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Jay Andrusisin

This was a great place to watch BOC. My friend and I sat at the bar drinking beers with the stage only fifty feet away. BOC played The Village twice.

During the set, a girl jumped up on stage in front of the keyboards while Lanier was playing. He looked really pissed. BOC finished their abbreviated set not long after this.

We figured they cut short their set because of this girl. Thanx a lot girl. They didn't play The Village ever again.

Cold Djinn

January 23, 1993, they played at Honeybear's Road House in Martinsburg WV.

I sat on Buck's stack all night and took photos. Apparently, it seemed like I belonged there because no one threw me off the stage.

Wish I still had those photos but I gave them to the then-fiancé. Dammit.

BTW: There was no support band - just BOC.

Kevin Walker

Blue Oyster Cult
Wilkes-Barre, PA
February 3rd, 1993

The Band:
Eric Bloom - vocals guitar
Buck Dharma - guitar vocals
Allen Lanier - keyboards guitar
Jon Rogers - bass
Chuck Burgi - drums


  1. Intro
  2. Dr. Music
  3. Dominance & Submission
  4. Before The Kiss
  5. ETI
  6. Demon's Kiss
  7. Power Underneath Despair
  8. Joan Crawford
  9. Cities On Flame
  10. When Horsemen Arrive
  11. Astronomy
  12. Still Burnin'
  13. Harvest Moon
  14. Burnin' For You
  15. Godzilla - with Drum Solo
  16. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  17. Golden Age of Leather
  18. The Red and The Black

I attended this gig with my brothers, we were right up front. They utterly rocked.

Similar setlist to the one you posted for a few days earlier. "Dr. Music" opener, "Golden Age of Leather" closer. But I believe "Redcap" was the encore for us.

"Astronomy" was audience selected by cheer volume out of three choices offered by Eric Bloom. We cheered hard for "Last Days of May," but it couldn't compete. Can't remember the third option.

But they really delivered, we left beaming.


16 songs Killer show. This one was one of my all time favorites. It seemed like they played FOREVER. I remember we kept yelling for OD on LIFE and got it as a encore.

Also - I thought I remember Eric saying to the crowd they were gonna play a couple off of Bad Channel soundtrack which we knew nothing about at the time. Months later I finally found Bad Channels in cut out bin at a record store.

There were two other bands on bill according to ticket I have, a couple of local yokles TRACER BULLET and The BOBBY FRISS Band. Do not remember either one.

This was a small place, very low ceiling and smokey. This was one of my top 10 times seeing them. We hung around after but it seemed like Buck did not remember me only having seen them at the time 3 times in 4 years.

Benn Allen

One of the opening acts for the February 20th, 1993 show at the Basement in Dallas, Texas was a Houston band (IIRC) called "Lestat".

There was at least one other band on the bill, but I can't remember their name.

Mark "Redcap" Grosch

Here's the setlist:

  1. Stairway to the Stars
  2. Dr Music
  3. Before The Kiss
  4. Buck's Boogie
  5. Demon's Kiss
  6. Joan Crawford
  7. Cities On Flame
  8. Teen Archer
  9. Still Burnin'
  10. Last Days Of May
  11. Me262
  12. OD'd On Life Itself
  13. Harvest Moon
  14. Burnin' For You
  15. Godzilla
  16. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  17. Golden Age of Leather
  18. ETI
  19. The Red & The Black
Bret Reynolds

The unknown venue for BOC in March 1993 in Boise, Idaho was Bogey's, the same venue they played the following year in September. I attended both shows.


A flyer I've seen for this gig had "Bathtub Gin" down as second on the bill, but Pollstar (above) reckons it was just Hall Aflame. Does anybody know if that's right?

Adrian Dutton

As I recall, and it is a little hazy, Bathtub Gin no showed and the guys in Hall Aflame ended up playing a couple of their songs twice to fill the time.


Again, the flyer above had "Bathtub Gin" as the support, yet I seem to have "Galactic Cowboys" down as their replacement, so the assumption must be that Bathtub cancelled this gig also...

I've been looking but I can't find where I got this info from, but I'm going to assume it's kosher and leave it as it is...

Unless you know different, of course...

Scott Heller

Blue Oyster Cult and Motherlode. Slims, San Francisco, CA. 3/9/93

Scott (Pigfeeder) got me on the guest list for this show and I went alone again. Hard to believe, but this was the first time I had ever seen BOC. They never played El Paso or Albuquerque when I went to school. The only time I remember was in 1983 when they came to Albuquerque and opened for Rainbow. I missed it. Anyway, Motherlode were a local band that rocked pretty hard and had some great songs! No idea what happened to them? BOC were as good as ever! Eric was wearing an Alice in Chains T-shirt and looked really different. The place was packed and hot and they had the PA cranked as it was LOUD! I got an excellent recording and they played a good selection of old and two new songs. I met a really nice guy named Frank. We had a few long talks between bands and after the show. He never did call me.

The set list was:

  1. Stairway
  2. Dr. music
  3. Dominance
  4. A kiss before the Redcap
  5. ETI
  6. Demon's kiss
  7. Teen Archer
  8. Joan Crawford
  9. Cities on Flame
  10. Still Burning
  11. I Love the Night
  12. Ain't the Summer of Love
  13. ME 262
  14. harvester of Eyes
  15. Harvest Moon, Burning for You
  16. Godzilla
  17. The Reaper
  18. OD on life itself
  19. Golden age of Leather
  20. Red and the Black!

Incredible set!

Stairway, Dr. music, Dominance, A kiss before the Redcap, ETI, Demon's kiss, Teen Archer, Joan Crawford, Cities on Flame, Still Burning, I am the Night, Ain't the Summer of Love, ME 262, harvester of Eyes, Harvest Moon, Burning for You, Godzilla, The Reaper, OD on life itself, Golden age of Leather, Red and the Black! Incredible set!

Mike Acquisto

This night in March of 1993, will go down as possibly, the greatest show from Blue Oyster Cult I've ever seen... If anyone has any pictures from this gig, let me know!

Indeed, I never got to see the band in their heyday, or prime, as some would even say, but let me tell you: this night at Slim's was a one for the record books.

The band's lineup at this time was a well-oiled, rock and roll machine: Buck, Eric, Allen, Jon and Chuck. I saw this BOC lineup 4 times in 3 years, and this particular show was, probably the hottest, most rocking and the most extensive setlist. Twenty one songs were performed, the show lasting for 1 hour and 50 minutes. The band played to a packed house: a partying, charged up crowd of maybe 300 (sold out?).

Slim's is one venue that the band plays, without fail, every year in SF. Highlights for me were (the whole set, really) six tunes I'd never seen the band play up to then, including a couple the band hadn't played in over ten years or more.

"Teen Archer" was brought out for this tour, also dusted off, were "I Love The Night", which got a huge response from the crowd, and "Dr. Music", which is a killer party tune.

Each song was performed flawlessly and, words can't descrive how great the band was, high energy, great spirits, it was lightning in a bottle that night. "Demon's Kiss", was also a rockin' gem that went over well, as did Buck's "Harvest Moon", and "Still Burning", representing some new songs for the band. The crowd was singin' along to all the standards, (especially "Cities On Flame", and "Godzilla") and it's no wonder Slim's has asked BOC to play here every year: San Francisco loves Blue Oyster Cult!

If you can find the live tape of this show, check it out. While the sound quality is just "pretty good", the intensity and performance of the band, and the reaction from the audience is awesome. If I had to pick one show, as the best I've ever seen of this band, I'd probably point to this one.

Shae Dougall

The opening band for this gig was The Chodes. My dad was in it, and remembers the concert, but wasn't a big BOC fan at the time, so I have no setlist information. Sorry.

Patrick Gawne

I was at the show at Loco Ranchero. As has been noted, the opening act was called "The Chodes" They weren't terribly impressive, but they did do a good version of "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong".

BOC did pretty much what I like to call their hit list. In no particular order, I recall they played "Don't Fear The Reaper", "Golden Age Of Leather", "Godzilla", "This Ain't The Summer Of Love", "Burnin' For You" and "Joan Crawford". I'm sure there were other songs, but I've seen them so many times the sets are kind of blended together in my memory. Sorry.

San Luis Obispo county had just passed their anti-smoking legislation, so Allen wasn't allowed to smoke. He played about half the set with an unlit cig hanging out of his mouth. He dropped the cig (It's a brand called "Merit") during Joan Crawford and I kept an eye on it for the rest of the show.

Afterwards, I asked a roadie if he would give it to me. He thought it was a weird request, but he gave it to me along with a set list. Somewhere in my storage, I still have both items, so if I ever come across it, I will update this admittedly sketchy information.


San Juan Capistrano is right next to San Clemente. It's a rocky beach not far from the "nuclear tits" of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, where the ocean temperature is unnaturally high from the effluent used to cool the reactor. This stretch of beach is fiercely "locals only," but has a break made for boogie boarding.

Thanks to the strange water temperature, it's also a favorite spot for juvenile Great White Sharks that cruise about 100 yards beyond the breakers. No sweat. They are fish eaters. No attacks have ever been recorded here.

I made the trip from Oceanside with a friend from Carlsbad. The Coronado show was naval personnel only, so the drive was necessary and offered a few rips on the sunset tide at San Clemente pier before going to the Coach House.

I remember the show being quite packed and it was the first time I saw BOC perform Teen Archer, which was a real treat. The band seemed to play with a lot of anger and intensity that night. It may have been the best version of Red & The Black I'd ever seen.

Sandy Pearlman was present and shifted between a sweet spot at the back, right hand side of the stage and the bar for refills on his beer. Only a few weeks earlier, Jim Carrol came through Pacific Beach for a poetry-slam tour, so I tried to engage Sandy on the topic, but was mostly rebuffed.

After the show, the crowd emptied pretty quickly and Eric Bloom mingled through the crowd on his way to the bar. I remember talking to Bloom briefly for the first time, telling him about my own background in radio and publicity and explaining how frustrating it had been to work with Columbia. "That doesn't surprise me," he said. We chatted for five or ten minutes, before Bloom said goodbye and disappeared backstage again.

Danny Danziger

I flipped $20 to the guy who was seating us, and we are seated at one of the long tables right in front of the stage. Buck Dharma walks out on to our table during Reaper. Everybody is standing, and Buck rips into the solo inches from my face.

One of the coolest moments in my life.


Flyers for this gig said the support act was going to be "Big City," yet the Pollstar stats reckon it was Tantrum...

If anyone can confirm/deny, please get in touch.

Keith McGee

I was at this one. Good show. Took a girlfriend who had never seen them. I think she was blown away. I remember them playing Golden Age Of Leather.

That was the only time I ever heard them play that one. We got there just as they were taking the stage so I don't remember who opened.

Rob Goforth

Back in July of 1993 I cruised back to my college town of Greenville, NC to catch BOC at a littleclub there called The Attic. I had only heard that they were going to be there a couple of nights earlier from some friends and we all got tickets. Damn I was excited.

Well, I plastered my chest to the front of the stage and waited for those familiar faces/voices to appear. And when they did it was the closest I had ever been to them. It was great. They moved from classic to classic and I sang along with all of them. I was a heavy drinker at the time but I didn't have a drop of anything so that I could concentrate on the music. I was flying so high.

I was standing stage left, between Eric and Alan's keybords. And I was SCREAMING at the guys through the shows...making a lot of eye contact (of course so that they would remember me as the demented guy in the front row who looked like he had the capacity to do them great harm....jeez).

I screamed at Eric to give me a clip right after one of his solos, and I'll be damned if he didn't reach down and hand me his clip. I was so blown away.

A few minutes later, Alan was on guitar and I yelled for his clip. He bent down and handed me his clip. I thought I was dreaming.

A few minutes later, Buck boogied on over to my side of the stage and I knew I had to take a chance. I yelled for a pick and it happened. I got the trifecta! After the show I was pretty speachless. I didn't know what to say.

In retrospect I think the guys gave me their clips so I'd shut the hell up and leave them alone, but I prefer to believe that it was because they were just being cool to an obviously demented fan.

At any rate, it was a magical night for me. I just wish I had stayed after the show to meet them. It never entered my mind that it was possible.

Quick Gig Facts

OK, this is a bit messy, date-wise, at the moment - I've dictatorially transplanted two gigs (a day performance followed by a night show) that were both dated 29 May 1993 on the original BOC schedules on boc.com and moved down exactly one week in the timeframe.

I might be wrong to do this - if so, please let me know - but here's why I did it. This is the original info I had:

  1. 93-05-29: District Of Columbia - Washington - The Bayou - (Day Show)
  2. 93-05-29: Virginia - Springfield - Zaxx's - (Night Show)

I did wonder why on earth would BOC be playing a gig in the afternoon or what the occasion might have been. The venue seems a bit odd for a daytime event also, in that The Bayou is a night club.But whatever, Springfield VA is adjacent to Washington DC, so logistically, it was feasible. Then I got this email:

David Morgan

DC Chili Cook off - May 22, 1993
K St. and Wisconsin Ave. / Georgetown, Washington, D.C.
Blue Oyster Cult, Child's Play, Y-No

My wife and I attended this show. Is it possible that the May 29 show is the wrong date?

Here is the Wikipedia link to the Chili cook off:


This was very interesting. That Wiki link confirmed BOC played here on 22 May 1993. Could this be the actual date of the Bayou show I had listed for 29 May? Why Bayou? Well, the 22nd May cook-off took place at a street intersection (K St. and Wisconsin Ave) and when I look up the address of the Bayou, it seems to have been located fairly approximate to that intersection.

And if the so-called "Bayou" gig was actually a "Chili Cook off" in the street outside, then that would have the added benefit of answering the question I asked above: what event could have resulted in BOC playing a daytime show as well as their night gig...?

Then I got to see the Pollstar info for May 29 and they had BOC half a continent away playing in Lubbock TX on that date.

So, as all the actual indications that I've seen point to this "Bayou" gig being a week earlier than originally listed, I've moved it.

And because I've moved that, I've also had to move the Zaxx's Springfield gig also as it seems tied in with that, according to those early BOC schedules.

If you think I'm wrong, please let me know...

Quick Gig Facts

This is a transplanted show - please see the "Bayou" listing above for my reasons.

I should remark that I have no actual evidence that this Zaxx's gig took place on this date - so if you can help with any further information, please get in touch...

Lisa Collett

I am certain I attended a BOC show in Lubbock, Texas sometime between August 1992 and May/June 1993, more probably in the middle of that date range as I remember it being cool weather. I see there was a swing through Texas at about that time, but nothing in Lubbock is listed. Perhaps it was after the Dallas date in Feb '93?

I lived in Roswell, NM at the time and drove myself to the show. Though he was not there at the show, Rich Kimbrell from Roswell was at the time a DJ in Roswell, and since he was a huge fan, too, he was the person who told me about the show and also told me how to reach the fan club. It's possible he has more information on this show.

As far as I recall, the name of the venue was the Depot Warehouse. I remember more about the building itself than I do BOC's set. I didn't know the guys then, except with a spark of "hmmm, do I know that girl?" from them and Donald's signature nod, which is kinda normal at any gig, you know? (laughs)...

I found a picture online of the Depot Warehouse which fits my memory. Several steps up from ground level to the entrance, though I thought they were straight and not side to side. The inside was strange. The stage was immediately to the right when you walked in. Down the left was a long bar, and there were pool tables.

I did stick around after the show long enough for them to come back out and mingle, but, being shy, I just hung out a while (previously Eric and Donald had come talk to me when I did that).

As I needed to drive home across the very barren, flat, and lonely roads back to Roswell, I wasn't inclined to hang long. I caught Donald onstage, behind the stacks and waved as I went out the door and he waved back... and I was gone.

Of course, since it's been 17+ years, the place could look totally different now. I don't recall it being red, but it was dark when I arrived. Their list of current artists sure fits the size and genre for a BOC show.


I was checking my ticket stubs against the giglopaedia - I found one that's missing:
KLAQ Balloon Festival
Sunday, May 30, 1993
Wet 'N' Wild Waterworld
Anthony, TX (just between El Paso and Las Cruces, NM)

There were 3 days of bands that played. I can wrack my brain to remember more details, if you want. Buck wore a white shirt that featured the face of a much younger Buck. Music was good, the crowd was obnoxious. Pictures exist.

Isaac Barrio

The New Texicans opened up the show. I was at the same concert.

Chris Engel

June 18, 1993 was the 2nd time I went to see BOC (Beloit, WI Riverfest); however your site correctly states that they did not take the stage due to severe storms.

It was coming down in sheets and there was a literal waterfall pouring off the front of the stage. I knew there was no way they'd be able to play, but I did not leave until they announced that there was no need to riot or rush the stage because BOC was already back at their hotel...

Number 6

Live at Float Rite Park - Apple River Campground in Somerset, Wisconsin: June 20, 1993

The show started with some small time band (possibly a Wisconsin band), Foghat, BOC, 38 Special, with REO ending the evening. There may have been one more, but I think that's all of them.


Before I got the Pollstar figures, I only know of the existence of this gig thanks to a page of excellent photos on the Steve Latham photography site - click here to visit it - select the BOC link on the left-hand side to see the photos from this gig...

Quick Gig Facts

The only indication I have seen for a gig on this date was this listing in the Friday 30 Jul 1993 issue of "The Springfield News-Leader":

Sandstone Amphitheatre, (816) 931-3330: Spin Doctors, Saturday; Summer Jam with Electric Light Orchestra, Kansas, Foghat and Blue Oyster Cult, Sunday.

Tickets through TicketMaster, 831-2727.

Can anyone confirm or deny this one...?

Quick Gig Facts

Page 11 of the Friday, June 4, 1993 edition of The Great Falls Tribune confirms that BOC were a replacement after "America" cancelled.Apparently America cancelled because this gig caused them a conflict during their current stint as openers on the Beach Boys tour.

BOC played two shows.

Quick Gig Facts

I've designated that no other bands were on this bill, despite the fact that "Johnny Baron & The Bel Aires" also played on this day.

However, they played the "Plaza Stage" whereas BOC played the "Celebrity Stage", so I count that as two different locations...

Bolle Gregmar

93-08-21: Waterfront, Stockton, California Setlist:

  1. Stairway To The Stars
  2. Dr.Music
  3. Before The Kiss (A Redcap)
  4. Buck's Boogie
  5. ETI
  6. Demon's Kiss
  7. Teen Archer
  8. Take Me Away
  9. Cities On Flame With Rock & Roll
  10. Still Burnin'
  11. I Love The Night
  12. This Ain't The Summer Of Love
  13. ME262
  14. Harvest Moon
  15. Burnin' For You
  16. Godzilla

No End to Show as Police Shut down the event a whole hour prior to listed curfew... Mini riots followed, but nobody was injured, just fucking upset!!!

Mike Acquisto

The 8/21/93 Stockton, CA show setlist is off, it should have "Dominance & Submission" as the the 3rd song, I was there, yeah the Police told the promoters to pull the plug without warning, around 11:00 pm on a Saturday night, outdoors, no less. What a crock of b/s.

Anyway it was a fun show up until they shut it down, of course just as Buck started to play "DFTR" the crowd was pissed!


Well, although there's no "Dominance" listed on Bolle's tape, as all the other shows around this time featured it at no 3, it seems a safe bet that you're right on that one...

Quick Gig Facts

I found a listing for this gig in the 27 August 1993 edition of the "Daily Press" [Newport News VA]:

Here is the entertainment lineup for the East Coast Surfing championship in Virginia Beach. All concerts will be on the Main Stage, between 4th and 5th streets on the beach. All shows are free. 486-8336.

5-8 p.m. The Stingrays and John Sebastian

11:30-1 p.m. Hollow Bodies
1:15-2:30 p.m. Gravity's Pull
6-8 p.m. Blue Oyster Cult

11:15-12:30 p.m. The Almighty Shuhorn
1-2:15 p.m. The Lemmings
5-6:30 p.m. Goo Goo Dolls

Bill Bradley

Free concert on the beach. Stage facing south on a blisteringly hot, late summer afternoon. Not overly crowded so it was easy to get up close to the stage.

The only detail I remember is a bunch of people wearing heavy leather and jeans jackets despite the hot weather. The music sounded great.


This is a listing from the 20 August 1993 issue of "The Orlando Sentinel":

Blue Oyster Cult: 9 p.m. Sept. 4; Great Barrier Reef Club, Howard Johnson Hotel, North Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach; $10 advance, $12 day of show (TCK); (904) 255-4471.

Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts
Richard Kolke

I saw BOC at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver on Nov 6, 1993 (my 33rd birthday).

They were the third band, after Uriah Heep and before Nazareth (who were both terrible). Wishbone Ash was excellent, BOC was the best of the bunch but only played a one hour set.

External Review

External Review

Quick Gig Facts
Mark Lulu

I was there! Kamloops is my hometown, I now live in Vancouver.

BOC rocked! Nazareth came on around 1am, I was fast asleep :)

Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts
Bob Beresford

It looks like one of the shows on the "Total Recall" Tour from 1993 was cancelled.

The Saskatoon Sun newspaper, dated 7 Nov 1993, has a notice stating that the show due to take place at Titan Place, Saskatoon on 11 Nov 1993 has been cancelled.

No reason is given for the cancellation but it mentions that ticket refunds are available:

Concert Cancellation: The Total Recall rock'n'roll show, featuring Nazareth, Blue Oyster Cult, Wishbone Ash and Uriah Heep, has cancelled its Saskatoon appearance.

The visit had been booked at Titan Place on Nov 11. Ticket refunds are available at the Centennial Auditorium box office.

Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts
Will McBride

I know you've got a lot of dates with similar touring partners listed, but I seem to remember Foghat playing with BOC on Nov 13, 1993 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Target Center, not Wishbone Ash (the other bands were Nazareth and Uriah Heep, as listed). Was I hallucinating??


Well according to the ticket stub above, you are. Can anyone else confirm or deny the line-up as printed?

Jim Loth

The line-up for the November 13, 1993, show at Target Center in Minneapolis was as listed on the concert ticket that I provided. Foghat was not on the bill.


A whole bunch of fragmented unedited clips from this gig just appeared on youtube - check 'em out:

Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts
Noel Stefan Stoyanoff

11/18/1993 - Blue Oyster Cult & Nazareth - The Pellamwood House

What at show!!! I caught the last 2 songs from Wishbone Ash because Chaz and Brother John were to busy getting lubed from the show. Uriah Heap wailed, and Nazareth stole the show, I thought BOC sucked compaired to the last times I've seen them. It was an interesting venue, seeing a band in a banquet room.

Set list(s): I can't remember the set lists but I'll try to write the songs that I know.

Wishbone Ash:

  • Blowin' Free

Uriah Heap:

  1. Stealin'
  2. Gypsy


  1. Do You Wanna Play House?
  2. Hire And Fire
  3. Razamanaz
  4. I Want To (Do Everything)
  5. Holiday
  6. Long Black Veil
  7. My White Bicycle
  8. This Flight Tonight
  9. Love Hurts

Blue Oyster Cult:

  1. Dr. Music
  2. Dominance And Submission
  3. Still Burnin' (new song)
  4. Cities On Flame With Rock N Roll
  5. Burning For You
  6. Godzilla
  7. Don't Fear The Reaper
  8. The Red And Black
Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts
Thad Rosemyer

Me and my buddy Kevin trucked across the border from NNY and cruised 4hrs or so on the 401 down to Kitchener for this gig.

Lulu's was one of the best places I had ever seen a show in. It was in the Guiness Book for the world's longest bar (like 125ft long, I think). Lots of space to move around and a cool stage.

What a lineup of bands!

Wishbone Ash had a lukewarm reception but we loved them and they had Ted Turner back w/them at this point.

Uriah Heep was next and fans started getting more lively, shouting for "Sweet Lorraine" and other classics.

My favorite band BOC hit the stage and Buck was playin right in our face a matter of feet away. I remember he had his hair slicked back and was sporting some cowboy boots. Definitely a different look from last time I'd seen him in Boston in 1991 w/the bigger hair and black garb.

The stage had a runway that went about 20 ft into the crowd and Eric, Allen, and Buck lined up jamming out there at one point. Very memorable moment!

Nazareth were solid as always and had Billy Rankin on axe. They played some new tunes off the No Jive LP and we drove home tired but satisfied w/a super nite of rock and roll.

Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts
Bob Martin

BOC headlined. No documents other than being there for that show. Except for BOC, that was my first time seeing any of the other bands.

Gary Ireton

I was at this show and I'm 99% certain Nazareth played last.... I remember because I was disappointed that BOC didn't headline, but they rocked it as usual.

Also, I remember it being billed as :"Dinosaurs of Rock" tour and I swear there were t-shirts with a Godzilla on the front and bands listed, but I can't find anyone to confirm that.. I wasn't even high for this show....lol.

But alas... it was a great show overall, all bands played great. Wishbone Ash blew me away, first time for me.

Quick Gig Facts

The Pollstar stats above cite the venue as the historic Col Ballroom, but the following listing appeared in the 29 Nov 1993 edition of "The Dispatch" (so that's the day of the gig itself):

Nazareth, Blue Oyster Cult, Uriah Keep and Wishbone Ash perform at Palmer Auditorium, Davenport at 7 p.m.

The first 1000 tickets are $12.50. All other tickets will be $17.50 In advance and $20 at the door.

All seating is general admission.

Tickets are available at Ticketmaster outlets or may be charged by phone at 326-1111.

I also checked back through issues of both The Des Moines Register and the Quad-City Times, and they all gave the venue as "Palmer Auditorium" in multiple listings in the weeks leading upto the gig.

Can anyone confirm the correct venue for this gig?

Joel Kolsrud

Here's the story... Yes, the original venue was scheduled to be Palmer Auditorium, a 4,500 capacity college basketball gym.

However, due to the low advance, they moved the show to the Col Ballroom, whose capacity is about 1,500 to 2,000. Considering how the show drew (about 1100), it was a smart move. The Col is (well...was) much cheaper to rent than the much larger Palmer.

I was planning on attending the show and had just gotten home from work at my job back then. But was sicker than a dog and had to miss it. Eh, such is life.

Quick Gig Facts
Chris Engel

November 30, 1993 I was able to see them indoor at Rockford's Metro Centre. There were other acts, but BOC was the headliner and the only one I really wanted to see.

I do remember hearing Harvest Moon for the first time here; haunting and beautiful and unmistakably Buck. I had no idea it would be 5 years before I'd be able to hear the studio version.

Eric came out riding a custom painted Harley with the Gawlick logo all over it during a Born to be wild encore.

Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts

I found a review of this gig in the 04 Dec 1993 edition of the "St. Louis Post-Dispatch":

Classic Rockers Offer More Of Same At Concert
By Michael J. Kuelker

To twist a paraphrase of Prince, the audience at the American Theatre on Thursday night partied as if it were 1979.

Four blasts from the past Blue Oyster Cult, Nazareth, Uriah Heep and Wishbone Ash performed their guitar-driven, fist-pumping fist-pumping rock 'n' roll as the venue took on a pint-sized dimension of the 1970s arena where these bands made their most commercially successful work. Billed as the "Classic Jam," the show drew a raucous, near capacity crowd peopled largely by thirtysometh-ings who don't seem to want to age gracefully with the likes of Michael Bolton and Natalie Cole.

Without question, the music industry's engines are fueled by the Next Big Thing and its wheels spun on novelty, but a fan base remains for the claiming by any number of hard-working touring bands that don't surrender to being shunned by the major record labels and big-time music press. The irony of the business is that performers so often get their 15 minutes and get forgotten like last holiday's leftovers. Yet once a responsive chord is struck... well, rock 'n' roll never forgets.

Wishbone Ash had just over a half-hour's worth of stage time, which allowed the band only a rapid pass through a catalog long on twin-guitar exploratory jams. Though the band made a "new age rock" album (never mind the contradiction in terms) on IRS Records as recently as 1988, it hearkened back further into (slightly) better-known AOR material that recalled the clean-toned instrumental interplay of the Allman Brothers Band.

The Mick Box-led Uriah Heep, a St. Louis favorite favorite 20 years running, turned on the audience with its brand of gruff, catchy heavy metal songs sweetened by fine vocal harmonies. While some of the arena-rock trappings of strobes and smoke were in evidence, there was in general a refreshing lack of pretensions, as Box's cherubic grin and his band-mates' good-natured stage antics set a more leavened mood. In addition to audience favorites "Stealin'," "Gypsy," "Easy Livin' " the Heep sought to prove that there's still mileage left in the old engine, as the band debuted "Words in the Distance," a tune to be recorded for a release next spring. One of the band's best post-Ken Hensley songs, "The Other Side of Midnight," served as the encore.

Nazareth took the stage with two songs from its new album, "No Jive," and then devoted the remainder of the show primarily to material from its "Hot Tracks" compilation. Dan McCafferty still boasts a vocal style that sounds honed by gargling with broken glass, and bassist Pete Agnew, drummer Darrell Sweet and guitarist Billy Rankin play riff-happy, essential rock. "This Flight Tonight," "Love Hurts" and the encore "Roadhouse Blues" were especially well received.

Whether Blue Oyster Cult's apparent suspension in time is a virtue remains an arguable point. Just as in 1980 and 1982, on tours with Black Sabbath and Foghat, respectively, BOC relied on the same tricks, like a drum solo during "Godzilla." When the group isn't caught up in faux-occult themes, or in the bland FM radio fodder it attempted in order to repeat the success of "Don't Fear the Reaper" from 1976, it can rock convincingly. Still, its tendency to get swept in heavy metal cliches reminds me, in summation, of another one: The more things change . . .

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Harvester 9

complete setlist for rosemont horizon dec. 3 1993:

  1. dr. music
  2. dominance
  3. eti
  4. take me away
  5. citys
  6. me262
  7. harvest moon
  8. bfy
  9. zilla
  10. reaper
  11. encore: born to be wild
  12. encore: red & black

kind of boring (the other bands pretty much sucked).

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Martin Hauenstein

I visit the 09. Dez.1993 Show at Fürth Stadthalle - they had played the same setlist as Offenbach Stadthalle, plus "The Red and the Black" as the show closer:

  1. Dr Music
  2. Dominance & Submission
  3. ETI
  4. Cities On Flame
  5. Still Burnin'
  6. Burnin' For You
  7. Godzilla
  8. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  9. Encore: The Red and the Black
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Hermann Rothard

Let me first thank you for putting up your well designed web site. I really enjoy having a look there from time to time.

I am a BOC fan since about 1975 (first album I bought was S.T.). I did not have the opportunity to see BOC live in recent years (tried to fly to London some years ago, but flight was cancelled due to major aircontrol/computer problems)... but I had the pleasure to see tBS three times and BDS once in paris.

Going through old photo albums, I found something which I though you might enjoy: the ticket and a photo from a 1993 BOC concert in Alsfeld/Germany.

Alsfeld is about 100 km north-east from Frankfurt/Main, halfway to Kassel. It's a beautiful town with a well preserved historic town center.

Since the concert took place in december, there was a "christmas market"in Alsfeld, and prior to the concert we went there for a "Gluehwein" (hot wine with spices, well, one should use the umlaut here, i.e. "ü"...) or a hot "apfelwein" (cider).

As far as I remember, the first group was "Girlschool" followed by Wishbone Ash, BOC, Uriah Heep and finally Molly Hatchet. Unfortunately, I do not remember the setlist.

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