1990: As usual, this page, as with a great part of the rest of the site, would not have been possible without the help of ex-BOC roadie, Sam Judd, and it's his notes which inform many of the facts contained herein...

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Did anything happen in January? If you know, please let me ...


I found a listing for this gig in the 26 Jan 1990 edition of the "The Tampa Tribune":

Blue Oysters
- Rock'n'Rollers Blue Oyster Cult ("Don't Fear The Reaper") take the stage Thursday at the Rock-It Club, 5016 N. Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa.

The show starts at 11 p.m., and tickets are $12 advance, $15 at the door. Call (813) 879-3699 for details.

Andy V

Awesome show!! Very intimate...


I found a listing for this gig in the 26 Jan 1990 edition of the "The Orlando Sentinel":

Blue Oyster Cult: 10 p.m. Feb. 2; Finky's Tonight, 640 N. Grandview Ave., Daytona Beach; $12.50. Details: (904) 255-5059.

In that same issue on a different page, there was a second listing, only this one had an interesting bit of extra information, that was certainly new to me:

Blues-guitar hero Johnny Winter will play Finky's Tonight in Daytona Beach at 10 p.m. today. Tickets are $10. Also coming to Finky's is Germany's Blue Oyster Cult of "Don't Fear the Reaper" fame. The Oystermen will perform at 10 p.m. next Friday. Tickets are $12.50.

"Germany's Blue Oyster Cult", eh? Well, they kept that pretty quiet...

BTW: The original BOC lists had this venue down as "Thinky's" - clearly, that must have been just a typo, because it was obviously "Finky's", but all the ads and listings give the full name as "Finky's Tonight"...

Mitch Salisbury

I drove down from Gainesville to this bar. I remember there was a good crowd and the place was packed.

The sound was good and the boys played great. People were shouting out song requests and Eric said "We're gonna play all that stuff."

I didn't know who the bass player and drummer were. Turns out they were Ron and Jon. There was no drum riser. That's a strange thing to remember, but no matter.

Jonathan Padgett


  1. Stairway To The Stars
  2. D&S
  3. ETI
  4. Buck's Boogie
  5. Astronomy (the IMAGINOS version)
  6. Take Me Away
  7. Cities on Flame
  8. Last Days of May
  9. Black Blade
  10. Burnin' For You
  11. Godzilla
  12. Don't Fear the Reaper
  13. Golden Age of Leather
  14. ME 262
  15. Before the Kiss (?)
  16. Veterans of the Psychic Wars (?)

I'm not sure about the last two songs...

Bryan Irby


  1. Stairway To The Stars
  2. Dominance & Submission
  3. E.T.I.
  4. Career Of Evil
  5. Buck's Boogie
  6. Astronomy [Imaginos]
  7. Take Me Away
  8. Cities On Flame With Rock & Roll
  9. Then Came The Last Days Of May
  10. Harvester Of Eyes
  11. Black Blade
  12. Burnin' For You
  13. Godzilla
  14. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  15. Encores: Summer Of Love
  16. Golden Age Of Leather
  17. The Red & The Black

My roommate and I drove 8 hours from Chapel Hill NC for this show.

Opening act was hard rock with violin added, thus "15 Strings". I wrote down the setlist back at the hotel right after.


I found a listing for this gig in the 1 Feb 1990 edition of the "Palladium-Item" [Richmond IN]:

At Bogart's - 2621 Vine St., University Village; for ticket information, call Ticketron at (513) 621-1110.

Blue Oyster Cult - 8 p.m., Feb. 12, $9.75 advance, $10.75 DOS.

Did anything happen in March? If you know, please let me ...

Did anything happen in April? If you know, please let me ...

Did anything happen in May? If you know, please let me ...

Michele Williams

I was just tooling through YouTube and discovered this opening band from the 01 July 1990 gig. They are called Life After Dark. Here's the link:


The official BOC youtube channel has uploaded video from this concert:

Sadly, though, it's only in a disappointing 480p format - even the bloody support band uploaded their clip from this gig (see above link) in 720p...

Quick Gig Facts

I only know of this gig as a result of the following mention in the Friday, 22 June 1990 edition of the "The Waterloo Courier":

Milwaukee Summerfest: Fun in the Sun

Milwaukee - Looking for some fun in the sun? Search no further than Milwaukee's Summerfest, beginning Thursday through July 8 on the lakefront and at the Marcus Amphitheater.

Events will include entertainment, children's activities, sports events and demonstrations, a world market, arts and crafts, ethnic food festival and more.

Musical entertainment featured in 7:30 p.m. performances at the amphitheater will feature Crosby, Stills and Nash, Thursday; Fleetwood Mac, June 29; Depeche Mode, June 30; Jerry Harrison, Deborah Harry, Ramones and Tom Tom Club, July 1; Luther Vandross, July 2; Anita Baker, July 3; Richard Marx, July 4; M.C. Hammer, Michel'le Troop, Oaktown 357, July 5; Cher, July 6; Bruce Hornsby and the Range, July 7; and B-52's and Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers July 8.

Other performers on various stages will include the Fabulous Thunderbirds, June 29 and 30; Frankie Avalon, June 29 and 30; the Robert Cray Band featuring the Memphis Horns, June 30; Poco, July 1 and 2; Chubby Checker, July 1 and 2; Blue Oyster Cult, July 2; Artie Shaw Orchestra with Dick Johnson, July 1; Tommy Dorsey Orchestra with Buddy Morrow, July 2, Spyro Gyra, July 2.

Also, Paul Schaffer and the World's Most Dangerous Band, July 3; Bo Deans, July 3 and 4; Meatloaf, July 3 and 4; Los Lobos, July 5 and 6; Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, July 5; Buckwheat Zydeco, July 5 and 6; Steppenwolf, July 5; Jan and Dean, July 7 and 8; Michael Wolff and the Posse direct from Arsenio Hall, July 7; Nelson Riddle Orchestra, July 8 and Rick Derringer/Edgar White, July 8.

For updated information on times or a schedule, call (800) 827-FEST.

Quick Gig Facts

I couldn't find out much about this gig - no newspaper listings, adverts or reviews, that sort of thing - but I did come across the following mention of it on the letters page of the 21 Jul 1990 issue of the "The Akron Beacon Journal":

The Unreviewed Concert
As I looked in the July 9 Beacon Journal for a review of the July 7 legends of rock reunion, I was frustrated.

I found a review for the B-52s, who had a crowd of 6,000 and M.C. Hammer, who gathered 10,000. Yes, maybe they are big, top-40 bands, but over 15,000 people came to see Steppenwolf, The Guess Who, Donny Iris, Molly Hatchet, Meat Loaf and Blue Oyster Cult.

You would think a concert of this caliber would get a review. I was disappointed.

Raymond Herhold

Despite it only being an anecdotal list, I've gone with that as the reverse line-up for now, until I hear different in the future...

So, as usual, if you reckon the line-up was different - or there's a band missing - please click the link on the right and get in touch...

Update: I just came across a blog post on themodicum.wordpress.com that was discussing some BOC T-shirts that the author had collected over the years and this bit of text sounds like it was talking about this gig:

I saw them on this tour at the utterly strange "Legends of Rock Reunion" show outside of Cleveland, Ohio in the summer of 1989.

This shirt is from that show which was an all day fest that about 10,000 of Ohio's proudest freedom rockers attended.

Also on the bill were Donnie Iris, Foghat, Molly Hatchet, John Kay and Steppenwolf and a pre-comeback Meatloaf who played just before the headlining B.O.C.

As the Cult played, Meatloaf and crew glared menacingly from the side of the stage in what I thought to be total jealousy at them not being the headliner and some fucking Godzilla singing motherfuckers closing the show.

Blue Oyster Cult still tours to this day, making the back image of this tee shirt still eerily prophetic.

Obviously, a bit of a discrepancy over the year and the band line-up, but if the general thrust is right then this was a BOC headline gig...


I found an advert for this gig in the 16 Jun 1990 edition of the "The News-Messenger" [Fremont OH]:

Toledo Speedway Jam
Sunday July 8th
1 to 9 p.m.
at the Toledo Speedway

John Kay & Steppenwolf
Molly Hatchet
Meatloaf & The NeverLand Express
Blue Oyster Cult

Tickets available at Reflections in Advance $15.00 ($20.00 at the Gate)

As with the gig listed above, I'm taking that advert as the reverse running order for this gig until I hear differently.

One thing - the handbill above also lists a sixth band not mentioned in the ads: "Three Dog Night".

Does anyone know if Three Dog Night actually played or not?

Scott Bensyl

I believe this concert was cancelled.

If it's the one I'm thinking of, the venue had a bowling alley (hell, maybe it WAS a bowling alley), and when I got there all jazzed for the show, nobody knew what the fuck I was talking about.

I'd driven up from Kansas City (I was visiting my mom who lived there at the time), and my mom had come with me with the idea that she'd leave me at the show and take my car into Omaha to see some relatives of ours that she hadn't seen for awhile.

No concert, so I went with her; instead of BOC, that night I got to go to a movie with my high school girl cousin Casey.

IF this show went on -- somewhere -- I'm gonna be PISSED. Let's just pretend it really was absolutely certainly cancelled, okay?


Well, does anybody know for sure if this gig took place or not??


The gig at Fat Jacks did take place I know because I was there. Fat Jacks was located just off of Broadway Street in CB town...

Scott dude - the place that was a bowling alley was called The Ranch Bowl right on 72nd street in Omaha.

Both places put great shows on from BOC to Faster Pussy Cat to Dokken to Dio to Warren Zevon to The Call...


I found a number of listings for this gig in the "Quad-City Times". For example, on 2 Aug 1990:

It's another Quad-City retro rock weekend as popular groups and artists of the 70s and early 80s gather at Davenport's LeClaire Park Saturday, Aug. 4.

The show - which begins at 3 p.m. - will feature Blue Oyster Cult, The Romantics and the Atlanta Rhythm Section, as well as Mark Farner (formerly of Grand Funk Railroad) and Gary Rickrath (formerly of REO Speedwagon).

Tickets for the concert are $20 at the gate or $15 in advance. Tickets are available at all TicketMaster locations in Iowa and Illinois. To charge by phone call (800) 869-1414.

By 4 August, Robin Trower had been added to the lineup:

Two Decades of Rock
Rock music fans will gather day at Davenport's LeClaire Park to hear several top recording artists from the '70s and '80s.

The "Two Decades of Rock'n'Roll" concert will feature Blue Oyster Cult, Mark Farner with his high-energy guitar, The Romantics, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Gary Richrath of REO Speedwagon and the Bronx Zoo.

Guitarist Robin Trower was recently added to the lineup as well.

Gates open at 1 p.m., and the concert begins at 3 p.m. Admission is $20 at the gate.

In the early '70s, Blue Oyster Cult produced such songs as "Don't Fear the Reaper," "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll" and "Then Came the Last Days of May."

Mark Farner played with one of the '70s most well-known rock and roll bands, Grand Funk Railroad.

Farner now is the front man for the Florida-based band "Vision," which features Billy Powell, keyboard player of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The Romantics got their start in the '80s with "When I Look into Your Eyes" and "What I Like About You."

And the Atlanta Rhythm Section quickly rose to stardom with several hits during the mid-70s.

Super Jam Productions is presenting the concert.

The day after the show on the 5th, the following short account appeared:

Rock-and-roll fans reminisce to 'real' music at LeClaire Park
More than 2,000 rock-and-roll fans gathered Saturday in Davenport's LeClaire Park to hear some well-known performers from the '70s and '80s.

The concert was billed as "Two Decades of Rock and Roll" - and that's just what the crowd came to hear.

"This is real music," said John Hartig of Savanna, Ill., a Blue Oyster Cult fan. "This is the kind of music people should be playing today - real guitar rock."

Concert organizers said the show ran smoothly, despite the difficulties in presenting eight separate performers on a single stage. The delays in setting up equipment between bands had some audience members impatient.

"That's a drag, but it's great while the bands are playing," said Trent Holloway of Eldridge. "I grew up with this kind of music."

Besides Blue Oyster Cult, the concert bill included The Romantics, Mark Farner, the Bronx Zoo, Robin Trower and Gary Richrath - formerly the lead guitarist of REO Speedwagon.

The waters off LeClaire Park were jammed with boaters who dropped anchor to enjoy the show.

"Eight performers"...? I've only seen seven in the listings in the various newspaper accounts (Bronx Zoo, The Romantics, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Gary Richrath, Robin Trower, Mark Farner and obviously, Blue Oyster Cult), so I seem to be missing one...

However, there's a postscript. In the 14 Dec 1990 issue of the "Quad-City Times" there was this story:

Police Say Concert Promoter Wrote Davenport Bad Checks
Davenport police have arrested a concert promoter who is accused of writing more than $2,500 in bad checks for a Blue Oyster Cult concert in Davenport.

Jimmy Dean Morris, 29, of Chautauqua, Ill., was charged Wednesday with first-degree theft. He was released on his own recognizance from the Scott County Jail.

"What he did was come in and write everyone involved with the concert a bad check," Detective Ron VanFossen said. "He wrote the city a bad check to rent the park at the foot of Marquette Street, he wrote the police a bad check to do security and even wrote a bad check to the guy who sold hats and shirts for people to wear during the concert."

The city said the three checks totaled $2,593.

More than 2,000 rock'n'roll fans packed LeClaire Park on Aug 4 to hear Blue Oyster Cult and five other bands.

An arrest warrant was issued in September. Morris was apprehended last week by Jerseyville, Ill., police. He waived extradition and turned himself into Davenport police.

Hmm... "to hear Blue Oyster Cult and five other bands"...? That'd make 6 bands in all. The "review" above said there were 8 acts, I'd seen 7 in the listings, now this is saying there were only 6...

So, my next question is: which out of the seven bands did not perform at this gig?

One point of interest: they refer to it as "a Blue Oyster Cult concert", so therefore, I'm designating this as a BOC headline show...


As with earlier gigs at this venue, and despite the original BOC schedules listing the venue as "Club Eastbrook", I'm going with "Eastbrook Theatre" because that's the name on the ticket...

Noel Stefan Stoyanoff

Tuesday 08/07/1990 - Blue Oyster Cult: The Late Show, Niagara Falls, NY

Notes: I went with Wulf and my neighbor Rob. I met Billy at that show.

Set list (not in order):

  • Roadhouse Blues
  • Career Of Evil
  • Godzilla
  • Burning For You
  • Don't Fear The Reaper
  • Take Me Away
  • Dominance And Submission
  • Cities On Flame
William Caruso

The opening act was a band called Trimmed Hedges, a local band, they were not too bad from what I remember.

I cant remember BOC's setlist as I was very high at the show, I do remember they were amazing as always!!!!!!!

Michael Knies

I saw them twice in 76 (Allentown and Philadelphia) then at this show on a mountain top outside the town of Jim Thorpe. I might have a setlist somewhere but who knows.

What I do remember is that it started to rain hard near the end of the set and the roof was leaking over the stage and the band looked somewhat concerned about being electrocuted I suppose. :-)

They mostly concentrated on the first four albums with a couple later songs plus the hits at the end of the set and encored with Roadhouse Blues.

Quick Gig Facts
Sam Judd

Just a note on this gig... it was outdoors and there may have been some other bands, but I remember Mitch Ryder, Mark Farner, The Romantics, and the Tubes... there were only about 200 people there in an area set up for about 10,000...

The next day in Marquette may well have been all the same bands (I know it was the same promoter too) and was indoors... about 500 people for that one... there was BIG schism at that show between BOC and Tubes... I just remember giving the stagehands a joint just before the set change so that when I told them to remove the Tube's gear from in front of ours they did it without paying any attention at all to the Tubes roadies frantically trying to make them stop...

We already knew that the promoter had taken such a bath that the hands (and the local venue staff) were not gonna get paid, so we played early and got the hell out of there before they figured it out...

Excellent deli spread in the dressing room... some of the best Italian Cappicolla I ever tasted... some really nice paté and baguettes as well... we have our priorities you know...

As Shenck and I used to say, ALL the gigs suck... some just have better food than others...


Here's a preview for this gig from the 11 Aug 1990 edition of the "The Marion Star ":

Rock bands hitting Marion for charity 'jam'
Blue Oyster Cult is among the rock bands to appear in today's "Heart of Ohio Jam" charity rock classic. The concert will be in the infield of the Marion County Fairgrounds, and doors will open at 11 a.m.

The lineup is: local rock band Riekerz, 1 p.m.; Ozark Mountain Daredevils, 2 p.m.; Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, 3; The Tubes at 5; Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad at 6:30; The Romantics at 8; and Blue Oyster Cult at 9:30.

Along with the music, a wide variety of food will be offered, and beer and soft drinks will be available. Tickets cost $20 the day of the show.

I've gone with the advertised band running order for now for this Marion show - Sam's words above are slightly ambiguous, but when he says BOC "played early and got the hell out of there before they figured it out", I think he was referring to the next day's show in Marquette.


Sam Judd thinks the same line-up of bands who played the day before in Marion played this show also. Does anyone know...?

Bryan Allen

Oh yeah the Romantics were one of the opening acts for sure. Had to look at Sams account of the previous nights show but definately the only time I've ever seen the Romantics...

Gary Bringman

I was at this show and the opening band was called Firestorm. They were great. I remember they did a version of Queensryche-Take Hold Of The Flam and nailed Geoff Tates scream.


There was a listing for this gig in the 16 Sep 1990 edition of the "The Akron Beacon Journal":

The Agora Metropolitan, 4900 Euclid Ave., Cleveland. Phone: 891-6911, 881-6700.
Blue Oyster Cult (Home Aid benefit for Project Open Hand), 7.30 tonight. Tickets: $15.


The official BOC youtube channel has uploaded video from this concert:


Sep. 22, 1990: The Channel, set-list:

  1. Stairway
  2. D&S
  3. ETI
  4. Buck's Boogie
  5. Take Me Away
  6. Flaming Telepath
  7. COF
  8. LDOM
  9. Career of Evil
  10. Black Blade
  11. BFY
  12. Godzilla
  13. Reaper
  14. encore: ME262
  15. R&B

The Bostons Best Live Rock site gives the following support band info:

September 22, 1990
Blue Oyster Cult
Johnny Barnes Under Cover
The Shivers
N's & V's
DJ Jim


This gig (and support info) is confirmed on this date by a blogger called Chuck Padgett who posted that he saw it on the following link:


BOC.com had this gig down as "Beaties", Winston NC" but the following email confirms that it should indeed have been Baity's in Winston-Salem...

Jay Roberts

My good friend Derek, who was a fellow RUSH fan, visited me from New York City. We drove from Fayetteville up to Winston-Salem. I had never been to this place before.

Hard to forget it though, a bare bones set up. Got close to the band, and at the end of the show, shook hands with Buck.

The support band were head bangers. Can't remember their name.

I wasn't sure of the exact date of the show, so I checked with my friend Derek, who confirmed that he visited me after college in the Fall of 1990, so this is the only show date it could have been...


Check out Jay's blog:

Sun 30 Sep
Georgia Fantasy Con '90 - Radisson Hotel, Atlanta Georgia

The Thursday 27 Sep 1990 edition of "The Atlanta Constitution" mentioned that a "Georgia Fantasy Con '90" would take place at The Radisson Hotel that weekend (Fri 28-Sun 30 Sep), featuring, amongst others, Michael Moorcock and Eric Bloom.

Here's a link:

So, on the face of it, that would suggest a convention reunion for EB and Moorcock following their famous appearance onstage together at "Dragon Con '87".

However, the only possible date that Eric could have made would have been the final night of the convention, Sunday 30th, as BOC were playing Winston NC on 28 Sep and Winston-Salem NC on 29 Sep 1990. I don't know if Moorcock was still around at that point.

I've seen images online of the programme for this event - signed by Eric, incidentally, so we know he turned up - which said that he'd be performing Black Blade and Veteran (again!!).

If anyone has any more info on this, and who he performed with, please get in touch...

Maddie Spencer

One thing I know happened but I never see online is the 1990 Eric Bloom appearance at Atlanta Fantasy Con with Michael Moorcock. I suppose this was in honour of the 1970s appearance BOC did at the inaugural Atlanta Fantasy Fair.

Atlanta Fantasy Con is not to be confused with Atlanta Fantasy Fair or Dragon Con. It was a short lived (only one year if I recall) con in Atlanta, GA. Moorcock was a visitor. I first heard Vetran of the Psychic Wars during this set and went out and bought Fire of Unknown Origin the next day!

Starfire Swords in Atlanta presented Moorcock with a black blade replica of Strombringer on stage.


I only know of the existence of this gig because Pollstar have published figures for it...


The official BOC youtube channel has uploaded some 480p video from this concert:

Bryan Allen

This show at the Silver dollar was the one where Eric used a blood cap and razor for unknown tongue. The Encore was Golden Age.

I also remember the original opener didnt make it so they had to quickly get a band to cover called DC-9. They did about a 35 minute improv of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" bragging about how great BOC was. Bumpin and grindin up front with michigan state co-eds whoa...


This is the second gig at this venue in 11 weeks. Normally that would cause me to wonder about the authenticity of this show, but a similar thing happened the year previously where this venue was concerned, so I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, at least for now...

If you know better, or can confirm/deny this gig, please let me know...

Did anything happen in November? If you know, please let me ...


The Saturday 1st December 1990 edition of The Daily Press [Newport News VA] mentioned this:

Wednesday morning, classic rock station WAFX-FM (106.9) began airing in-house spots about a station-sponsored concert by Blue Oyster Cult tonight at The Boathouse. But plans fell through - the concert will not be held, and the station hastily stopped running the spots.

Scott Mueller

I attended this show and wrote down the set list as it was played in the order it was played.

  1. Intro Music
  2. Stairway To The Stars
  3. Dominance And Submission
  4. E.T.I.
  5. Buck's Boogie
  6. Take Me Away
  7. Black Blade
  8. Cities On Flames
  9. Then Came The Last Days Of May
  10. Career Of Evil
  11. Unknown Tongue
  12. Burnin' For You
  13. Godzilla
  14. Don't Fear (The Reaper)
  15. Encores: The Golden Age Of Leather
  16. The Red And The Black

14 Dec 1990 The Basement Dallas Texas: Don't remember the set list at all (thanks to Anheuser Busch!), but I'll always remember the show.

The Basement was a tiny, tiny place (I don't think it exists anymore). The stage barely fit the band from what I remember. But it was great as there was no room for a stage show... you could only play. And play BOC did. One of the best concerts ever...

For an idea on how big The Basement was check video's by Pantera (when Phil Anselmo was in the band). One of theirs (Cowboys From Hell) was taped there.

"Zilla Dave" Thorpe

Zilla Dave here. At this gig steve was being steve and up on getting to the gig had already pissed everyone off. Not unusual, so for me and Danny our Drum tech that meant no stage hands.So me and Danny once again had to unload the truck like so many times before when steve pissed people off.

We had to lift flight cases that took 4 people to unload with just the 2 of us. My back was fucked up already from doing this and was wearing a weight belt to hold me together. After the show I thought things would cool down but no, steve had continued to piss people off. So guess what. Steve has to eat after the gig and leaves me and Danny to pack the gear with just the 2 of us that takes 4 people to do.

The stage hands left the promoter locked the doors and me and Danny were left outside to load by ourselves. Hope you enjoyed your dinner steve you fat fuck. At that point that was it, I threw the keys to the truck at steve at the hotel later and said drive the truck home yourself motherfucker. And I do not regret it.

This guy has pissed more people off and made a bad situation for BOC than I care to remember. FUCK YOU STEVE AND ERIC. Rizzo stole and sold your Guitar. Think about it... What do Junkies do??? Come on now Eric, pix mean nothing. Get a life.


I was at the show at The Basement, Dallas TX, 12/14/1990...

Great show. I'm so grateful I was there. I don't remember which drummer... Riddle or Rondinelli... I think Riddle.

At one point when Eric was talking to the audience, I yelled out "We'll see you on Mars!!!" Eric stopped and said "What?" I repeated it. To this day, I haven't the faintest idea where that came from (I was very drunk) but Eric heard it and actually nodded in approval.

The whole audience was in a musical frenzy; totally united. Yes, the Basement shook that night. At another point, Eric said something like "We're a rock n roll band. If you're one of those 'new wavers,' the door is over there." LOL.

Allen seemed to be crying onstage toward the end of the set. It seemed like tears of musical euphoria but I really don't know if that's true.

Sam Judd

This was "Zilla Dave" Thorpe's last show.

His departure came about when he and Schenck butted heads about a load-out gone wrong in Dallas on 14 dec 90...

I lasted only another month...

I think also that these date(s) were played in 1990 - if you have any info, please let me know:

Sam Judd

As near as we could determine at the time (and from my old tired brain today), this was where Buck's white SG went missing - we don't think it was stolen, but left under a table in a dressing room trailer. We were playing an outdoor festival kind of thing in downtown San Antonio (that currently seems to be missing from the giglopedia)...

It was a multi day affair and I've always suspected the next band in there might have found it... but it was impossible to even nail down EXACTLY when it went missing... it was no longer being used at all and was generally staying in the truck... it got unloaded and put in the D-room that day and that's the last time anyone could remember seeing it...

I wasn't loading trucks in those days, so technically it wasn't "my job" to keep track of it, but I got sick to my stomach when I found out it had gone missing....

I'd sure like to help get it back to the bossman as that was THE ONE he wanted to save... I remember him telling me once he wanted to "nail that one over the bar in his den or something" whenever he actually retired... looks like we've got a few more years to find it before he does that, but not as many as we did in 1990...


Any clue as to any sort of date for this?

Sam Judd

Not really... probably spring as it wasn't too hot... I would say fall but the list says we were there in a club in Dec, but I don't even see a TX gig at all in the spring...

All I really know for sure is that it was definitely outdoors on a stage set in a HUGE parking lot near downtown, with a midway nearby in San Antonio sometime in 90.. I was surprised to see a club date for San Antone in Dec... not sure what to say...

It was part of some kind of several day city wide festival they have there every year if that helps..


Just did a quick check and found this SA festival: "Fiesta San Antonio: Fiesta San Antonio, a ten-day Texas festival in late April, is a multicultural celebration that features music, dancing, races and three parades (including and on-the-water river parade). The citywide festival and its more than 150 scheduled events honor the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto."

Dunno if it was in operation in 1990... Anybody got any ideas?

Sam Judd

As well as the aforementioned San Antonio gig, we also played a club in Kileen TX on this swing as well I believe...