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Quick Gig Facts
Bryan Irby

The Jan. 27 2005 Annapolis MD late show (2nd set) setlist at hotrails.co.uk is missing 2 songs (Buck's Boogie and Joan Crawford).

The actual setlist (in order) for the late show was as follows:

  1. R.U. Ready 2 Rock
  2. Harvester Of Eyes
  3. Burnin' For You
  4. Buck's Boogie
  5. Golden Age Of Leather
  6. Perfect Water
  7. Joan Crawford
  8. Astronomy
  9. Godzilla
  10. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  11. E: Hot Rails To Hell

Thanks for the excellent web site / resource!

Quick Gig Facts
Paul Gittins

This was the first night of a "double-header" for us, with BOC on Friday and the Brain Surgeons on Saturday. It was a great weekend.....

BOC at BB Kings was OK... a couple of pretty good shows, but a pretty naff venue for rock music. 90% of the space was taken up with tables, and the remaining standing space had a couple of strategically placed pillars, which meant that it was almost impossible to see the entire stage.

Then whether seated or standing, you were constantly interrupted by waiters and waitresses taking orders, delivering food/drinks, or just getting in the way.

We arrived just in time for the band to come on, so were standing for the first set; and eventually managed to find a spot where we could see most of what was going on.

Very impressed with Richie Castellano, who plays bass more like a lead guitarist much of the time; and I actually enjoyed the solo in Godzilla! No strong feelings on the drummer - he was OK, but didn't particularly stand out for me.

It was good to hear Buck's Boogie and Last Days in the same set, the latter with the now customary Buck and Allen twin guitar solos. This was the first show I'd seen in a while where I wasn't in the "Buck zone", so for once I could actually hear the whole thing in balance.

Then a BIG surprise for the encore - at least for those of us who hadn't seen the setlist from the night before - as Richie-the-bass-guy sang "Hot Rails"... I didn't expect to hear this in anger at a BOC show again. A very cool way to end the show... Also fun to see Jon Rogers take over the bass for "Cities".

For the second set we hung with the locals, and Alex (Oystergirl) got us to a table, along with Captain von Ondine. This was one of the better placed tables, being a booth which actually faced the stage, rather than being side-on.

Amused to find that there was a sign on the table - "Reserved for Steve Schenk". He never came to claim his place... The second setlist was a much more interesting one, with Perfect Water, Golden Age and Astronomy being the highlights; and Hot Rails again as the encore.

Overall it was good to see the band on "home turf", but I wouldn't rush back to BB Kings.

Chris Lowrey

Another superb night of classic rock/metal at BBKings, I certainly scored the trifecta this week! - What else can you say? Judging by the crowd's reaction the band could've played all night; they'd have held us all in the palms of their hands forever! This was one for the record books in my estimation - despite the many concerts I get to my first B.O.C encounter was one to treasure! Unfortunately it was not to be as the band had to play not one but two gigs in the one night so the setlist was reduced accordingly to give the band a well-deserved break in the middle - I'd love to see a B.O.C gig that went two hours plus!

Forming somewhere back in the early 70's these guys sure know how to rock, they are all phenomenal players and despite the usual changes in band personnel over 30 odd years the core of the band appears to have remained intact since those days.

You can probably tell already that I know very little about the band. In fact I just got on the website to read the members names, look at their album releases and read a small portion of history to allow me to write this review! Being from Australia, a country where B.O.C.'s legacy is relatively unknown, research was necessary.

My B.O.C. collection is just three albums - the superbly named 'Cultosaurus Erectus' which I picked up in a bargain bin in Geelong circa 1981, a double greatest hits which I love and the relatively recent 'Then and Now' a brilliant and highly recommended recording with live versions of Burnin For you, Cities on Flame, Godzilla, (Don't fear) The Reaper and Harvest Moon (No relation to Neil Young's version) followed by some great new songs from two albums released in the 2000's - showing how relevant the band still are. If you like this review go and get it!

Commencing with the blistering 'RUReady 2 Rock' (and we sure were y'all!) the band were immediately into stride like the highly talented, tight, progressive metal beast they are. 'Thinking man's metal' is one description I've read and to compare with Dream Theatre's fretwork dexterity and Rush's deep concept work is probably fraught with danger from B.O.C fans... but I'll do it anyway!

'Teen Archer' and the sing along 'Burnin' For You' primed the audience even further and the lead guitar work of Buck Dharma- who also dubs as lead vocalist is arguably the best I've ever heard from anyone, anywhere... ...Massive statement I know, but trust me, the ease at which this guy strolls around the stage, calmly smiling at his band members and the audience while peeling off some of the most tuneful and complex blues/metal riffs and licks has to be witnessed to be believed, I've not seen the likes of Buck's talent very often I can tell you!

The rest of the band are also superb, tight, and in sync with one another and obviously well rehearsed and practiced, as I didn't hear a bum note throughout the entire evening. 'Buck's Boogie' and the haunting 'Harvest Moon' showcase some manic drumming, fiercely tight guitar work and yet more incredible lead work from Buck Dharma.

'Dharma's Taxonomy of Rock Guitar' - now I'd like to see that!

'Joan Crawford' was followed by the awesome 'Cities On Flame... with Rock and Rooowwwll' another guitar cruncher, with a big rhythm guitar and bass bottom end full of great riffs and unforgettable melody. 'Godzilla' a monolithic beast live, is both metaphorically and literally apt. What a song - I don't really know enough about this band but odds are the song will have meaning along the lines of watch out for any giant powerful, all domineering and conquering person/place/government etc!

The last number 'Don't Fear (The Reaper) is probably their best-known tune - at least I assume so as 104.3 classic rock in New York plays it nearly every day. Funnily enough, after watching the gig it appears to give a slightly inaccurate picture of the band itself, and people who only know this song should dig deeper! 'Reaper' is more commercial and poppy I suppose! As Buck Dharma once more swaggered about riffing like an 'in control maniac' the shivers went up my spine... At that moment, I thought to myself f*&^ing WOW!... WOW! THIS is as good as what I saw from Clapton at the Cream gig last year... If Clapton is God surely Buck Dharma is Jesus! The crowd went ballistic, on their feet clapping and cheering wildly... And the song still hadn't finished.

As the band strolled off stage I felt a deep regret... Oh No, please, not yet, surely there must be more- much more! Unfortunately I was wrong but 'Hot Rails to Hell' was a bruising finish anyway and the crowd were ecstatic - in fact I hung around waiting to see if I could sneak in to the next show - Not to be though, we were all ushered out the door. I must be smarter next time BBKings has a 'double set' night and consider booking both shows - after all at $27 this was PHENOMENAL value!

Blue Oyster Cult... I salute you!


This was the last leg of the three Men In Black's (Rob, Tom and myself) short, first tour to New York. Forget the Empire State Building, Central Park, Statue of Liberty etc, we were here for one thing only... to see Blue Oyster Cult on home territory.

BB Kings has been already been reviewed. All I can say is that it is great to see back to back BOC shows in the same evening. Sadly, it isnt the greatest of venues to see the band.

Anyway we ploughed on through the snow to head by train up to Poughkeepsie. It is about 1 hour 40 mins from New York. We arrived at the Chance around 7.00. A nice touch was that outside the venue there was a local radio station playing plenty of rock music while we stood in the freezing cold. Plenty of BOC/Ted Nugent etc.

Anyway the doors opened to the announcement that all cameras were to be handed over. Now as we were holding around £700 worth of digital technology, hasty re arrangements had to be done. Anyway the three of us survived full body searches!! Into the hall we marched.

First surprise was that there was BOC merchandise!! A couple of T shirts later we entered the main hall. The Chance reminds me of a converted UK cinema venue. Difficult to say how many it holds but it was packed to the rafters. The line up for tonights show was

  1. Chris Mahoney Band... this guy is similar but a bit better than Dean O'Shea (Bilston) Fully instrumental and a bit boring after 10 minutes!!
  2. Didnt get the name of the next band, but they werent much better than Mr Mahoney
  3. Vince Martell Band... now this was an unexpected treat. I love The Fudge and it was great to see Vince for the first time live. He put on an excellent set.
  4. Blue Oyster Cult...the reason we were here.

It was great to see the band on home territory for the second night running. The highlight was being namechecked by Eric ("what about all the English (Rob), Scottish (me) and Irish (Tom) people here tonight" he said pointing to the three of us at the front. " These guys came all the way from the UK just for these shows..crazy motherf*ckers" That certainly made our evening. Eric did promise to buy us all a Guinness after the show....we are still waiting!!!

The only lowpoint was that the setlist was the same as Set 1 from BB Kings the previous night with the exception of See You In Black. It was a great show nevertheless. At the end we got to meet some fans from the old BDTE, namely BOCEVIL1 and EDOSAURUS. Both great guys. We shared a few beers, met some other fans (sorry names escape me) and promised to meet up next year.

It was a great mini tour and all three of us fulfilled a lifetime ambition to see BOC in New York. Heres to the next time

Glasgows #1 fan

Jeremiah Shaffer

Stumbled upon your site doing a BOC search and thought I'd throw in my two cents though this show was some time ago. Having seen BOC many times I thought this was a bad show for them. They seemed overall quite disinterested (new drummer aside!)

I whole-heartedly disagree that the Chris Mahoney project was boring. To be honest , though he was the opener he was the most exciting I thought. Songs were catchy as far as instrumentals go and he had a great deal of "hunger". Great guitar playing and I really feel he stole the show. His CD is amazing and all should check him out at www.chrismahoney.com. So, there's my two cents.

Did anything happen in February? If you know, please let me ...

Gardner Trimble

The opening band was The Substitutes (same as previous year).

Mike Acquisto

Originally this gig was slated for the Pepper Belly's Comedy Club venue (!) then a few days before the show, it was moved to Civic Center Theatre, which was much better of a place for BOC. It was like a high school recreation hall, or assembley hall type of place, next door the Fairfield Library! So, anyway this was a short and sweet set by the band, so I'll keep this review that way.

Before the band came out the venue showed the famous SNL Christopher Walken-BOC "cowbell" skit on a huge video screen, then the band's roadie (name?)introduced them as "From New York City, Blue Oyster... Cowbell" Ha!

Opening with "The Red And The Black", the band was as tight as ever, and I was especially impressed by newcomers Jules Radino on drums and Richie Castellano on bass and vocals. A killer version of "Harvester Of Eyes" was in the set as well.

Highlights in the setlist for me were "Transmaniacon MC", which was a nice surprise, the extended versions of "I Love The Night" and "Last Days Of May", both sounding awesome, and a special birthday tribute in "Joan Crawford"- as it was Joan's birthday. I don't think anyone heard me yell "NO WIRE HANGERS!" but oh well...

The band played great that night, and the encore was "Hot Rails To Hell", while I missed Joe Bouchard, it was still great to hear this song live, Richie did a superb job on the vocals. Some fans at this show complained that at 79 minutes, it was too short, but I didn't mind, because I had to get up early the next day. So all's well that ends well. Overall a tight, short but rocking set from Blue Oyster Cult.

Lisa Cappelli

i was at this boc show in conn. they played an awesome hour and a half set in the wolf den.

Boc can still rock.

Marit Abrams

Show at Mohegan Sun Casino "Wolf Den" April 15, 2005. Uncasville, Connecticut, USA. 8:00 pm:

  1. The Red & The Black
  2. OD'd On Life Itself
  3. Burnin' For You
  4. ETI (very long Buck Solo)
  5. Harvest Moon
  6. Lips in the Hills
  7. Cities On Flame
  8. Last Days Of May
  9. Godzilla
  10. (Buck's played a short introduction here)
  11. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  12. encore: Hot Rails To Hell

There was no opening (support) act before BOC played. The rumour I got from a security guard was that a local act was supposed to come on at 7:30 but had been delayed in traffic.

According to him, BOC was scheduled to start at 8:10. BOC did come on at about 8:05 for a one hour 40 minute act. The tickets had a start time of 7:30, and none of the promotional material mentioned an opening act.

Eric Bloom was wearing a baseball jersey open over a black tee shirt. The jersey had the team name "Klingon" across the front (from Star Trek) and the emblem of the Klingon Empire on the sleeve.

I have scoured the internet for a place to buy one - I really loved it! I can't even find a mention of it. Anybody got any suggestions as to where I might find some more info leading to a place to buy one?

Point Given

This may be long. Forgive me. I am a diehard BOC fan. Period. I am 38 years old and Boc's music has stayed with me. I have gone through all sorts of phases of music in my life. I love music. I love Motley Crue, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan. Neil Diamond. Johnny Cash. The Outlaws. Rory Gallagher. Shatki and everything in between. I know that seeing BOC at a young age certainly has a lot to do with my passion. The bottom line is they were the band for me through my high school years and these are the most formative years of your life. From Eric's voice to Buck's playing, the mystical album covers to the deep lyrical content. This was not like any band I had ever known. Let me fast forward.

Since my inauguration on Sept. 19, 1981. I have seen them 45 or so times. Always a wonderful night. At this point it feels like I am going to see an old friend when I go see them now. I can't tell you how many years I saw them play Still Burnin and Harvest Moon and Demon's Kiss with Eric announcing "These songs will be on our new album." What memories. Kickass versions of Wings of Mercury. Alan getting boozed up and playing with an annoyed Eric's hair. Rogers, Burgi, Riddle, Pitrelli, Rondinelli, Miranda. Now Jules and Richie. It has been a helluva ride. I just wanted to give a little background before I get into the Plymouth show.

At this point in my BOC concert going career, the biggest thrill is the setlist. Not knowing what they are going to play is a big part of enjoying the show to it's fullest. For this reason I intentionally avoided these boards since January. Didn't want to hear about BB King's or the West coast swing. I wanted it to be an open slate. Going in, I had no idea what was in the current setlists.

Sat. night, I see Eddie and his lovely wife along with Oystergirl and Oystertots. I don't say anything for fear of any disclosing of setlists I have painstakingly been avoiding. I get inside and it looks like Zibe has been elected to wait in line for concessions. When he is done he encounters a slightly shorter line to the men's room. I am hoping he gets back to his seat in time for the opener as the lights in the theater are dimmed.

I am seated next to an attractive woman in her late 30's who is there with her two teenage daughters. We small talk a little about the band. She has never seen them but knows the hits. She won the tix on a radio station and lives in Plymouth so she figures why not. Her daughters are into hard rock but mostly newer stuff. On with the show.

The band breaks into The Red and the Black and immediately I am into it. Usually an encore song, it works quite well as an opener. The sound is good. The signature guitar sound that I am enamored with, is very prevalent. To me this song is quintessential BOC from their earliest and best period. Great way to start the evening. Teen Archer off Tyranny is next. Another somewhat of a surprise. I had only heard it once in recent years and that was at BB King's a couple of year's ago. Great song. A thrill to hear it. I do believe Quicklime Girl should have been played right after. It's like Heartbreaker into Living Loving Maid. Oh well.

Next was Burning for you. Normally some of the crowd would get more into it at this point, but that didn't seem to be the case. Must have been a lot of veterans in the crowd. Transmaniacon MC was a complete shock. I was stunned. I was so stunned that I think I was in a fog through most of the song. Still great to hear it and to see the boys thinking about us vets. Shooting Shark was phenomenal. Richie starts to become more animated at this point and will continue to ratchet it up progressively for the rest of the show. Buck's voice is hitting all the right notes. His solo is melodic and powerful. COF had some punch. Will the rock and roll interplay with the audience ever be taken out of the show?

Minor complaint. Last Days of May. Allen' solo had an almost Santana like feel with the spacing( not the tone, nobody sounds like Carlos). Buck's solo was amazing as usual. How somebody can play with such speed and still make it sound like part of the song is beyond me. Obviously one of the all time great songs. ME 262 was also very strong. I don't know if it was the venue or what but Eric's vocals were very clear and loud. A big plus. Godzilla and DFTR were enjoyable to just kick back and listen to the sound Of BOC.

The encores were incredible. The passion and energy that Eric brought to Black Blade was unreal. I think the kids are putting a little adrenaline into Mr. Bloom. To close with Hot Rails and Ritchie on vocals was special. Obviously this song has been out of rotation since Joe left. It came back with a thunderous bang. Ritchie and the bands collective energy climaxed during this song. Start with classic BOC, end with classic BOC. My kind of show.

I didn't even notice the length of the setlist to be honest with you. There have been other shows where I definitely paid more attention to the time. These shows are usually shows that I haven't heard something out of the ordinary well into it. Certainly not the case on Sat. night. This was one of the best shows I have seen in the past 15 years. The venue was great. I had never seen them in a theater before.

Sound was excellent. The first three albums were well represented. I would have liked to hear something off Curse but it didn't happen. That in no way detracted from my enjoyment of the show. I was in the pocket of the moment.

Thank you for reading.

Quick Gig Facts
Kurt Doehnert

I was there. BOC played by themselves. There were no other bands on the bill. The Speaks and Rare Earth did not play.


Thanks Kurt - I've amended the entry.

Jason Brown

Hello there, I was at the June 11, 2005 BOC show in Salem, Virginia (Greenhill Park). BOC played first, and then Foghat.


Naperville, ILL. Ribfest. Set list correct. My first Ribfest show and second time seeing Jules/Richie.

WOW.This was a killer show. The "new guys" seemed to add a whole new energy to the band and told Buck afterwards.

After show crowd all gone, security telling everybody leave grounds, but wife and I and friend Z lingered as long as possible and finally got Bucks attention.

He came over hugged the wife and we chatted for a few minutes. I told him it was finally nice to hear HRTH, and that he had wanted to play it for sometime and that EB was ahainst it.

I guess Richie had a good enough voice for it. That was the one song fans had always shouted out at these shows, so good to see them do it...

Jacob Koehler

Greetings loyal masses of the Blue Oyster Cult, its Jake here with another field report for all to read and hopefully enjoy. (Yeah I know its long, but I wan't to make it as vivid as possible for all who read the review)

It had been just over a year since I first saw BOC, and if you read my last review you know that it was a long trip, but well worth the drive and the price (free!). My only complaint however was the length of the set, a mere 45min. Well with a little time and some patience I would get another chance to see them in the flesh and this time it would be right in my backyard in Burgettstown, located fairly close to my home of Pittsburgh.

There had been some major changes in the BOC lineup since last June with Danny Miranda and Bobby Rondinelli having both went on to other projects (though I would find it to be next to impossible to want to leave a group of this stature... and for god's sake, its Blue Oyster Cult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but I am sure they had damn good reasons.

After the smoke cleared, we were left to see two relatively unknown players step in to fill some mighty big shoes. Richie Castellano would come on on bass and back-up vocals and Jules Rodino would fill the empty drum stool. I know that there were probably some of us who hoped that Al and Joe Bouchard would come back.....but delusion will get us nowhere. So we were left to see what these two could do under pressure of a highly critical group of fans and well, critics.

The show took place on a hot Friday evening in the summer. This summer was one of the hottest and driest we ever had and after a long day of putting up fences and painting kitchens I looked forward to cleaning up and getting down with some good friends and good music. Eddie Money was also on the bill and the radio had been doing a pretty good job of promoting the show and I hoped for a good show and for lightning to strike twice.

As usual, most of my friends declined to attend, this time the main excuse being the price. At $70.00 I agree that it was a very steep price to see them, but it was also covering parking and a full meal served at your table. Blue Oyster Cult doing dinner theatre???

More on my thoughts on that later, anyway this trip was just me and Dan Cummins, my friend and recent convert to the church of BOC. Having gone with me to see them last summer, he too was eager to go and see them and not have to drive 80 miles to see them. I picked him up that evening and we headed off in my 71' Pontiac Tempest hoping to arrive in style.

We pulled in to the lot to see it at near capacity, but instead of being filled with muscle cars like the one we had, we were faced with minivans and the occasional SUV. We faced the possible fact that we were probably going to be the youngest people there by far.

We pulled past a group of older guys listening to "Specters" out of their car stereos. It was cool to see the turn their heads as "Death Valley Nights" came blasting out of the speakers.

As we park the car and start to head to the venue, we are greeted by something very unexpected, some guys we went to high school with. Apparently we were not going to be the only young faces in the crowd that night. So instead of going in right away Dan and I hung out with Mike Hickly, Brandon Hoffman and Nick Boretzky while we shared stories and a couple of beers, though I did not partake since I do not drink. It was good to see these guys again and it was cool to see some familiar faces at the show. After a little bit of talking we found out that they were there mainly to see Eddie Money... there is no hope for my generation.

After about ten minutes of me selling my views on just how great BOC were, especially live, and how they were gonna deliver the goods in a major way we headed in to take our seats and eat our dinner.

It was a pretty nice place, lots of pictures of famous or not famous country musicians all over the walls, this had been a place that mainly was a venue for country acts, but something just did not feel right. We sat down and found out that our seats were very close to the stage, right to the left of the stage right by Eric Bloom's setup. Just where we wanted to be. We met up with Nick, Mike and Brandon inside and found out that their $80.00 seats actually put them farther away from the stage than we were... that's what you get for being an Eddie Money fan!!! (laughter)

While we were eating dinner (Ribs and Chicken) we found out that we were sharing a table with the same gentlemen who noticed us in the lot. Their names escape me now but they were old BOC fans attending the show with thier sons. maybe there is some hope after all. Immediately we got to telling concert stories and these guys apparently saw these guys in 1980 on the "Cultosaurus Erectus" tour.

Immediately I asked if it in fact was the infamous "Black and Blue" tour which saw the mighty Black Sabbath share the stage with Blue Oyster Cult in the same night. They told me quote, "Oh man, I was so fucked up, I don't remember a thing..."

Ladies and gentleman, here is the EXACT reason as to why I don't drink, I never want this to happen to me if I can help it. It didn't bother me that he did drink, it was just that he seemed proud of it, proud that he essentially missed what was probably an amazing show.

Otherwise he and his friends were great guys and cool to talk to about more then just music. Apparently they liked the car alot and thanked them for the compliment. Around this time Dan orders some Killian's Dark... where he drinks it right from the pitcher.

These guys were fans allright, but apparently BOC's career began and ended with "Specters". I shit you not. They asked for "Fireworks" and the aforementioned "Death Valley Nights" but I had to tell them that those were Al Bouchard songs and he was fired from the group back in '81. I was sorry to break it to them because those are two great songs that we would most certainly have no chance of hearing that night. I was holding out for "Flaming Telepaths" and hoping they would play my absolute favorite song tonight.

After a short wait and some announcements about upcoming shows at the Roadhouse, we saw the roadies come out and lay out the rigs for the band. I could see them bring out Eric's Black Gibson SG with the Kronos symbol on the body in mother-of-pearl. If I could only get a little closer... Eventually the lights went out and the immortal announcement came from the MC that the amazing Blue Oyster Cult were here and they started with;

The Red & The Black: Never heard this one live before, was elated to hear it. Track one off my favorite BOC album gave the show a strong start and if this song was a teller of how the rest of the night was going to be, then I was in for a hell of a good time. Eric sounded great and Allen seemed almost energetic. His solos were really strong during the end and his Telecaster shone as the stagelight hit it. I was surprised to see how young Jules Rodino was and it seemed that the reports on Richie Castellano were in fact true, this guy is a hell of a bass player. At the end of the song, I screamed for "Flaming Telepaths".

Burnin' For You: Still surprised to hear this so early in the set, but its still a great song to hear live. Buck still sounds great as a singer and I still feel it is played a little bit too fast. I still screamed for "Flaming Telepaths"

ETI: Man I am not sure if I can still say that I prefer the studio version to the live after hearing this one; Eric really sounded great on this and I love the changes to the end of the song. It was a highlight of the evening... yet still no "Flaming Telepaths".

Shooting Shark: Now here was the big surprise of the evening. Eric said that this featured Jules and Buck on this and they got started on this dark horse from "The Revolution By Night", a song that I really don't like that much. Live, this song was absolutely stellar. Jules just proved his worth on this one with his masterful handling of the complicated drum parts while Buck laid out a great solo during the song's fadeout. Absolutely amazing to hear live. I still want to hear "Flaming Telepaths".

Lips In The Hills: Eric said they were going to play a love ballad and Buck played the infamous pull-off guitar run that signaled this hit from "Cultosaurus Erectus". Eric sounded good on this one as did Buck and it was an interesting choice... it sounded alot better here than off "Long Day's Night". By now I am getting hoarse from shouting out "Flaming Telepaths" at the end of every song. I will not give up hope.... and Dan orders more beer.

Cities On Flame: Here it comes, a great song to hear live and no matter how long he tries to drag out the solo, Buck still sounds awesome on this track. Eric's voice is still in fine form and wonder what other surprises they have in store for us next... maybe "Flaming Telepaths"?

Golden Age Of Leather: Damn, well its not "Flaming Telepaths", but I never thought I would hear this one live. The "Specters" fans at my table were very happy to hear this one and it was really cool to get to sing along to the beginning chant while Dan raised his entire pitcher of beer. Apparently a "can" would not suffice for him in this situation. Anyway Allen's guitar sounded real good on this while Buck and Eric traded vocal lines back and forth. A great suprise... still no "Flaming Telepaths"... I am starting to lose hope.

Astronomy: Now here Eric gave us the option between this and "Last Days Of May". I already heard "Last Days Of May" in Johnstown and I never heard this song live so I shouted out for "Flaming Telepaths". I did not get my wish, Dan drank more beer.. .from his pitcher. Now here is where Eric really needs to watch his singing. I know he can still hit these notes, but he seems to want to shout them instead of sign them and the song suffers, yet it was still a great performance.

Godzilla: At this point I realize that I have no chance of hearing my request, so I just go along with the moment and dig on this song I have heard many times before. Here is where I got to see just how good Richie and Jules were. First up is Richie; after playing some riffs from "Tom Sawyer", he really lets go and rips out some amazing tapping exercises that leave my jaw on the floor... this guy can stay, but his major moment came later in the show. Next up was Jules, this guy can play. His double bass fills and cymbal crashes make for an interesting and energetic solo. The band came back in and Buck and eric closed out the number with some tasty solos with the help of Allen.

Don't Fear The Reaper: Was sorry to hear this song so soon, but as stated before it was still great to hear live. It is a great showcase for the guitar players. Otherwse, not much else here to report.

Hot Rails To Hell: I was amazed that they played this one, I never thought the rumors were to be true as Richie took lead vocals in place of Joe Bouchard. If this is a sign on things to come then when can we hope to hear "Wings Wetted Down"?

The crowd cheered and they left the stage. It was a great show and I can say that this show was alot better than the one in Johnstown just because I could tel they were alot more into it that night.

After this we sat thorugh Eddie Money which was ok but it did not match the level of BOC whatsoever. except when this smokin brunette got on stage during "Shakin" (what a hottie). So I waited for the show to end at this point and picked up a BOC shirt with the "Tyranny And Mutation" cover on it.

As we were walking out, we talked to our friends at the table who were upset that they started and ended thier set with "new" songs. Apparently they never heard of this great album and they looked a little bit miffed when a 21 year old kid told them that those songs were at least four years OLDER than the ones off of "Specters".

We got back to the car and sped off into the night with great memories to take home. Until next time, so long.

Jim Dougan

Well, we did it. One week after opening for Little Feat, my band opened for Blue Oyster Cult.....

I think I am probably dreaming... look at this in perspective. Exactly one year ago, my band played its first gig - an hour at a private birthday party. At that time, we had been together about 2 months. I personally had not played a gig in over 20 years (dropped out of the scene after college) and several band members had never played a gig ever...

Who would have guessed that a year later we would be opening for major (or formerly major) acts? Best yet, earlier in the week we signed to open for BOC again in October (Rare Earth is on that ticket too...)

Dreaming or not, I am sure enjoying the ride...

A few random notes/memories:

The venue was the "Hogg Farm Rally" - a biker rally in southern Illinois. Strange stuff happens at biker rallies. For example - about 20 yards to the side of the stage there was a mechanical bull. During our entire set there were naked women riding the bull - at one point two naked women were simultaneously riding the bull. The fact that we actually got applause at the end of our songs means we must have been playing well, with competition from naked bull riding....

We sold quite a few CDs and t-shirts. A note on merchandising at biker rallies. If a babe walks up and asks to get the shirt $5 cheaper, and you say "sure - but you have to change into it right here..." she WILL do it... and nobody wears a bra at a biker rally. You need to decide if it is worth the $5 to you.

Important note: Also be sure you know who is in earshot when this happens. There might be someone else nearby who, to put it discreetly, is less of a babe - and she will want the same deal - and you DO NOT want that picture engraved in your memory.

It is apparently perfectly normal for guys to walk around buck naked at biker rallies. There was a "naked guy" who wore nothing but a leather belt and several genital piercings...

There was a big storm the night before the show, and the main mixing board got wet and developed problems. We had technical issues all evening. The band before us ended up doing only 3 songs because they had to start really late.

We were right before BOC, and had to cut our set roughly in half. Didn't matter too much because it allowed us to cull some of the weaker tunes. Our sound guy later told us that the main channels on the board were fired and he was having to mix us through the aux sends...

Still, we sounded pretty good - the audience was wildly appluading at times (though maybe they were watching the naked chicks on bulls....). Seriously, though, we did well despite the technical issues.

BOC had a moment of technical difficulties too. They covered by throwing in a very cooll rendition of the Beatles "If I Feel" - with some very nice harmonies. BOC does sing very very well.

Buck Dharma is never mentioned as a guitar great - and I am not saying he should be. But - the guy does play very very well. I was pleasantly surprised. Lots of modal riffs... interesting stuff.

We got to hang with BOC ever so briefly before and after the show. I did manage to get a photo with Eric Bloom - will post it to our website in a few days. When it comes to hanging with us lesser mortals, though, Little Feat was much more accessable than BOC. We had folks from Feat hanging in OUR hospitality suite and taking photos of US - and we even got on their tour bus. Feat has a rabid fan following, and you can tell why - they treat folks well. BOC has a big following as well, but they might do better if they hung with the fans a bit more.


I've since learned that the above poster, Jim Dougan - bass player with the Knights in Crisis - has sadly died... RIP, Jim...

Visit the Knights in Crisis site...

Chuck Seaton

I don't remember all the details except for I believe it was around 2005 at an outdoor free summer concert series at Yokuts park in Bakersfield.

Our band is called "HOT TACO" The show Rocked !!!


Sheboygan,WI again, different site from Brat days. Set list correct. No encore cause Lou Gramm was next.

A friend of mine and son made trip from Marquette, MI to be at this one. By this time, wife and I had moved to West Bend WI so Sheboygan was only 1/2 hr away.

No Allan, first time for me band not complete. Buck came over to us after show and I introduced friend and son to him. Very gracious, spent a lot of time talking to my friends son Rudy.

On a side note, as I said my friend lived in Marquette MI. A roadie for the Rolling Stones, "CHOOCH" lived there when not touring with the Stones. "Chooch" befriended Rudy at some point and GAVE a Rudy an old gtr. and practice amp that once belonged to Keith. In our conversation that night with Buck I brought this up and Buck said cool.

p.s when Chooch died one or two years later, Rudy was crushed. Chooch had promised him a Stones show in Chicago the next time they were there. The Stones flew into Marquette unannounced for funeral and came walking in church to eveyones surprise.

They played AMAZING GRACE and my friend got to talk to Mick and Charley for a few minutes. Before the media got wind of all this they were gone. In Ronnie Woods book there is a chapter on Chooch that relates all this...

Tim Elliott

Lakeland,FL august 27,2005. There was a local band opener (don't remember the name), then Foghat, then BOC.

Brian Bearden

After the singing of the National Anthem (yes, it's weird here in the state of Washington, but to make things weirder, at the State and County fairs here, they have someone come out on stage before the first act to do this!?!), the now familiar Matrix music starts playing, and out comes the band. Allen with a Fender Precision? (not sure) strapped on, and surprisingly, Richie was using Buck's Cheeseberger! A little volume check while the intro music played, and Jack Secret comes out an introduces the Band. Right into the opening chords of:

The Red And The Black
Well, since there is only one lead guitar player, there isn't any taking turns of solo spots and Richie steps up to the plate and does it all!!! This guy can really shred! He kept the essence of Buck in the air (Maybe playing on Bucks equipment helped. or not), while playing things his own way. Allen missed the beginning of the Bass break, but quickly caught it with a few notes thrown in. Next was:

O.D.'d On Life Itself
They just kept on playing, and it sounded pretty good, although I was kinda missing Allens guitar harmonies. After the song Eric introduced the Band members, and explained about Bucks absence, and how, since the rest of the band were already in town, they decided the Show Must Go On!! Then they went into:

Burnin' For You
Well, I'm missing the guitar harmonies again, but Richie was doing a really good job, better than can be expected on such short notice. So who was gonna take the lead vocals? Go Richie go!! This guy has a huge weight on his shoulders, and he handled it just fine. Then Eric takes off his guitar, and this can mean only one thing:

ETI (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)
I don't think I've ever seen this played with one guitar before, but Richie pulls it off! Eric goes back to the Keyboards at the end (as usual), and I think that was the only song they were used on.

Harvester Of Eyes
This song came off pretty good.

Hot Rails To Hell
It was fun watching Richie play this one as it's kinda become his place in the show. It rocked!!

Cities On Flame with Rock And Roll
Richie ROOLS!!! He's a great guitar player, and I really don't think anyone else could've done this on such short notice!!! When it came to the break, he did the whammy bar thang, and where Buck usually pauses and cracks his knuckles, Richie just hung his fingers and shook them for about one second and went right into the solo. I got a big kick outa that. Next, Allen puts on a Guitar and Richie dons "The Foof" and Eric goes into his "Something Big is coming this way" spiel, and of course they start:

Allen and Eric playing guitars. Sounds great, although a little subdued. No slide offa the mic stand during "he pulls the spitting high tension wires down" part, but it's rockin', and Richie (I sure am sayin' his name alot) starts dancin' all around the stage like he normally does. He does an extended solo, and he and Jules even do a bit of Rush's "Tom Sawyer" in the middle. Jules did an excellent solo, (Man, can he ever rip it up!!!), and at the end, the band even did that Heartbreaker riff! Allen and Richie went back to thier original instruments, and the next song was (of course!)

(Don't Fear) The Reaper
This was probably the hardest song they had to do all night. Eric started out by talking about the SNL "More Cowbell" skit, and they brought out someone (I'm not sure if this was someone from the crew, or a radio station promo winner or what) and he sat behind the keyboards and played Cowbell with the band. Eric tackled the lead vocals on this one, and Richie handled the harmonies. They kinda had a tough time with it, trying to find the right notes what with Eric usually handling the harmony part, but after the first verse, it sounded OK. Eric was reading the lyrics off of a sheet taped to his monitor, and I think he got lost a coupla times. It ended with a nice short sweet solo, and the band was gone. The crowd tried to get an encore going, but the Fair started shooting off a buncha fireworks for a few minutes, and it was over.

I think the band did an awesome job, going where no man has gone before!! They only had a little bit of time to figure out what they were gonna do, rehearse, etc before the show, and were very professional about the whole thing. There was a few little struggles, but watcha gonna do? I missed Buck alot, and hope he recovers soon, but kudos to the Band and especially Richie for stepping up to the plate and knocking one outa the park!!!!


Jim Rusley

I don't even know where to start...

I had no idea there was gonna be no Buck until they came out on stage...to say I was disappointed is an understatement... Eric said Buck was sick and this is only the 2nd time something like this has happened... but he said the show must go on and I agree...

First of all... this was an expensive show for me... and I dunno about anyone else, but have you noticed that there are not that many dates posted on their website... I'm getting a funny feeling that they're not gonna be playing too much longer... so I went all out... bought 5 tickets ($50 each) for me, my wife, my son and two of my best buddies... only my wife had seen them before, so I wanted to treat my son and friends to a show...

Before the show (for months actually) I had been telling all of them about how incredible I think Buck is... I believe he is the best player alive today... at least he plays how I only wish I could play... no one touches Buck... no one is even close... we talked about how to expect Last Days of May and the intro to Reaper and hopefully the virtuoso playing on I Love the Night...

How in the world could they do a show without Buck? Can you imagine a Rolling Stones show without Mick?

'nuff said...

Unbelievably, the show started without Buck... Ritchie moves to lead guitar, Allen strapped on a bass... the keyboards sat idle for the entire show, except I believe Eric went over there and play a note or two...

They started with Red & Black... and god dammit if Richie didn't play the MO-FO note for note... where the hell did this guy come from? It wasn't Buck, but even die hard fans had to take notice... but I was still pissed, so it was very hard to enjoy...

OD'd was next and it was very average... getting the vocals right was hard to come by without Buck... geez, the guy IS THE BAND for me... but they played it anyway... not very well though...

Next was Burnin... and it was another yawn... I got up to get a beer and trade in my old one... still fucking furious (I know I have no right to be so pissed, but I was... )

By the way, there couldn't have been 1000 people there... Steppenwolf actually played after the boys...another HUGE disappointment... but that's another story...

Harvester of Eyes came up next and I thought it was just terrible...

Then came a huge surprise... This Ain't the Summer of Love... and it was pretty damn good... I've never heard it live, so it was a nice surprise... OK, I wasn't so pissed anymore... and tried to make the best of it...

Cities of Flame started and all I could think about was Buck... but I also kept thinking that Ritchie knew all these songs on lead and how in the world could he know that? I was VERY impressed with him, just the fact that he could play all these songs and pretty well, I might add... just not the way only Buck can play them...

We were in for a treat as Zilla was next... Ritchie moved to bass... Allen strapped on a guitar... I've seen Ritchie play one other time and he did a pretty fine job, but this was a real gem... I think they played a longer bass solo than planned due to Buck (they only played 10 songs) and the drum solo was longer too)... but Ritchie did a hell of a job... gotta tip my hat, they young man did not look bummed out about this whole thing and he won me over as a musician on this song... everyone in the crowd enjoyed this song, the bass solo and Ritchie...

Reaper was next... sans the intro... I really miss that intro... fucking cool when Buck does it... the crowd went wild as normal, but it was quite average and a pretty short version...

They did an encore... strange for anyone but the headline band...played Hot Rails... and they did a commendable job...

By the end I has a smile on my face... I realized I like to see these guys play for 2 reasons: 1) Their material is awesome, 2) Buck. Even without Buck, the material is so strong, you cannot help but enjoy it...

I am seriously thinking about flying out to CA just to see Buck...

Does anyone know FOR SURE if he will be there? What was wrong, I mean is his illness serious? I hope not, the dude is amazing...

In mourning... Jimbo


Saw the BOC gig at Konocti Harbor in Kelseyville, California last night with Joan Jett and The Blackhearts followed by the Doobie Brothers... been a fan since 1974... 1st time I've seen them with their new bass player, Richie and Drummer, Jules... They Still ROCK...


  1. Red and the Black
  2. OD'ed on Life Itself
  3. Burning for You
  4. ETI
  5. Buck's Boogie
  6. Golden Age of Leather
  7. Cities on Flame
  8. Godzilla
  9. Don't Fear the Reaper

BOC opened at 5:00pm and played for an hour... followed by Joan Jett and then the Doobies (who were just remarkable) and then a fireworks show... great day/afternoon/evening...

Scott Sperry

Extremely short set due to (a) a late start by Foghat because of sound check issues (a very bad omen as it turned out) and (b) a ridiculously early curfew at the venue (10:00).

BOC was plagued by sound system problems throughout the set. Buck was visibly frustrated by his sound cutting out multiple times.

Marit Abrams

My notes, and the set list I have that was taped to the stage, both list "Cities on Flame" as coming after Golden Age and before Last Days...

And, there is one omission for the 18th September show. There was NO COWBELL! A COWBELL emergency! The band's own equipment had been lost - I heard "The Reaper" with no cowbell.

Marc Kreienbrink

Hello. Here is the set list from the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma show on 25 Sep 2005:

  1. The Red And The Black
  2. O.D.'d On Life
  3. Burnin' For You
  4. E.T.I.
  5. Shooting Shark
  6. Buck's Boogie
  7. Cities On Flame
  8. Then Came The Last Days Of May
  9. Godzilla
  10. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  11. Encore: Hot Rails To Hell

Take care. Your website is most excellent! Keep it up and thanks for the great site.

Mark "Redcap" Grosch

Marengo Iowa is just west of the Amanna Colonies in central Amish Iowa. a 3 1/2 - 4 hour drive for me from La Crosse, but having worked just east of the town in Iowa City ther ride down was a flash back of welcome winding country roads and many old and small towns who I have been through countless times.

Pulled into Merango about noon and got directions to the Bike fest/venue and proceded to get a ticket and contact the travelers from Illinois, Nimrod, Syborg, Shado and Kira. We met up at the front gate and got to the camping grounds to unload the truck and car for the night... a chill was in the cold Öctober air already so the night was looking real cold.

Tent went up without a hitch and se gathered more firewood and got some of my body warming chile going on the camp stove I brought... much welcome warmth... We all took turns watching the local acts and checking out the Bikes and goods to be had from a wide source of vendors. Low point of the day was the Gay Female Bike Ride....there was to be no nudity and these.... welll... women broke the rules..... there are some folk that aught not to ride a bike nude... ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rare Earth was Rare.. problems with sound check were causing some tension, and the cold didnt help either..Woody to save the day. Steve is 1 of the best sound men in the Biz and in no time he had Rare Earth cooking. The crowd slowly gathered as the vibes and sound were turned up a nothc with every passing moment till we finally had a freekin rockin show going on! I had never seen Rare Earth before but was totaly impressed with the show!..On to the reason I'm here....

BÖC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the break I go get a couple more beers and make my way back to stage... I'm amazed they didnt have the usual 10 foot fence barrier seperating the fans from stage and we are shoe string tying distance fron the band. Good solid crowd of fans! as the all clear is given the Matrix theme begins(I still miss Blade Runner) and the Guys all comence to take up their respective places on the stage....

Rip into Red and Black... from here on out the cold is gone, the warmth of the energy and crowd are heat enough but the Boys take the heat to another level! We slide uninterupted into OD'd... man i love the no time break slides to songs... just like the 1st 3 albums.

With a cold fog coming from the members mouths as the final chorus is sang the crowd feeds the energy! Fuck the 30 degrees temps! This place is burnin and as the chords for Burnin ring out the Radio and top 40 crowd goes nuts...I have seen this tune over 60 times and not 1 time the same... Gotta love it!

ETI...what can ya say..Good tune... IMO they could pull something from Heaven Forbid or Curse to fill this slot... Shooting Shark... despite what some think on this song, for me I go into a trance... the underlaying lines in this make one want to move yet still being melted by Bucks attack keeps you planted... Again, looking up at the stage the temp of the air is still droping but the heat up there is being turned up a notch with every tune. and on to Bucks Boogie.... this is another that is never the same from 1 night to another Fingers on Flame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Golden Age continued the nights frozen frenzy as the knowlageable crowd was in full sing along mode! Nothing like BÖC, Beer and Bikers!!!!!! I have found it dont get much better than this!

On to the knuckle crackin crowd fire up tune of Cities on Flame... with Rock and Roll The new guys have really brought this tune to where it was when the Brothers Bouchard were still in the band..imo of course;)

With a star filled eve and time to decide tween Last Days or Astromomy the later of the 2 were chosen... blistering... The entire band was lost in a 5 minute jam of total jaw droping back and forths and then finally Buck took control.... Oh My is all I can say..what a lesson to the other guitar players on that night. Zilla/Reaper.... Zilla has taken a new turn with Jules and Richie for sure... new drum and bass solos....refining them and changing with every show. and with Reaper you are always going to get something new each eve...

Encore... Hot Rails: I am gald to see the vocals of Richie get put to use on this one! His Bass playing speaks for its self and for this one to have the dust blown off of it is fantastic!

And another night ends... the crowd left and Knights of Crisis played to about 15 folk as they were kind enough to give their slot to BÖC as they had to catch a 4 am flight out. We did listen to them around the campfire that cold October eve and slowly the flamed died and we all gathered in the tent for a nights sleep.

The following morning we woke to a frosty land scape and knowing our paths must once again part till the next chance to hook up at a BÖC show.

We parted knowing our bond as CVLT Family will never be lost or broken... the ride home was a solitary one for me as usual, but it allows me to reflect on the friends I have made through the Blue Öyster Cult.

Quick Gig Facts

Coca-Cola/WRNO Stage:

6:30 - 8:00 pm - Edgar Winter
9:30 - 11:00 pm - Blue Oyster Cult

Andy V

B.O.C. - the band that never stops touring!

Another knockout show!!