am 51 now, and still remember those Army days partying to BOC just like it were yesterday. Where is that time machine when you really need it?

Alan Hutchins

King's X definitely opened for BOC on April 6, 1988 at the Denver, Colorado - the gig actually took place in a northern suburb called Northglen - show.

I was there and distinctly recall being impressed by them. Of course, I was really there to see BOC and although I didn't note the setlist, I do recall loving every minute of the show.


That's odd - the ticket stub above says the support act was "The Fluid"...


Don't remember who the opening act was. The Rock Exchange bar/club was in Thornton as the ticket states correctly located on E 88th Avenue (not in Northglenn). It was torn down and is no more.


Were Kings X the support?

Andrew M

The date for the Fort Worth show was 8th april 88. It was at a place called Tommy's.

Not a great deal of info from the show but here some points.

Benn Allen

B.O.C.'s April 08, 1988 show at Tommy's was not in Ft. Worth. It was in the Deep Ellum section of downtown Dallas.

I'm not sure, I'd have to dig out my ticket stub, but I think the club at the time was known as Tommy's Deep Ellum. It had so many different names through the years.

And, yes, King's X did open for the Cult. It was the first time I'd heard of King's X.


The 24 March edition of the Houston Chronicle said this in a piece on King's X:

"The band has signed to open 10 Blue Oyster Cult dates across the South, but will not appear with the Cult at the Houston show at Xcess in April..."

The only 3 gigs I know about for sure with the band are the 4 April Phoenix, 6 April Denver and 8 April Ft Worth gigs - perhaps all the shows (except this 11 April Houston gig) between the two sets of CA dates featured King's X?

If there was indeed 10 shows, then some would appear to be missing...

Ernie Wilson

Outstanding show, they were having a great time that night. Sounded fantastic, as usual.

Very small bar, maybe 100 capacity, mostly standing, some (maybe 10) tables along two walls and a bar with maybe 14 stools.

I've seen them many many times since their 1974 concert at Winterland in San Francisco. They were in top form this night in 1988.

Set list:

  1. R.U. Ready To Rock
  2. White Flags
  3. I Am the One You Warned Me Of (new)
  4. E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)
  5. The Great Sun Jester
  6. Astronomy (new version)
  7. Spy In the House of the Night
  8. Take Me Away
  9. In the Presence of Another World (new)
  10. Black Blade
  11. Shooting Shark
  12. Shadow Warrior
  13. Magna of Illusion (new)
  14. Cities Aflame With Rock and Roll
  15. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  16. Encore: ME262
  17. Golden Age of Leather

Blimey!! Scratching my head over some of the songs listed above - I've asked around and here are the areas of difficulty:


The official site has this down as the "Viking Tavern" but in the 6 May 1988 edition of "The Spokesman Review", it said the venue was going to be "The Convention Center".

Then in the 12 May edition, on the day of the gig, it said the show was being switched to "Gatsby's", "due to lack of ticket sales"...

Do you know of any BOC gigs for June 1988 that I'm missing?

If you do, please let me ...

Vaughan Burton

I don't remember the complete setlist at this show, but I do know they played 4 Imaginos songs: In the Presence, I Am the One, Astronomy (Imaginos version), and one I didn't immediately see in your setlists of that era, the song Imaginos.

I wanted to let you know that they, in fact, have played the title track live (you probably knew that already, but just in case).

I'm not completely sure, but I don't think they had an opening act then either.


if that's so, that would be a pretty unusual addition to the setlist - it's not been known to have been played in any other gigs.

Does anybody else know different?

Andy V

Another great outdoors show in downtown St Pete. General admission, so i got pretty close.

I think this was the first time I had seen BOC at this venue. It seems that many more shows were to come here.

I believe with foghat? I can't remember who opened for this show.


This gig is confirmed on the venue website:

However, they refer to BOC as "Euro Rockers", so obviously you can't take anything on that page as Gospel...

George Merrill

Cool Toys opened up this show...

Sam Judd

You're missing a gig - I went over to Birmingham AL to see BOC in 1988 - it was on July 30 1988 - I was able to peg the date by the fact that I also remembered it was the day before the Diehard 500 at Talladega...

My mate Ed Brimer and I went over to Bham in his brand new car to visit with my sis for dinner, then go see BOC... returning to ATL at dawn the next day (July 31), we hit the massive traffic for the Talladega race (seating for 250K), but we knew back roads to get around it...

The venue was in fact a TINY little 2 room club that Hydra had played back in 73 when it was called Diamond Jim's Warehouse (on 1st Ave N), but I'm not sure what it was called when BOC played there...

Quick Gig Facts

The handbill above doesn't really indicate whether or not BOC played on Day 1 (Saturday 30 July) or Day 2 (Sunday 31 July) of this festival... but thanks to Sam's help above, I now know that they must have played on the second day...

The full 12 band-list over the two days was (presumably in reverse order):

I currently have no idea which of these bands actually played before BOC on the Sunday, however...

What happened in August? If you know, please let me ...

Rich Pawelczyk

Personally, I attended a BOC show not mentioned on your site: September 17, 1988 at West Warwick Civic Center in West Warwick, Rhode Island headlining with Robin Trower and Foghat in support.

Quick Gig Facts
Jim McDonald

September 18, 1988 - Kingston Fairgrounds, New Hampshire

BOC was the headliner of the "Indian Summer Jam".

The full bill and running order were as follows:

  1. Z Toys
  2. Humble Pie
  3. Foghat
  4. Robin Trower
  5. BOC

Remember, Jerry Shirley (drummer) was the only member of Humble Pie at that time (no Peter Frampton) and Foghat had a similar situation, with only original member Roger Earl (drums) being with them.

That left Robin Trower and BOC at the top. They each played 6 - 8 tunes (mostly hits).

Sorry, no setlist - I was hoping to get it from you.

Sam Judd

24 Oct 88 was my return to stage right after leaving off 21 Sept 86...

Masi was deffo on the 29 Oct (Bulletboys in the Wiltern as well, bugger me if I can remember who played first) 30 Oct and 6 Nov shows... maybe more...

John Oxford

This was my first ever B.O.C. show. It was the Imaginos tour. I was a senior in High school.

I was right up in front of Eric and I was just blown away. They had 2 opening bands, first on the bill was early Seattle great "Mother Love Bone" (Just a short time after, we heard that lead singer, Andy Wood, died of a heroine overdose on the eve of the release of their album "Apple". Of course, later, when the Seattle scene broke open, members of this band would form "Temple Of The Dog" and "Pearl Jam").

The second band was called "Masi" and the only thing I really remember of them was that they had a really good guitarist (I think the band was named after him), but the mix was awful and all you could hear was him.

Then came B.O.C. Here is the songlist:

  1. R.U. Ready To Rock
  2. Dominance And Submission
  3. E.T.I.
  4. I Am The One You Warned Me Of
  5. Buck's Boogie
  6. Astronomy (Imagnos version w/Buck vocal)
  7. Take Me Away-
  8. In The Prescence Of Another World
  9. Flaming Telepaths
  10. Then Came The Last Days Of May
  11. Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll
  12. Joan Crawford
  13. Burnin For You
  14. Godzilla
  15. Dont Fear The Reaper then as an encore they blew us away with Screaming Diz-Busters.

I remember during Cities On Flame, Eric held up his beer just above my head and asked if someone wanted it. Before i came to the realisation of the situation, I was jumped on by someone behind me who got it. When I looked back up, Eric kinda shrugged as if to say "Tough break kid".

This was the last show I saw at this venue while it was named the "Starry Night" as it soon changed its name to the Roseland Theater.

Today I heard the sad news that Allen Lanier has passed. This night was a great memory for me and he was most definately a big part of it. I will miss him.


Dizbusters? In 1988? Are you sure about that one?

BTW: what's your source for the setlist you provided? - you didn't say, and I always like to know how confident I can be in the accuracy of given setlists.

Also - I originally had Masi and Impellitteri down on this bill - seeing how Mother Love Bone were on the next night's bill, from what you say it looks as if Impellitteri might have cancelled and MLB took up the slack...

John Oxford

The song list was written down on a sheet of paper the next day by a friend that came with and I recently re-discovered it in my copy of Imaginos on vinyl.

I also have a bootleg from Sacramento that has that songlist - the only difference was the encores were This Aint The Summer Of Love and Golden Age Of Leather, which I know they didnt play at our show. I guess I might be wrong (it's hell to get old).

There is no doubt at all in my mind that we saw Mother Love Bone and Masi that night. I absolutely know that. I've never seen Impellitteri.


Thanks for the clarification. The setlist I originally had for this show was only partial and your one seems to be fuller and more accurate.

As I say, the only problem was the presence of Dizbusters, whereas my previous info had a double encore of The Red and The Black and Roadhouse Blues, which seems to be more "in keeping" with setlists from that period.

So what I've done is to use your setlist up to the encore, and then to add the two songs I originally had, and finally to add a note that it might possibly be inaccurate.


I finally found some notes that I had jotted down in a scrapbook I have that mentions most of the songs that were played at the Bremerton Washington show on October 25, 1988. I was mistaken about Baron being played. I was trying to remember why I thought Baron was played. I remember the refrain with Buck, Eric and Jon Rogers singing "Your Master... Your Master" and realized after putting on the Imaginos CD last night that it was 'In The Presence of Another World" that I was confusing it with.

Anyhow, here is what I have written down that was played. Unfortunately it is not the complete setlist (but close) and is not in the order played.

Astronomy (Imaginos version)
In The Presence of Another World
Cities On Flame
Flaming Telepaths
Take Me Away
I Am the One you Warned Me Of
Dominance and Submission
Red and The Black

The 'support act' was quite interesting indeed! The band was 'Mother Love Bone'. Andy Wood was the self destructive singer that later died of I think a drug overdose just a few months after that show.

Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament as well as 1 other member of Mother Love Bone went on to become Pearl Jam less than a year after that show, picking up Eddy Vedder as the lead vocal.

I remember how well they played prior to BOC coming on and thinking, 'hey, these guys just might make it someday'. They certainly did.

I also seem to remember that Eric Bloom was sporting a Budweiser Logo Guitar that night for a couple of numbers. I think Budweiser was sponsoring the gig.

Rich Hoffman

Here's the setlist:

  1. Intro -> R.U. Ready 2 Rock
  2. Dominance And Submission
  3. E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)
  4. I Am The One You Warned Me Of
  5. Buck's Boogie
  6. Astronomy
  7. Take Me Away
  8. In The Presence Of Another World
  9. Flaming Telepaths
  10. Then Came The Last Days Of May
  11. Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll
  12. Joan Crawford
  13. Burnin' For You
  14. Godzilla
  15. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  16. Golden Age Of Leather
  17. The Red & The Black
  18. Roadhouse Blues
Scott Bensyl

I was at this show; rode a Greyhound from Bakersfield to L.A. (I was a poor high school lad with no wheels). The Bulletboys were pretty impressive (remember "Smooth Up In Ya"?), but the other two openers I don't recall anything about.

Stone me if you must, but I've preferred the Imaginos version of Astronomy ever since that record dropped... it's just... more energetic, I guess... and they played it here, along with In The Presence of Another World -- and an awesome Golden Age.

This show was very loud (not as loud as the Coach House shows in San Juan Capistrano---I was deaf for DAYS after those, literally).

Larry Anderson

I just found your site today and have been a BOC fan since the early 80's. Anyway the first concert I went to in my life was on Oct 29th 1988 at the Wiltern theatre. The opening band was JETBOY not the Bullettboys. I remember the singer coming out with a mohawk and thinking 'oh boy' Great show by the way!


So that's one vote for the Bulletboys and one for Jetboy... anyone else got any input about this show?

Gene Sobczak

I am absolutely certain it was Jetboy and none other. This was my first BOC gig in Los Angeles and I took notes.

Also - the Wiltern is a proper concert hall and they rarely - if ever - booked more than two bands in an evening since Union halls in Los Angeles strongly stipulated an 11:00 p.m. finish or else the bands would be required to pay overtime for the stagehands.

Matthew Giuli

The 1988 concert at the University Of Nevada Reno was a unique experience. It was held in our student union, a very small venue. I was assisting with security for the event.

The Student Body Association did a horrible job of promoting the event. Halloween night with BOC and maybe 150 people showed up. Even in the small venue, the place looked empty.

BOC were highly upset at the lack of attendance. I grabbed a buss tub full of beer and brought it to the band and those who were responsible for the dismal ticket sales while they discussed what happened. I got to crack a beer with all of them.

The band were very professional and stated they would show why everyone should have attended. BOC were awesome! Literally the entire crowd fit at the edge of the stage.

For such a big band, we had a unique and intimate concert that I will never forget. The sound was great and the bands energy was fantastic.

Jay Buckwheat

I was at this gig with 3 of my friends that night. Of course we showed up early so we could get tuned up before we went in, but there was hardly anyone around so we were wondering if we got the time wrong or something stupid had happened.

The only stupid thing that happened was the lack of promotion by whoever put on the show (I really hope the band had a guaranteed payout that wasn't tied to ticket sales).

As time came for the show to start, there was maybe 50 people, tops, probably more like 40, but the numbers did not matter (back then in Reno, lots of shows got cancelled for lack of ticket sales, ozzy did it twice, asshole).

When the lights finally went down, most of those people gathered up to the stage, and BOC came out and played a fuckin great show. I could see them look around to see how few people were there, but they didn't let that keep them from playing like there was 50,000.

I can't tell you what songs they played, but they played at least 90 minutes of full tilt BOC. We were so happy to have so few people show up for that gig, it was like having BOC playing a private party or something. This is without a doubt one of my favourite BOC shows ever.

I can't say enough about those guys playing so hard for such a small crowd. That sold me on them forever. So many other bands would have cut their show short, played unenthusiastically or not even played, but not BOC, they just came out and tore it up. Integrity, that's what that is called. Doing it for your fans, no matter how many of them there are. Fuck Yeah!

Long Live Blue Oyster Cult!!!

Scott Bensyl

I was at this show, also. No Greyhound this time (See Oct 29); caught a ride with a buddy in his fastback Mustang... we "felt the thunder" on an Imaginos CD case all the way from Bakersfield to Anaheim, said drive taking what seemed like about fifteen minutes...

Certain there was an opening act here, but cannot remember anything about it.

Similar setlist to the Wiltern Theater show a few days before, but they added a couple, including I Am the One You Warned Me Of, which is probably my #2 fave Imaginos cut... #1 is (don't laugh, or I'll cut ya with muh knife) "Del Rio's Song"... which I am almost positive I *have* heard live SOMEWHERE, but can't recall where.

Maybe it was here?


Regarding opening acts - the guy who posted the above ticket from this gig on eBay said: "As I recall they had some unknown bands opening for them, one was called Rysk."

Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Mike Starzec

I was checking the tour dates at the BOC Site - for I was part of an opening act for BOC at the Celebrity Theatre in Anaheim California, Nov.3rd 1988... the name of the band was "Unleashed". The names of the 4 players in that band were:

I personally attended at least 6 "Soft White Underbelly" shows back in the day and it was a huge rush to play on that stage that night.

I was at The BOC/Rainbow show in Long Beach Nov. 30 1983.

Always good to reminisce... even if it's with someone I don't actually know.

Gardner Trimble

I was at the November 6, 1988 show at the San Jose Civic Auditorium - though Impelliteri was orginally scheduled to be there, they did not appear. The buzz in the crowd was that singer Graham Bonnett had a visa-problem and they were unable to get in the U.S. No idea if that is true. I was disappointed to miss them.

Masi did play, though.

Can't help with the set-list, though I do remember that they played Imaginos material - specifically "I Am The One You Warned Me Of", "In The Presence Of Another World" and "Astronomy (Imaginos version)".

John Prior

I was at this show. The opening act was a band called National Velvet, a Canadian Goth Rock band.

Don't have a set list for this show, and while the venue was quite dark, BOC put on a good show.


Although this gig is supposed to have taken place in Highland IN, Sam's memories below place some doubt on this...

An important piece of info to bear in mind is that Roy orbison died on 6 December 1988...

Sam Judd

On Dec 7 1989 we played at a club in Columbus Indiana (not in Mich) we had never played before... it was a hellhole and when we showed up the stage was only 6x12 ft and about 3" high (I think they'd play that today)... looked like a blowoff, but about 5PM this damn guy came up with a team of carpenters and a truckload of wood and built a damn stage and we had to do the stinking gig... I remember it vividly as it was the morning I found out that Roy Orbison had died the night before...

It was the scene of my famous quote (among certain BOC folk anyway) as we were sitting around during the endless hours of waiting to find out if we were even gonna work that day

"Roy Orbison's dead, I'm out of cigarettes, and we're playing THIS shithole... fine..."

It was definitely a night that we finished the evening by playing Martin Mull's: "I've played some shitholes in my time, but this place takes the CAKE" thru the PA... (we always kept that tape handy for "special" evenings...


Are you sure it was Columbus?

Sam Judd

We were deffo in Columbus Ind... Shenck and I got to meet some of the local constabulary after the show... we went to a White Castle and the girl behind the counter had on a most xcellent White Castle satin jacket...

We struck up a conversation with her, offering to buy it off her on the spot (she was big enought that it would have fit either one of us as well)... Shenck even pulled a C-note out of his pocket and offered it to her... all standard chit chat kind of stuff...

After we got our food and were eating, 2 cops came in and talked to the manager... they then came over to us, wanting to know who we were and why we were "causing trouble in here"... they demanded to see picture ID and ran our D/L #'s for possible warrants, finally leaving after they were sure we had seen the error of our ways and seemed to be no further threat...

We were glad that our motel was at least in a different county and considered this a perfect capper to a memorably shitty day, where we had once more won out over the Road Gods and could count our money on the plane...

I looked at the 1988 giglists and thought damn, did we play the same place exactly one year apart??...

Maybe we were supposed to play Club Dimensions in 88, but, for some reason, the promoter had to do it at another venue?? That would explain the scramble-fuck about the stage as well...??

I don't think we went back to that place in Columbus either...

Ken Kaylor

Dec 7 1988, Club Dimensions; support was Sgt. Roxx (Very popular local band)...

Paul Ebenreck

The opening band was Circus of Power.


Another solid BOC show - wonderful venue, 1930 historic landmark theatre that had a fire that interrupted a George Thorogood show in February 1981. No damage and theatre is still open.

Chuck Brawner

Saw this BOC site today. The 12/26/88 gig was in Pasadena, MD, which is a few miles out of Baltimore.

The opening act was Circus of Power. Besides the obvious, I do recall that they played "The Golden Age of Leather." I shook Buck's hand!

John Jackson

I really enjoyed this show as it was at a Bar in Delaware, close to Philadelphia, Pa. Compared to the big arena shows this was certainly more cozy as you were as close to them as you could get. I do remember two sets that included Astronomy.


The opening band - Slang Girl - is confirmed at this url:

I think also that these date(s) were played in 1988 - if you have any info, please let me know:


There is actually a 1988 date in Phoenix that very few people know about. BOC "OPENED" a special outfoor concert for a very popular local radio station DJ's band.

Dave Pratt of 98.7FM-KUPD had a band called "Dave Pratt and the Sex Machine Band". My brother was the bass player for his band at that time. I have asked my brother to check with Dave Pratt (they still work together, my brother is his Morning Show Producer at the radio station they work at now) and see if they can get the date of that show.

It's weird, but the venue really isn't anything particular. It was outside for a Carnival like event that was going on during the week somewhere in the desert in Tempe, AZ... I think. Pratt's band was doing it's Anniversary show that night. BOC opened and played about 45 minutes, they did do a couple Imaginos album songs and I recall Eric mentioning they had the "new" album.


Regarding the date - BOC don't seem to have played any Imaginos tracks at any gigs BEFORE July 88 (the month of the LP's release) so as you mentioned them having played some songs from that and also you said EB referred to their "new album", it looks like we're talking about July-December.


I was there! For now you can tentatively put that it was at Tempe Diablo Stadium. I'm not sure about that, but it was definitely held at a baseball stadium that doesn't normally host concerts. We'll see what Mark's brother comes up with.

I vaguely recall it being Spring - I don't remember it being hot enough to be summer, and the show was before sundown.

Incidentally, as I recall the show at Big Surf (1989?) was also a Dave Pratt/97.9FM bash. Man-made beach scene, show was after dark, and whoever was drumming that night (I'm terrible...) donned the full-head Godzilla mask...

Buddy Christian

By the way, when I was living in Southern California in the late 80's, I was able to see BOC a number of times in small settings and theatres.

In '88, they did a lot of shows in Southern California. My girlfriend and I saw them once at a club in Santa Barbara. That show is not on your list; but I do not have a stub for that show.

So, I do not know the exact date. BOC's site doesn't have it, either. It could have been 03/22/88, before the Pismo Beach show - no way of telling for sure.

But I was at the back bar before the show and Buck walked up to me and commented on my silver BOC jacket, which I still have.

I mentioned about how many times I had seen them. He laughed and thanked me. I would loved to have bought him a beer.