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James Hogge

This show was opened by Rude Compliment.

Stuart Foster

Psychofunkapus opened the Feb 7, 1992 date at Todds.

Harvester 9

Complete setlist for p.j.flahertys evergreen park 1992:

  1. stairway
  2. o.d.'d
  3. redcap
  4. eti
  5. demon's kiss
  6. power underneath despair
  7. take me away
  8. citys
  9. ldom
  10. still burning
  11. new song missed name but probably ended up on heaven forbid
  12. bfy
  13. zilla
  14. reaper
  15. encore: cold gray light of dawn
  16. encore: summer
  17. encore: red & black

cold as hell out. big puddle of puke in front of main door.


Are you sure they played OD'd as the second song? Uptil December of that year, Dominance & Submission was the second song on every gig - OD'd wasn't in the rotation except for the occasional encore towards the end of the year - again, many of the basic sets just seemed to the same order each night, so that's why it stands out as a potential anomaly.

Harvester 9

I wasn't really drinking that much, and for second song i've got "o.d.'d" written very clearly.

My memory is pretty good, (for an old geezer), however, being normal, its still possible to make a mistake, though i'm pretty sure this is right.

As i said, i do know the difference between o.d.'d and dominance. wish i could offer better verification, but that's what i have on my setlists.

Keith McGee

I was at this show. Rockys was a rock and roll club on Independence Blvd. There was a sign over the entrance that said "If it ain't hard it ain't worth a damn".

They played with some area band. Don't remember the name but they had one guitar player and bass. They both had real long hair and swung their heads around in a circle while they played. I didn't like them that much but BOC sounded really good.

They played a long time and even took requests. They played Demon's kiss which I had never heard. I saw then 2 more times after this.

Once again at Rockys the following year and again in 95 at the old Capri movie theater that was converted to a club which I can't remember the name of. I think I saw them about 30 times between 1973 and 1995.

Richard Carroll

22/02/1992: Soap Factory

Support: Unknown


  1. Stairway to the Stars
  2. Dominance & Submission
  3. Before The Kiss
  4. ETI
  5. Demon's Kiss
  6. Power Underneath Despair
  7. Take Me Away
  8. Flaming Telepaths
  9. Cities On Flame
  10. Last Days Of May
  11. Still Burnin'
  12. Harvest Moon
  13. Burnin' For You
  14. Godzilla
  15. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  16. Encores: Cold Grey Light Of Dawn
  17. Summer of Love
  18. The Red & The Black

Well, the official site says it was at Gatsby's Tavern, but an ad in the 28 Feb 1992 edition of the Spokane Chronicle says it was scheduled to take place in "The Met"...


The show in Pasco was a real disaster. I can't remember dates exactly only remember the partying. At the Red Lion ballroom things got so insanely crazy that the idiot women were standing on their tables and some tipping over. Tri-Cities finest.

Jack decided he'd had enough of the shoving and people falling on one another so we went outside of the venue against the entrance so we could get a clear view and sound of BOC. If Heep was there I missed it! I never really saw either band since people tower over me.

Some asshole stole Donald's guitar in Pasco...

Ron Shields

I was at that concert and Pantera opened and the Laker Girls were there during intermission.

I actually met them that night after the concert in the lounge. I drank a pitcher of beer with Eric while Buck was sitting at the bar with Sandy.

That was a crazy night.

Mark Cavener

The opening act for this show was a band called After Forever that I played guitar and sang for.

Gardner Trimble

The opening band was Dracula Milk Toast.

Mike Acquisto

Here's a photo of me, my friend Nic, and Buck Dharma, taken after the Cotati, CA gig on March 12 1992...

Colin McAllister

I just found your site recently - unbelievable! And very gratefully received.

I was at the 3/14/92 show at Currigan Hall. The opener was Foghat.

Rocky R Twitchell

My first BOC Gig was at the American Music Theatre in Carmichael California March 16th 1992, and it felt like forever finally getting to see BOC.

I had been a fan since the late 70's and I heard the classic "Don't fear the Reaper "and "Burnin' for you " on the radio. In the early 70's I had really good memories of High School because of BOC. All through High School I was a devoted Fan and hadn't even seen them in concert yet. Everyone knew I liked BOC, like it or not, and I was a hard core BOC Fan. I wore BOC shirts, hats and purchased everything with BOC on it. Records, posters, magazines,e.t.c. I even scratched or Magic Marker'd the BOC Kronos symbol everywhere. Door jams, lockers, chalkboards, hallway floors, bathroom showers, books, light fixtures, everything. Not very large but just big enough to see.

Years later I came back to visit my High School and the Janitor came running up to me. I thought he was going to tear my head off! "Mr.Twitchell", he exclaimed, "when I clean this school on a daily basis I notice on every door jam, desk, floor, chalkboard, light fixture, shower, locker and every concrete sidewalk I repaired I find that crazy BOC Kronos Logo" Everything I owned or came near had the Kronos Logo on it.

I wanted to go to a BOC show but at the time I was too young to drive, and by the time I could drive I was extremely poor. I lived in a small town and news about anything traveled slowly. We were 150 miles from Sacramento and about 80 miles from Reno, NV. I would always hear from some older student weeks later "The BOC concert was great, Giant Godzilla, Lasers..." That was the tour titled "Black and Blue" (Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult) then in 1989 I finally moved into the big city of Sacramento. Driving home from work I always looked at the flyers posted on the telephone poles placed along the city streets hoping I would see something about BOC or even Soft White Underbelly.

Then the day came when there it was, posted on a blue flyer with black lettering "BOC IN CONCERT, American Music Theatre March 16th 8pm". I slammed on my brakes ran across the street, during rush hour and gently grabbed the flyer jumped back into my truck and headed home. If I remember correctly I even telephoned the theatre just to make sure it was really true. I went home excited like a little kid "BOC IS COMING TO TOWN"

Of course I planned my life around the show for the next couple of weeks. March 16th 8 pm I stood in line, sat center stage and waited and waited. 9:45pm BOC came on stage dressed in black leather and played until about 12:30. As BOC left the stage everyone chanted... "B.O.C"

BOC gave 3 encore performances that night. I was really hooked now. I couldn't die and see just one show. So I wrote the Fan Club and Bolle gave me a list of Fans across the country. Some wrote back, some didn't. Those who wrote back told me to "Stop being Evil, give you to God "I had to find someone who really liked BOC. I started to write everyone in California and then History was made I meet Che'. I was going to discover Che' is the Ultimate BOC fan.

Che' and I talked on the phone one day and he invited me to see the band at the San Mateo County Fair. I arrived early and got orders from Che' to help set up equipment. Che' was testing me to see if I was someone he wanted around the band. We finished and walked around the Fairgrounds and found this dude walking around in a Giant Godzilla suit. We convinced him to show up for the Concert and walk on stage during the song " Godzilla " Buck and Eric had no idea what we had planned and when the first chords of Godzilla rang out, out stomped Godzilla. Buck and Eric were all smiles. That moment brought a lot of energy to the show.

I wrote about this show in one of Morning Finals that Bolle produced, very memorable show. Che' had me meet the band stand front stage, and I have never abused that privilege since. I have now been to most of the Northern California and Reno shows since that night back in 1992. If you ever come to a Northern California show you can spot me right behind the heals of Che' and standing guard over the band during and after the shows.

It's really funny now, my obsession with the band has spread to family and friends. Anytime I see an old classmate,or friend I always hear some remark about BOC "I heard Don't fear the Reaper on the Radio the other day and I thought about You " or "I saw the Kronos symbol etched on the wall, was that you?" That's cool to me. To be remembered like that. And when I die you will be able to spot my headstone right away it will read " ROCKIN RANDALL TWITCHELL BOC FAN FOREVER and right next to my name will be etched the Krono's symbol, not too large, just big enough to see !

Bill Handlon

March 16th 1992 American Music Theatre: One of my most memorable BOC shows. Me and my wife left early so we wouldn't be last in line and get poor seats. When we got there nobody was there! I pulled on the front door and found that it was open, so we went inside.

Again nobody was around so we went into the house and got the pick of our seats. There was a few people on and around the stage setting up equipment, etc. but other than us two in the audience the place was empty.

After about an hour or so I tell my wife I'm going up to the lobby to see whats going on, maybe we got the wrong place? I walk out into the lobby and see hundreds of people standing outside the doors (this time locked) and they start yelling at me. I'm like WTF. Then somebody behind me says "everything going OK"? and when I turn around its Eric Bloom!! I'm speechless, all I can get out is "ya". He then turns around and walks off.

I go rushing back to tell my wife I just met Eric Bloom! She then tells me while I was up in the lobby two guys came up from the stage and asked her if she was with the band and she told them she was with her "husband", the two guys looked at each other then left. I'm proud that I worked for BOC as a door guard for 20 seconds and I always wonder who they thought my wife was married too, Haaaa.

It was a great show, they played alot of new music at the time- Demons Kiss, Power Underneath Despair, Harvest Moon, etc. Just awesome! I found out later that BOC was the first hard rock band to play this mostly country/western venue.

Thanks for letting me share!

Gardner Trimble

The opening band was Dracula Milk Toast.


I was very pleased to see BOC for the first time since 1981 Oregon Jam in Eugene OR.

The show was FREE and held in conjunction with a National Corvette Car Show in Indy that weekend.

During the set BOC got to bring out about a dozen bikini clad ladies who were competing in the Ms. National Corvette contest. Needless to say, it was VERY entertaining - especially since Eric loves Corvettes.

The show was a great retrospective of their career. I spoke to the soundman before the show and he told me this tour was the 20th Anniversary of their first US tour and they would play a lot of their early... which they did.

The location of this show needs to be described... Union Station was the main building in downtown Indy during the heydays of railroads. It had closed down in the 70's and renovated in the mid-80's to be a huge mall. The 2nd floor is a food court and that is where this show happened. Capacity was probably around 750 - 800 including standing.

There was no 'back stage' area so the boys just walked through the side of the court and on stage. Very undramatic... but the show was excellent. Set list was similar to the April 28th show in San Juan Capistrano.

The fun for me was after the show.

I had brought some 8 X 10 photos from the October 74 show at the Paramount Northwest concert in Portland OR. I was able to meet each guy after the show and had them autograph these. Spoke with Allen for a bit of time and discussed some the songs from the On Your Feet or On Your Knees album. I was at the November 74 show at the Paramount where some of the album was recorded.

One thing I distinctly remember talking about was if they had ever performed 'Quicklime Girl' and he didn't think they had. I've seen that they perform that irregularly now. Felt sorry for Buck after the show... he was being 'harassed' by a teenager who seemed to know more about BOC than Buck. It was kinda awkward. All in all, a great evening of heavy rock and roll. Fell in love with Before the Kiss again that night.

Thanks for letting me relive a great moment even though this was the first day of May, it will always feel like the Last Days Of May.


I came across an interesting note on the website of Typhoid Mary, the support band for this gig:

"Typhoid Mary live at Who's Who - Youngstown, Ohio, May 02, 1992. Typhoid Mary's opening gig for Blue Oyster Cult.

See Blue Oyster Cult's road manager cut Typhoid Mary's show short because they were going over too well with the audience."

Here's the link:

Quick Gig Facts

I was at this show and recall that Fishbone did not take the stage until a little after midnight... the Violent Femmes opened. Blue Oyster Cult was also on the bill, but did not play. The guys seemed to be pissed off from the moment they took the stage - intense pit going on - awesome setlist and fucking loud down in front where I was... ahh memories...


Are you sure that BOC didn't play that night? As far as I know, this is a confirmed BOC gig...


I was also at this show... "Spring Brash '92" in Barton Hall. It was perhaps the strangest lineup of any show I've ever been to.

It took about 45 minutes to reset the stage after each band. The whole event seemed to last much longer than it should have.

  1. The Tribe (I never heard of this band again)
  2. Blue Oyster Cult - They did indeed play, dressed in some circa 1983 outfits and haircuts. I remember "Don't Fear the Reaper" well (I don't remember any cowbell). "Godzilla" and "I'm Burning for You" were also played.
  3. The Violent Femmes - standard set with most of their hits.
  4. Fishbone was fun... a bit out of control. It was quite the contrast to the VF.

I saw Phish at the Syracuse Armory the same week. THAT was a good show, just when they were beginning to pick up some steam.


Wow I must have been a lot more fucked up at this show than I thought if I can't remember any of B.O.C... are you sure they played?... Dude... I would swear that B.O.C cancelled - I saw Tribe & VF but seem to have blacked B.O.C. out - my ticket lists B.O.C. as the headliner but Fishbone played last - we waited forever for them to come on & could not even go out to our car & smoke a bowl - no readmission...

Quick Gig Facts
Rob Reich

Here's the setlist for Sneakers, San Antonio, TX 15 May 1992:

  1. Stairway
  2. D&S
  3. Before the Kiss
  4. ETI
  5. Demon's Kiss
  6. Power Underneath Despair
  7. Take me Away
  8. Cities
  9. When Horsemen Arrive
  10. LDOM
  11. Still Burnin
  12. Harvest Moon
  13. Burnin
  14. Godzilla
  15. Reaper
  16. encore: Summer of Love
  17. encore: The Red and The Black

It was one hell of a show, with five new songs just blowing my mind. Place was packed, very high energy.

Quick Gig Facts
Rob Reich

I haven't found the setlist from Houston, but they played two sets and Cold Grey Light of Dawn was one of the encores.

Bill King

My all-time favorite gig was my band Idle Wild opening for Blue Oyster Cult at The Runway. I got to meet the band and hang out with them. They were, for my age group, like Metallica is today.

They had so many songs. They had hits... but they also had underground hits popular with their fans, and they had a great following. Two guitars, and keyboards, drums, bass, sometimes three guitars. They were awesome and they were really cool to us.

We met the entire band in the upstairs dressing rooms - we were delegated to the basement dressing rooms of course...

The Runway were using a bunch of our equipment and a house system and we had our own spotlight set up. BOC were just hanging in their dressing room being kewl. Mikey Everett (our sound man at the time) wanted to get an album signed. So Mike went to get an album autographed and told them he was with the warm-up act.

The manager, who was standing at the dressing room door was like "no... no... not right now, maybe later... after the show... "

Buck Dharma saw us and said to the manager, "aaaa ahhh let 'em in." And we all filed in, I felt like I was walking on the moon because they where so awesome.

Eric Bloom, Alan Lanier and Buck Dharma were all sitting there... it was weird... but it was great. We all got signed stuff, mostly records that my bro-in-law probably still has. Also we got some tour shirts. I still have mine somewhere.

Whilst we were shooting the shit, their manager said "Hope you guys don't think you're using that spotlight..."

Kelly looked at him and said: "Like hell that's OUR spotlight!"

After flipping them some shit they respected us... we got along great.

We worked up the crowd for them, really got things going and it was a great night. The only cover I really remember doing was "The Unforgiven" (Metallica). That song was hot at the time and we did a great rendition... and continued to do so even after it fell from the charts.

All in all it was one of our better show openers, also 2 shows with Dr. Hook went very well (loved those guys especially Ray).

I have had many really good gigs: opening for Pat Travers, or meeting Gary Ritchrath from REO Speedwagon are two others that come to mind.

Bill King

Quick Gig Facts
Chris Engel

May 23, 1992 is the first time I saw them. I found out they were coming to this new festival that Loves Park had just started putting on (Young at Heart Festival) just days before they came.

I do not remember the setlist of course, but I do remember being in total shock and awe at seeing them for the first time and at their abilities on-stage. I was literally held in a trance which I realized after a bit and then went right back into. After The Reaper, Buck threw his pick out which was caught by one of the teens' in a group that was in front of me; while the pick was in the air I debated whether or not to knock the entire group down to get at the priceless pick which I would have kept and cherished forever... but discretion prevailed.

We were informed that they would not be able to take the stage for any encores because it was after 11 pm and someone from one of the nearby residences called the authorities and reminded them of the noise ordinance...

I was wondering if they would be playing anything off of Imaginos (they obviously did not); and I do not remember them playing anything off of the upcoming Heaven Forbid either; which I have noticed they were playing material at this time from other setlists around this time. All in all though an incredible experience!

Quick Gig Facts
Paul Ebenreck

The band running order was Eternal Daze, Catch 22 and then BOC.

Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts

Did this gig take place?


The text description that accompanied the above stub on Flickr gave the line up as: "Mountain / Molly Hatchet / Jefferson Starship / Steppenwolf / Blue Oyster Cult"

Wynand Van Emmerik III

An old friend sent me your link, We were at many of the NYC/LI shows including the infamous ice storm and the Jones beach fan dive.

I looked thru my stubs - your gigs are accurate with one exception: 6/13/92 was at a club in ny/li not nj...



Quick Gig Facts
John Molloy

Great show, although there is something unholy about BOC performing while the sun is up.

Quick Gig Facts

Jon Rogers was 2 hours late - he was coming from Newark to Louisville and wound up in Lexington. Anyway, the rest of the band came out with a bass tech and opened with Astronomy.

They wound up playing an acoustic Reaper and then later in the show when Jon showed up, they played the plugged in version. That was a fun night.

Michael Phelps

... There is also an accoustic live Reaper from Phoenix Hill Kentucky 5-18-92. Jon Rodgers was late getting to this gig. Missed the flight.

It has Semi Accoustic versions of LDOM and Astronomy besides the Reaper and a cool Roadhouse Blues...

Jim McDonald

I have a setlist for this show:

  1. Stairway to the Stars
  2. Dominance & Submission
  3. Before the Kiss, A Redcap
  4. A Demon's Kiss
  5. Power Underneath Despair
  6. Take Me Away
  7. Cities on Flame
  8. When Horsemen Arrive
  9. Astronomy
  10. Still Burnin'
  11. Harvest Moon
  12. Burnin' for You
  13. Godzilla
  14. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  15. O.D.'d on Life Itself
  16. The Red and the Black
Joe Spring

It was a combination car and bike show at the fish and game. Northboro or Northborough Fish and Game summer concerts. 2 spellings for the same town. Go figure. New England... LOL.

We had just moved there. Actually to Worcester. Bought the tickets from a local Strawberries record shop. The gig was outdoors, first come, first to get up close on the grass.

Almost 6 hours of opening acts to get through in that blazing heat. I believe the other bands were all local, I'd remember if someone played a song I knew other than BOC.

BOC took the stage just before twilight time. I was dead center in the front right up against the stage. Rocking set. Demon's Kiss and The Horsemen Arrive were played. They were talking a new album... Heaven Forbid, and I'm almost positive Harvest Moon was played.

Take Me Away was a nice surprise. Eric and Buck had squirt guns and were dowsing us in the first few rows.

Before they came on Eric threw a fit because the previous band hadn't removed all of their equipment fast enough... for him. "I'm not playing with this shit still here!"

Yup... he said it...

By the way - the setlist from the above Connecticut gig looks fairly similar to what they played at this gig...


I found a number of listings for this gig in the Detroit Free Press. Here's the one from the 1st July 1992 edition:

The Freedom Festival Jam brings local and national acts to Hart Plaza for two days of free holiday weekend concerts.

Here's the schedule; national headliners are in bold type:

4:30 p.m. - Koda
6 p.m. - Something Wild
7:30 p.m. - The Outcasts
9:30 p.m. - Jeff Healy Band

1 p.m. - Vudu Hippies
2:30 p.m. - Bad Oscar
4 p.m. - Moxy
5:30 p.m. - Johnny Allen
7:30 p.m. - Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes
9:30 p.m. - Blue Oyster Cult

Ray Southgate

They played for an hour and a half - it was $2.00 a ticket. Greatest bargain ever. Miller Lite was $2.25... more than the concert.

I was arms lenth away from Buck while he played on stage. I guess he's about 5'2" tall because I was the same...


I handed out flyers for this show. I was good friends with the owner of this club. His name is Gregg Kimbele. Because I would hand out flyers for show he would take care of my band.

The opening band for this show was a band named Box Of Noise.


That's strange - the tickets all name the "special guest" as "1001".

Andy V

Another great show at a pretty cool club (Yucatan liquor stand). Packed house, free show!


I found a listing for this gig in the 24 July 1992 edition of the "News-Press" [Fort Myers FL]:

Oy! It's B.O.C.: If you don't fear the reaper, go to Club Mirage in south Fort Myers Monday for a show by '70s rock phenom Blue Oyster Cult. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Show time is 8 p.m. Club Mirage is at 4797 S. Cleveland Ave. Call 275-9997.

Brian Kirkpatrick

B.O.C. show number five for me was Aug. 30, 1992 at a club called Headliners (long gone) on the Cuyahoga river. The show was advertised as starting at 7:00, but B.O.C. did not come on until 10:00.

There was some crappy local band that we had to listen to, and you could not leave or you would not get back in. We were all pretty pissed off, but B.O.C. finally came on, and it was a typically good high-energy performance from them.

They played on an outdoor stage by the river. There were people in boats on the water listening to the concert. I remember them playing "A Demon's Kiss" from Bad Channels. Good show.


I only know of the existance of this gig thanks to the ad above which was kindly sent to me by Jim Loth...

Ralf Rothberger

first of all: great site, great work! Very comprehensive, always something to discover!

Well, actually I'm not a THE die-hard BOC fan, but still listening to all their albums up to date and collecting some concert recordings.

I visited the mentioned concert and still have the ticket (see above) - unfortunatelly I can't offer any special details about that gig.

Special guest? Forgotten. Tracklist? Let me think... no. Sorry. All I can offer is the scan of the ticket (look at the number!).

I hope this is a little helpful for you.

André de Vos

Oct, 6th 1992: please change "PC 69 Vereinigung" into "PC 69" and "Beilefeld" into "Bielefeld".


Duly amended - thanks André.

Pascal Verdin

I remember well this concert. It was the 500th anniversary of the (re-)discovery of America by Colombus... A good eyeblink to Imaginos, isn't it ?

The most surprising in this concert was that they played songs they nearly NEVER play otherwise, Demon's Kiss and When Horsemen Arrive.

The suite Astronomy + Black Blade was fantastic; a good combination, we were completely bathing in Science Fiction ...

A long concert (18 songs), ending with a powerful The Red and the Black...

Quick Gig Facts
Jack Taylor

This was the gig I did on a blind date. Alarm bells!

Nothing to do with Cilla Black, this was a date my wife had set up for me. She had mentioned to a friend that I was going to see BÖC and her friend says, 'Oh Gordon likes them', so they set it up - Gordon and Jack Forever...On Tour.

Gordon is 6ft 4in and sure likes his Cult back catalogue, but he likes a drink too. We were both new to fatherhood and were celebrating being let loose for a night. We were well in time for a pint when we got out of the tube, but were probably pushing our luck when we ordered our third Guiness.

Eric Bloom was already signing 'Good Health' on plaster casts by the time we got inside, so I haven't a clue it there was a support act. The only support I was worried about was for my legs. Thankfully, the T&C has a long bar down one side of the auditorium. It had been three long years (half my life) since I had seen the band and so the bar seemed a good place to re-acquaint.

I knew roughly what state we were in, but what about the band? Bad Channels had been an interesting filler, but they had no record deal at the time and personnel seemed to be a little fluid (in fact they were getting through drummers on a Spinal Tap kind of scale). As someone who had not seen them in a while, I feared that this one-off UK show might be a case of going through the proverbial motions to say goodbye.

It was soon quite clear that this was one tight band and they looked and sounded up for night of solid r 'n' r in London. And so it was, a long , hard set sprinkled with delicacies to suit most palettes.

I remember the the Bad Channels songs, neither of which I was a fan of before or after, but otherwise the show let rip. When did you last hear Before The Kiss, D&S, Telepaths, Black Blade, Harvester of Eyes, Take Me Away, Astronomy and Red and Black together? That's right...... in your dreams!

This wasn't a bunch of guys trading off old hits. This was the new BÖC and they were alive and kicking up a storm, and we were having a dandy time.

As the opening chimes of Astronomy dripped off Buck's guitar I lost sight of Gordon. For a big lad he was fleet of foot, and he had joined a final buffalo charge to the front of the stage. As ever the band fed off the energy and returned with interest.

By the time they concluded with the Red & the Black they had the place rocking and the 'other two' members had earned great respect for their contribution to an excellent show. But what next?

Heaven forbid, could references to a new album ('In the future, sometime') be for real? Certainly Harvest Moon and Still Burning suggested they were writing and arranging new material. The curtains had blown for a while, and even the candles had flickered alarmingly, but thankfully they were still burning.

The tube journey back to south London gave us time to reflect. It had been a strange evening. The fire had been re-ignited with a hot set at a time when you would have been forgiven for thinking the embers were cold enough to touch, and this was simply a humble farewell.

Whilst the band may have seemed a little unsure about the road ahead, Gordon and I could see a beacon on our own highway - the neon welcome of a late night kebab shop.

I can see us now as we wander home, Gordon's on the Shish, and I'm on the lamb.

John A Gilman

I travelled from Manchester for this gig. Bought two tickets then proceeded to find a friend to drag along. My uncle malc travelled with me and we crashed at Julian's in Kentish Town.

What an amazing gig. My uncle decided he wanted to sit upstairs so I got myself as near to the stage as possible. Like every BOC gig I've been to the outside world melts away and all that remains is the music.

This was my fifth BOC gig and still blew me away. Til the next one guys. Keep rocking

Stuart Foster

Higher opened the Dec 14, 1992 date at the Premier Center.