2012: BOC still on tour forever!!

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Friday 20 January
Anaheim Convention Center: NAMM (North America Music Merchandisers) 2012

Buck Dharma and Richie Castellano were scheduled to play the "Living Legends Jam" at 5 p.m. on Friday, January 20, on the Anaheim Convention Center's main lobby stage during NAMM 2012, but in the end, it appears that only Richie played.

Also scheduled to play was "Rudy Sarzo, Bass (Whitesnake, Quiet Riot, Dio)"...

There seems to be a band name missing off that list...

Anyway, here's a clip which features Richie (plus Bobby Rondinelli too), of Greg Walker Performing Black Magic Woman:


I didn't see any announcement of this, but Buck, Eric, Jules and Richie turned up for a short accoustic "unplugged" session at NAMM.

Not a gig proper, I admit, but there were songs performed by four members of BOC, so it needs to be documented.

The guy who posted these songs reports that "Burnin for You" was also performed.

Sam Judd

This performance was totally impromptu... it was in the booth promoting the new Peavey Carbon Fiber guitars... Peavey does an endorsement deal with the band, (I know they've supplied Eric Bloom with several guits, Richie too I believe) so they did this little deal for some free Carbon Fiber Acoustic guitars... sort of the NAMM version of singing for your supper...


There's a review here (dunno how long it'll stay up):

Quick Gig Facts
Mike Acquisto

Danny Miranda on bass tonight:

  1. Red And The Black
  2. Golden Age of Leather
  3. Burnin For You
  4. Shooting Shark
  5. Cities On Flame
  6. Last Days Of May
  7. Godzilla
  8. Don't Fear the Reaper
  9. Hot Rails to Hell

Band sounded amazing - Woody dialed in the mix perfect.

Danny was great too.

Quick Gig Facts
Brian Mikkelson

BOC opened the show this time around which was a little different. Danny Miranda was on bass this time as well.

I'm thinking BOC needed to get out of there early as it was about to snow there in Wendover so maybe that's the reason they opened.

I was a bit mad that this happened as I just got in the door from a 2 hour drive. I was right on time and was getting a drink and on the tv outside BOC was playing. At first I thought it was a preview from last years show until I saw Danny on Bass!!

Everyone else said No it can't start already as we all thought Foghat would open for sure like everytime before!!! So I missed most of the first song!!

Here is the setlist:

  1. The Red & the Black
  2. Golden age of leather
  3. Burnin for you
  4. Cities on flame
  5. Harvest moon
  6. Godzilla
  7. Don't fear the reaper

BOC flew by but they did have fun for the short time they played. Eric had fun on Cities on flames playing with some drum sticks and trying to bounce them off the floor and trying to catch them - he also hit the cymbals a few times as well.

On Godzilla they did a Danny intro in the middle - like they always do with Rudy - this time they played a few song from Queen (I quess Danny plays with Queen) which was pretty cool.

Other than that is was a OK setlist. I did like hearing Golden Age of leather and Harvest Moon (I guess I'll never hear Astronomy live) which is a little different than the last couple times I've seen them.

I gotta say it again - they really need to fire their sound guy as that venue has awesome sound, but BOC didn't sound that great. I'm not a huge Foghat fan but they sounded awesome, full of energy and tons of jamming going on through out the show.

The security guy wouldn't let anyone video BOC but I did get a song from Foghat on youtube - a song called Fool for the City if you wanna check it out...

I filmed the big screen. I wanted to try out my new HD camera and found out the batteries don't last that long on those things:-(

Anyway I was surprised no one else emailed you about this show until now as I really wanna hear if anyone else was upset that BOC opened the show:-(

Quick Gig Facts
Nico Andino

I dont remember the setlist order but I think that was:

  1. The Red and the Black
  2. Golden Age of Leather
  3. Cities in Flames with R&R
  4. Burning for You
  5. Shooting Shark
  6. Godzilla
  7. Buck´s Boogie
  8. Dont Fear the Reaper
  9. Hots Rails to Hell

Check on youtube, I saw some people recording it. Sorry for the bad English.

Quick Gig Facts
James Sparks

The Ostrich Festival is a fair to celebrate Chandler Arizona's history of ostrich farming. The show was on an outdoor stage.

Blue Oyster Cult took full advantage of a great sound system. They need to release some live recordings because they are sounding great and also different from previous incarnations of the BOC.

Rudy Sarzo has made an impact on the band's sound.

Kasim Sulton is an excellent guitar and keyboard player but didn't play Richie's normal solos, probably due to lack of practice time.


Did Richie play this?

Jammin Joes Oddacity

Yes Richie was there! He's so cool!

Here's the set list:

  1. The Red & The Black
  2. Golden Age of Leather
  3. Burnin' For You
  4. Shooting Shark
  5. Cities On Flame
  6. Last Days Of May
  7. Buck's Boogie
  8. Godzilla
  9. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  10. Hot rails to Hell
Quick Gig Facts

Full clip of this show - currently - available on youTube (thanks for the link, Mark):

Quick Gig Facts

It was a bit breezy and snowing just a tad in Tahoe and the surrounding area yesterday (let's just say we were driving through a blizzard on the mountain passes from Virginia City yesterday afternoon and it was more than a little hairy and that was before the storm got fully underway!) so it made it a bit difficult for anyone travelling who wasn't already there by mid to late afternoon to get there.

The rest of the band made it by the skin of their teeth into Reno airport but the pilot of Eric's plane refused to land in the high winds and turned around and flew him to Vegas instead where he eventually got on a plane waiting for take off but in the end that flight was cancelled too.

Oh well. He WAS missed but the show went on with Buck doing the lion's share of vocals and front-manning while Richie Jack-AND-Master-of-All-Trades did vocals, keys and guitar ably assisted by roadcrew member, Andy, also on rhythm guitar.

As always great sound in a very full and loudly appreciative room. Setlist was as follows:

  1. The Red & The Black (Richie vocals)
  2. Redcap
  3. Burnin'
  4. Shooting Shark
  5. Bux Boogie
  6. LDOM
  7. Godzilla
  8. Reaper
  9. Encore: Hotrails
Karl Morgan

Two feet of snow made it almost impossible travel to state line if you were coming from outside the area. However, because of the final 4 college basketball weekend, many BOC fans probably arrived the night before.

The concert is held inside, in quite possibly, one of the finest music/concert showrooms in the California/Nevada area.. I believe it holds about 700 people, and on Saturday night it sounded like 5,000. The crowd was over the top enthusiastic, and really appreciated the energy coming from BOC!

Eric Bloom, could not make it due to the weather, but Buck took on the extra load and delivered big time with the help of Rudy, Jules, Richie, and a great musician replacing Eric, who had great chops and could sing as well. His backing vocals on Godzilla, had an almost Beach Boys harmony to it, that really gave the song an extra dimension.

The band worked tight and ate up the stage with fluid exchange of going back and forth and giving the audience a great view of their playing ability. The lighting was amazing and the "Pink Floyd" video back drop was "cool."

Buck went off on "Last Days of May", telling the audience a bit more of what happened with the actual event that inspired the song. His performance on "Shooting Shark" was worthy of a statue being erected in his honor has the most complete singer/guitar player in the world. Does anybody do it better? Dave Medakatie of Y & T possibly?

And Rudy was Rudy, doing what he does best... besides being arguably the best bass player in the world, he also brings that "rock n' roll" star attitude to the band! And Jules, kicking the bass drums to a new level, was inspirational. And Ritchie, is just so good, you almost take him for granted..because he is just so talented. His encore "hot rails to hell" would make Dave Mustaine of Megadeth proud!

Hot rails to Hell, has to be one of the first "Speed metal" songs of all time. All in all, it was another great performance by Blue Oyster Cult, and I look forward to their return with Eric!

Libra Musica

Co-headliners. Outlaws on first at 2:00; approx 100 minute set (including encore). BOC on second at 4:10; approx 90 minute set (including encore).

As this was an outdoor amphitheater in the middle of Silver Springs Park, soundcheck was able to heard/seen by early arrivals to the show.

BOC's soundcheck included "Buck's Boogie", "This Ain't The Summer of Love", and "Harvest Moon".


  1. Tomorrow's Another Night
  2. There Goes Another Love Song
  3. Hurry Sundown
  4. Freeborn Man
  5. Born to be Bad
  6. Grey Ghost
  7. Song in the Breeze
  8. Waterhole (the instrumental)
  9. Knoxville Girl
  10. It's About Pride
  11. Prisoner
  12. Gunsmoke
  13. Hidin' Out In Tennessee
  14. Green Grass and High Tides
  15. ENCORE:Ghost Riders In The Sky


  1. The Red and The Black
  2. Golden Age of Leather
  3. Burnin For You
  4. Shooting Shark
  5. Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll
  6. The Last Days of May
  7. Buck's Boogie
  8. Godzilla
  9. Don't Fear The Reaper
  10. ENCORE: Hot Rails To Hell
Quick Gig Facts

Here's the details:

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider has assembled an all-star line-up of rock musicians for the Jam For Autism benefit show.

The performance will take place at Westbury, NY's NYCB Theatre at Westbury on April 19.

The evening will support Sid Jacobson JCC programs serving children, teens and adults with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

In addition to Snider, the benefit will feature Blue Oyster Cult's Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma, Debbie Gibson, John Hampson, Randy Jackson, Chad Kimball, Twisted Sister's Mark Mendoza, Black Sabbath's Bobby Rondinelli and Mountain's Leslie West.

Here's a link:

Buck Dharma

Eric and I are appearling at Dee Snider's Jam for Autism at Westbury Music Fair on April 19 2012.

An eclectic mix of talent will appear, and my Bro Eric and I will do the big two with Dee's assembled band as our part. It's all for charity, and we're all there and working on our own hook. Here's the list of luminaries..

flash: Constantine Maroulis has just signed on.

  • Dee Snider (Twisted Sister)
  • Debbie Gibson
  • Leslie West (Mountain)
  • Chad Kimball (Memphis)
  • Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult)
  • Jon Hampson (9 Days)
  • Randy Jackson (Zebra)

With help from:

  • Mark Mendoza (Twisted Sister)
  • Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow)
  • Doug Katsaros

Should be a feel good fun time, and a nice mix of music. I expect to enjoy myself for a good cause.

Dee says, "tell your facebook and twitter followers!" Ha! I'm telling you people.


Here's a partial clip of Reaper, which shows Ritchie playing bass, Bobby R on drums, an unknown keyboard player and Dee Snider trying to play the cowbell...

Veronica de Leon

They played 3 songs - The big hits. I don't know who was on keyboards...

Quick Gig Facts
Ronald Comes

Fourth row center! Cult put on a fun (if not slightly disappointing) show, and could have played MUCH longer in my opinion. They were the headliner but their entire performance was over in about an hour! Also, they let newcomer Ritchie Castellano sing their last song "Hot Rails To Hell"!!!

New Jersey's own Scarlet Carson opened. They were alright, sort of a rougher version of Bon Jovi.

BOC's set list:

  1. The Red And The Black
  2. Golden Age Of Leather
  3. Burnin' For You
  4. Shooting Shark
  5. Buck's Boogie
  6. Then Came The Last Days of May
  7. Cities on Flame With Rock And Roll
  8. Godzilla (Including bass and drum solos)
  9. (Musical Interlude)
  10. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  11. ME 262 (Encores)
  12. Hot Rails To Hell

If I seemed too harsh in my review, it might be because, as a life long fan since the 70's, this was my first BOC show. I had the complete opposite experience recently with another 70's favorite of mine, Crack The Sky. Saw them last August in Pittsburgh (drove all the way from New Jersey) Third row center, first time seeing them also. What a great show!

My suggestion for the Cult, if they're only gonna play an album's worth of material, is they should make it special. Why not play, say, Secret Treaties front to back, then throw in a few classics for the encore. I'd pay to see that.

Don't get me wrong, these guys put a great show, it was probably just 30 years of anticipation that had my expectation levels so high! Their selection of tunes, though short, was fantastic and the Oyster Boy's performance of them was excellent!

Wish they would've thrown in some of the newer stuff as well, Harvest Moon or Hammer Back. (That second one ROCKS!)

John Curtin

I was at this show, sitting 12th row center. I have seen BOC over 30 times since I saw them in 79 at the Palladium in NY with Thin Lizzy.

Right now they are an uninspired group, giving the minimum, going through the motions night after night. Eric Blooms voice was going in and out like a bad cell phone call.

Playing Shooting Shark, a soft boring piece, when leaving out such tunes as ETI, Astonomy, Veteran of a thousand psychic wars, Take me away, Flaming Telepaths, Dr Music, etc tells me Eric has lost all confidence.

BOC, you were heavy metal pioneers. I love Buck Dharma, he is a great guitarist but he loves the soft songs. Bring in a bass player who can sing like Eric used to. This is why you are losing fans like myself.

BOC isn't leaving any nickels and dimes on the side of the road, hence the slogan, "On Tour Forever".


My point of view on all this has evolved over the last year or two...

Essentially it boils down to this: nowadays, Blue Oyster Cult are what they are - and we can take it or leave it (wasn't that a Joan Jett song?) From the band that brought us "Secret Treaties", this obviously isn't how we all thought it'd turn out, but that's how it is...

These days, for the most part, BOC play a particular "Classic Rock" circuit at venues composed largely of casual concert-goers who want to hear "the big three" and on a good night, you'll get maybe 10/11 songs.

They'll enjoy playing them, the audience will generally enjoy hearing them and BOC will get nicely paid for what - to them - is probably nowadays largely a job of "work".

You'll be unlikely to hear any "new" songs - in their current context, there's no need. I'm no longer pining for them to break out Redeemed or Cagey Cretins - it's not going to happen.

They've always hung on for years waiting for the right "record deal" before considering releasing any new material, shunning the concept of releasing new material using digital distribution techniques - what releases we have had have been merely a plethora of "Best Ofs" etc - the latest boxset release is supposed to contain some bonus unreleased demos etc so maybe that'll be enough to entice the die-hards to shell out one more time for largely the same product, but we'll see how that works out when it comes out...

Lately, BOC have even been struggling to get a settled line-up - this is the eighth different line-up this year (and it's only April!!).

As for Eric's vocals - sure, his pipes aren't what they were - he's heading remorselessly towards the big 7-0 in the next couple of years, after all - and Buck's hitting 65 this year too. These guys have been at it 45 years!!

But I don't think it's just about generating retirement income, BOC still seem to love to play. That's what they do - it's deep in their DNA, it's imprisoned in their matrix and I don't think they can fight that.

So they carry on: "on tour forever". How long can they realistically carry on? Who knows... "forever" is becoming an ever more finite a concept as time rolls on...

At the current time, fans turning up for a BOC gig should know that they're going to get a pretty standard setlist, and vocally, it'll be more Buck-centric than shows of old - that's a forced compromise they've had to make to keep going.

Many fans realise this and still come because they love the music and the band - besides, Buck never knowingly plays the same solo twice!!

At the moment, you can still go and see BOC play at least once a year at a venue that's probably "driveable" from where you live (OK, within reason - I know there are some States that don't seem to get a look in) but this won't always be the case.

BOC fans are constantly going to be asking themselves this question: is it worth driving x number of miles to see BOC play the same basic setlist again or not? But always they have to add an extra bit of context - maybe this will be the last time I get to see them play that "same basic setlist"...

How'd that other Joan Jett song go? "You Don't Know What You've Got... til it's gone..."

PS: Must put a word in for the Bouchard Brothers - a love of playing live is also deep in their matrix - (as well as releasing new material!!), so why not augment your diminishing doses of Blue Oyster Cult with a re-vitalising shot of Blue Coupe as well as Joe Bouchard's solo and X Brothers stuff - it might take the edge off...

Quick Gig Facts
Matthew Shea

Attended BOC at the Howard Theater in Washington DC last night, Friday May 4.

Great performance by the band, but it was the second show of a 2-show night. Don't know how/why they arranged 2 shows in one night. There were fewer than 100 people in attendance for the second show, and the boys were clearly tired.

I was hoping the second show would be the better, because there was no deadline to end, and they might play more/longer. I think the opposite was the case. I think the set was abbreviated, and they were tired and fatigued.

The new bass player said his fingers were killing him after his solo. And after one encore, Buck graciously thanked everyone but said two shows in one night was stupid.

That said, they were great, as always. Ever the pros and performers. The show only suffered in length. They sounded great and the jams were quality and interesting. Their occasional grins showed they still have it and still enjoy it.

I used to see them in arenas through the 80's and clubs into the early 90's. I've been a big fan for a long time. They play and sound as good as ever. They still seem to love putting on a good show for the audience. The new, younger band members are very tight too.

Special kudos to Buck and Richie on the dual guitar attack. Buck is very gracious to share solo time with anyone. (like we need any more reason to love this guy?). And if you're soloing onstage with Buck on his songs, you better shred, and Richie does. It was an awesome performance by both.

  1. Red & Black
  2. Burnin for you
  3. Career of Evil
  4. Harvest Moon
  5. Buck's Boogie
  6. Last Days of May (w/ Astronomy jam)
  7. The Vigil
  8. Godzilla (bass solo *, drum solo) (w/ one bar of Led Zeppelin's 'Heartbreaker' near the end... nice touch)
  9. Don't Fear the Reaper
  10. E: I saw here standing there (Beatles cover, sung by bass player)

* Eric introduced the new bass player. Said we may know him from his days with Utopia, and the band played a few bars of Hello it's me (I think). Eric then said we know him from his days with Meatloaf, and the band played a few bars of Paradise by the dashboard light.

Eric then offered we may know him from his days with Joan Jett, and the band played a few bars of I love Rock n Roll. All of these teasers were played flawlessly by the entire band, starting & stopping on a dime. Was very cool. Smiles all around from the boys with this fun. Then he launched into a ripping bass solo.

Gary Wolz

The BOC shows at the Howard Theatre in Washington DC were fantastic and the theatre itself was the most spectacular that I have ever been in!

My wife and I first enjoyed a very nice meal at our table (which was only about 15 feet away from the stage) before the guys took the stage.

Many millions were spent to restore this historic theatre and you could see they spared no expense. The sound system was excellent as well.

My wife and I took in both shows as they asked that those with tickets to the first show move back thus allowing for the late show folks to have the seating in front.

Kasim Sulton was playing bass and did a fantastic job ( they did a little medley of music from bands he had played with in the past, Utopia, Meatloaf, Joan Jett, right before he did his solo which all took place during the break in Godzilla).

It was one of the best shows and truely best atmospheres I had ever witnessed in my many years of seeing live performances! My wife Dona also agreed! Enough blabbing as here are the set lists.

First Show:

  1. The Red and the Black
  2. Golden Age Of Leather
  3. Burning For You
  4. Shooting Shark
  5. Cities On Flame
  6. Then Came The Last Days Of May
  7. Godzilla (Medley, Bass and Drum solo, back into ending of Godzilla)
  8. Reaper
  9. (encore) Hot Rails To Hell

Second Show:

  1. The Red and the Black
  2. Burning For You
  3. Career Of Evil
  4. Harvest Moon
  5. Bucks Boogie
  6. Then Came The Last Days Of May
  7. Vigil
  8. Godzilla (Medley, Bass and Drum solo, back into ending of Godzilla)
  9. Reaper
  10. (encore) I Saw Her Standing There (featuring Kasim on lead voc.)

Buck made his way to the Bar area during the break between shows and as luck would have it I managed to have him sign my Cultosaurus Erectus cd sleeve (very nice).

Met and spoke with several very cool fans and loyal followers of the band and the staff at the theatre went over the top to make everyone feel welcome!

As an afterthought I can agree with some of the comments of the post from the other person who also saw the show concerning Eric and his somewhat diminished vocal ability.

However, I am also a very realistic fan concerning the music from my youth and also feel it is truely amazing that these guys are still around playing!

They are NOT the same band they were years ago but the show is great, Eric is witty and plays well to the crowd, Buck is still one of the best at his craft and I would defend that to the hilt!

Kasim did play and sing very well (I Saw Her Standing There sounded great). An Eric that does not sing as much as he did in the past is certainly better than no Eric at all!!!

Anyway, I am very thankful to have seen the band and hope the opportunity presents itself again in the near future!


Here are some clips from this gig:


Here's a link to some photos by Gene Kulin from this gig:

Emily Wilson

When I was 15, my dad took me to my very first Blue Oyster Cult concert in St. Charles, IL. This was also the very first time we had ever visited the Arcada too, which quickly came a tradition to visit every year since it's not that far away from where we live! Although I wasn't a dedicated fan yet around that time, whatever my dad had recommended to me, I could trust him that it had to be good.

We wanted to see them that year, because in 2011, when my dad had recommended me to their music, he decided that we should see them at a festival. I can't remember which one it was, either the Prairie Festival in Oswego, or the Summer Celebration in Vernon Hills, but at least from what I heard, it was free show. Unfortunately though, there was confusion over when they would actually play, and we ended up missing out. I wasn't too sad, but I still wanted to see them, so it didn't hurt to try again in 2012.

While riding to the venue, my dad asked me if we should go to Portillo's for dinner, but I wasn't really feeling like it, then my dad asked, "Well, what if they're eating there?"

"I highly doubt it," I shrugged.

We never ate there, but this becomes important later on into the evening.

Upon arriving in St. Charles, we were impressed that there was free parking garages that were close to the Arcada Theater, and when we walked into the theatre, It looked great! We were especially stunned by the interior architecture of the actual concert area. It was basically an indoor show that looked like an outdoor one with European-like renaissance décor and walls, as well as a bit of a sky ceiling and beautiful lighting too.

Me and my dad were sitting in 4th row on the ground floor at Richie's side. After the first or second song, Eric Bloom talked how great the food at Portillo's was, and me and my dad were really stunned that he said that. Aside from the funny coincidence, that moment made me instantly notice how down-to-earth the band was, and I really loved that.

Security wasn't really bothered when a few rows from our corner moved up front, so we moved closer to the stage, and that was when I got my very first guitar pick from a concert ever, which was one of Richie's. I would give away what it looked like, but I'm not gonna, but it's a unique gem.

We overall had a great time that night, and although I still wasn't a dedicated fan yet, Blue Oyster Cult still became one of those bands I wanted to keep seeing at the Arcada every year. Unfortunately, I missed them in 2013, but I got to see them again on May 17th 2014 after meeting Buck Dharma behind the Arcada Theater before the concert, and that encounter was what made me a huge, loyal fan.

As of this writing, I am 19 years old, and I'm still a huge Blue Oyster Cult/Buck Dharma fan. I'm very thankful of being part of such a unique fanbase for a very interactive, friendly band, as well as get to chat with the fans and my currently favorite musician, Buck, on the forums as well as share my fanart and interact with other members on Facebook.

Quick Gig Facts
Stefan Strömqvist

I saw the BOC gig at Sweden Rock Festival in Solvesborg, Sweden on june 8th. It was a great gig, and despite the weather (pouring rain and about 10 degrees Celsius) the crowd was about 6000 when the concert started, and at the end it was around 8000.

The first song, The Red And The Black was somewhat slow but sounded very heavy. Some soundproblems made the sound a bit muffled in the beginning, but it went better as the gig continued.

I was glad to see that there was a lot of people in their early twenties in the crowd.

All in all the gig was great, with the audience very active and with an absolutely stunning version of (And Then Came) The Last Days Of May also got the band a very good review in Swedens next biggest newspaper.


More video here:

Benoit Ladaviere

I was yesterday at Montereau, it was my first BOC concert. What a show!

The Setlist was:

  1. The Red & The Black
  2. Burnin' For You (They had a mic problem, but they kept playing)
  3. Golden Age of Leather
  4. Shooting Shark
  5. Cities On Flame
  6. Last Days Of May
  7. Buck's Boogie
  8. Godzilla (intro in french :D)
  9. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  10. Hot rails to Hell (encore)

Report with photos and a video clip here:

Quick Gig Facts

Here's the setlist so you can see the running order of the songs:

  1. The Red & The Black
  2. Golden Age of Leather
  3. Burnin' For You
  4. Harvest Moon
  5. Cities On Flame
  6. The Vigil
  7. Last Days Of May
  8. Godzilla
  9. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  10. I Love The Night
  11. ME262

They came back after "the Reaper" and played "something special" - "I love the night" - and then they ended their show with "ME262". No "Hot Rails" but I loved to hear "I love the night"...

A great solid show with almost Buck on the vocals... see the songs they played. Eric was a little bit behind them all...? OK

The crowd was so great - they cheered them very very well.

I will be in Nürnberg tonight, so lets see what is different.

Marshall will buoy...


Just want to add the setlist from Aschaffenburg last Monday:

  1. Red and Black
  2. Golden Age
  3. Burnin'
  4. Harvest Moon
  5. Cities
  6. Vigil
  7. May
  8. Zilla
  9. Reaper
  10. I love the Night
  11. Me262

As you can see on youtube, it was a great show.

The band and the fans where in best mood and it was a nice party down there in Bavaria :-)

I hope to see some of you Brits tomorrow in Bochum!


Links to more video from this show:

Quick Gig Facts

Here's the setlist:

  1. Buck's Boogie
  2. Burnin' For You
  3. Cities On Flame
  4. Shooting Shark
  5. ME 262
  6. Perfect Water
  7. The Vigil
  8. Last Days Of May
  9. Godzilla
  10. The Reaper
  11. I See You In Black
  12. Hot Rails To Hell

Like Aschaffenburg a lot of Songs with Buck Dharma on vocals, Richie Castellano sings the last one - Hot Rails To Hell - what a Rock'n'Roller he is...

Jules Radino is a powerhouse and I also have to say that Kasim Sulton does the hell of a job on bass, before the bass solo in Godzilla they Medley a few songs from former bands he was in. BÖC should keep him forever like they tour forever...

That's what they said in the beginning of the show it's been a long time since they were around in this area.

It's been 9 long long years since they last visited Germany!! Eric ask if there were any visitors on the show the night before and a few hands raised and cheered, he told us we were all crazy, thanx Mr. Bloom we know. That's why they change the setlist he also told, we enjoy.

The Band to me looks sharper than the day before and the show was a real great one.

This was my hometown show and the first one with my son who is now 14, he has worn my old Tour-Shirt from 1982 E.T.I., he also enjoyed the whole gig.

To me the 2 shows are the first since Sweden Rock 2008, so I hope the next Tour didn't last so long... because Germany needs to have his cities on flame... with Blue Öyster Cult hope to see them soon...

...but fender control...

James Mohr

The opening act for both of the Aschaffenburg and Nuremburg shows was The Ramrods...

Bernd's story about bringing his 14-year-old son is similar to mine in that I took both of my sons (23 and 17)...

Thomas Meier

I really enjoyed some enchanted evening in Nuremburg. It's been a long, long years night since I saw BÖC live in Germany, I missed the gig in 2006... I guess it was mid 90's.

I'm a follower and admirer of BÖC, myself being est. in 1966 but didn't encounter them before 1981 with their Fire of Unknown Origin album.

To Bernd: I guess I saw your son :-D I brought my son too, he's 19 and due to me playing those songs over and over again he's also become a fan, esp. ME262 and Harvester of Eyes (which he missed, but we all know they could play 6 hours and more...).


Links to more video from this show:

Sue W

It was a long 17 hour drive from Nuremburg to Spain but the Spanish scenery was beautiful (not so much France!).

This was a massive annual festival over 3 days. I got there at about 7pm and didn't expect to get anywhere near the front but most people were gathered round the middle so I stood in the second row just near Kasim's microphone - perfect!

The first band was a swing band which was a bizarre choice but were very popular with the crowd. Within 20 minutes of them leaving the stage, Blue Oyster Cult were on stage as this festival kept to time!

Set List:

  1. The Red And The Black
  2. The Golden Age Of Leather
  3. Burnin' For You
  4. Cities On Flame
  5. Shooting Shark
  6. Buck's Boogie
  7. Then Came The Last Days Of May
  8. Godzilla
  9. (Don't Fear) The Reaper

They started with The Red And The Black and then went into The Golden Age Of Leather followed by Burnin' For You (I always think that's a very Rundgren-esque song).

They also sang Cities On Flame, Then Came The Last Days Of May, Godzilla (but without the Kasim showreel part) and their final song was (Don't Fear) The Reaper.

They didn't play an encore as the swing band and Twisted Sister both did.

Kasim had bad sound problems (with the sound in his ears) for several songs and even changed his soundpack at one point. Also Eric changed his soundpack as he was having problems too.

The music was very loud at the front (the festival was in a massive area) and we could all really feel every note of the bass and drums!

Kasim didn't sing any of the 'aahs' in Reaper tonight (he did at the German gigs). When they played it was about 28 degrees so they all looked quite hot on stage.

The crowd really liked their set, especially Reaper, Godzilla and Burnin' For You. There were a few people at the front in BOC T-shirts.

Buck watched some of Twister Sister from the side of the stage as Dee Snyder pointed him out.

Roll on Bochum, Germany on Saturday!


The above review and setlist have been blatantly nicked - erm, I mean re-purposed - from Sue's comprehensive "kasiminfo.co.uk" site.

Check it out for all the latest news of a Kasimesque nature :

BTW - the running order of bands was given on the Festival site as:

Thursday 14 June 18:30 - Si Cranstoun
Thursday 14 June 18:30 - BOC
Thursday 14 June 20:50 - Twisted Sister
Thursday 14 June 22:25 - Status Quo
Thursday 14 June 00:15 - Pentagram
Thursday 14 June 01:35 - Dropkick Murphys

Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts

Here's the setlist from Bochum:

  1. Red and Black
  2. Golden Age
  3. Burnin'
  4. Od'd
  5. Shark
  6. Me262
  7. Vigil
  8. Boggie
  9. May
  10. Black Blade
  11. Zilla
  12. Reaper
  13. Rails
  14. Cities
Cristian Carlone

This was the second gig I attended of this BOC 2012 European tour, after the one in Montereau Faul Yonne in France, just the Saturday before.

I was there early enough to be able to hear the band doing the sound check. Strangely enough, I heard them playing some riffs of Ted Nugent's "Cat's Scratch Fever", maybe in preparation of the June 23 show when BOC will replace Mr. Nugent?

Anyway, they continued their sound check on with O.D'd and then Black Blade, a good omen for the show to come (they played both songs during the show).

It was good to see a number of good old friend from Germany and the UK waiting for the show to start! The venue is nice, not too big, but with good stage, and lights.

We took position in the very front and at around 10 past eight pm the band started to play. After the first song Eric asked if there were any non-Germans in the audience and pointed out to Paul and Sue from the UK. I screamed that Italy was present too, but he seemed not have caught my yells (but Richie did)...

The crowd was very, very warm and sang along most of the tunes. I did not take count of how many people were present, though. BOC felt the audience "vibe" and responded accordingly with an intense performance.

Like I noticed in Montereau, there were a lot of smiles from the band members during playing to testify their pleasure in doing what they do.

During Golden Age of Leather, a girl from the audience started to throw handfuls rose petals on the stage and some roses as well! This was repeated on Burning For You. It was a most bizarre seeing, these rose petals floating and landing mostly on and around Buck and his gears. One tech had to take away one rose from the pedals...

Last Days of May had two real killer guitar solos, first from Richie, then from Buck. The crowd went wild for both of them. I had Richie just in front of me, less than 1 meter away and I could enjoy every single moment of his solo!

Kasim Sulton is a fantastic bass player and fitted with the band so well it seems they been playing together for a lifetime. Kasim was also very kind to come down after the show and meet the fans. He's a real gentleman!

I have to spend a word on Jules. He's in the back and less "seen" than the others, but his drum work is simply outstanding. He got his good dose of applause during his extended drum solo in Godzilla. Seeing the crowd so responsive he made it longer that the one in Montereau, for example. Thank you, Jules!!

Eric "commanded" the ship and did a wonderful job in sending the crowd wild!

After the gig, also Richie and then Jules came down to meet us fans, signing autographs and posing for photos.

When he saw me, Richie was kind enough to take me backstage to say hello to Eric and Buck (they were getting ready for a very early morning departure for France, the last show of the tour). We exchanged a few words and greets and then the band was off.

Great night, great show, great crowd. One of the best thing is the possibility to see old friends and enjoy together the passion for this unique band!

Quick Gig Facts

Links to some video clips from this show:


The running order of bands was given on the Hellfest site as:

Sunday 17 june 11:05 - Vanderbuyst
Sunday 17 June 12:15 - Girlschool
Sunday 17 June 13:35 - D-A-D
Sunday 17 June 15:05 - Black Label Society
Sunday 17 June 16:45 - Hatebreed
Sunday 17 June 18:35 - BOC
Sunday 17 June 20:45 - Motley Crue
Sunday 17 June 23:10 - Ozzy Osbourne & Friends

Quick Gig Facts

Here's some text from the 30 April 2012 edition of The Republic (Columbus, Indiana):

Fort Knox announces Blue Oyster Cult to replace Ted Nugent in concert lineup

FORT KNOX, Ky. - A central Kentucky Army post that canceled an appearance by rocker Ted Nugent over comments he made about President Barack Obama has announced the act that will replace him.

Fort Knox officials said Monday that classic rock group Blue Oyster Cult is now scheduled to kick off the June 23 concert at Godman Army Airfield. The lineup also includes REO Speedwagon and Styx.

The post canceled Nugent's segment of the concert after the conservative activist said at a recent National Rifle Association meeting that he would be "dead or in jail by this time next year" if Obama is re-elected.

Nugent has said that his words were not intended as a threat against the president, and that the Secret Service met with him and closed its case about the remarks.

Michele Williams

It was a short, short set in KY last night. But we kind of expected that since they were basically opening for two headliners...

  1. Red & Black
  2. Burnin'
  3. Cities on Flame
  4. Bux Boogie
  5. Zilla - no bass or drum solo
  6. Noodle
  7. Reaper

There was no encore.

The show was on a huge blacktop on the army base airfield, very nice stage, good acoustics. Sound was excellent from just front left of the sound board where we sat.

Seating was not such a good experience, as it was "festival seating", which apparently means come and line up outside the gates 3 hours ahead of opening, then when they open them, watch a mob of fans run like hell and push their way to the front row. It was really a dangerous way to handle seating, I thought. There's got to be a better way.

And no pictures, due to a very bold lettered sign reading "Absolutely no cameras. All cameras will be confiscated." (oh, but cell phone caneras are fine... what the hell?!) Maybe they had to ban actual cameras because it is a military base? Who knows. I would have had some really killer pictures, too, because the stage had great lighting!

So, for such a short set, everyone sounded great, vocally and instrumentally. Buck's solo in Cities and of course Noodle was fantastic. Kasim's bass sounded strong throughout the set. It was a good show, just way too short.

Styx was up next, and they rocked! Always impressed with them live, they put on an incredible, energy filled show. Played a lot from Paradise Theater, and reminisced about coming from the age of "album oriented rock radio".

REO closed the night, and they played a great set, with several songs from T.W.O., with Golden Country being a highlight for me, personally.

Quick Gig Facts
Shae Dougall

My sixth show. I just wanted to add that they played an encore after the second set, and it was... you guessed it, Hot Rails.

Both the crowd and the band were really on for the second set. I wished it could have gone on forever, but at the same time, I'm glad that it didn't, because I already got home at 3:30 A.M. as it was.

Got my first ever See You In Black at this show, and I was glowing for the majority of the second set.

Austin O.

My first BOC gig, and first time in northern California. It was going to be a longer family trip up from SoCal, but ended up just being my grandpa and I for the concert. He drove us up the day before and we spent most of the morning hiking, explored town in the midday heat, then arrived at the Boardwalk parking lot just in time to hear the end Harvest Moon being sound checked (bummer, I'd really wanted to hear that song.) But Buck did sign my Secret Treaties cover!

Veteran of the Psychic Wars was my favorite song, and I asked Buck to play it even though I knew the effort was in vain. My hopes went up a little when Eric announced they were doing a song off FOUO and someone immediately tested a couple of appropriate-sounding synth chords, but it was predictably just BFY. I decided I would shout for it anyway during the next song break, and as I was pondering over the pronunciation subtleties (vet-rin? vet-er-in?), the guy in front of me shouts PSYCHIC WARS! That settles it. We kept on shouting that song title until his girlfriend showed up fairly early and dragged him off, but not before trading nods of approval.

TRATB started off sounding a bit slow and thin, then picked up during the midsection and the sudden realization of "they're really here and playing" hit me. The sound got much fuller during Burnin', and I remember being impressed by Buck's variation on one of the solos. Highlights were Cities on Flame, Buck's Boogie, ME 262 (the backing vocals were spot on), Golden Age of Leather, Last Days of May, and especially See You In Black. A memorable Reaper and Hot Rails closed the second set, and by then there was a distinct haze and aroma in the air.

Other memories: a guy mistaking "ouzo" in SYIB for "eezo" from the Mass Effect series like I had done when I first listened to it ("He just said eezo!"), and a biker w/ Kronos jacket blaring ETL's Black Blade on the drive back to our hotel while we were cycling through the same CD.

Very enjoyable gig, lived up to all my teenage expectations.

Andrey Medina

BOC setlist for El Paso tonight was:

  1. The red and the black
  2. Golden age of leather
  3. Burning for you
  4. Shooting Shark
  5. See you in black
  6. Last days of may
  7. Godzilla
  8. Dharma solo -> Don't fear the reaper
  9. Encore: Cities on flame
Michele Williams


  1. Red & Black
  2. Golden Age
  3. Burnin'
  4. Cities
  5. Last Days
  6. Zilla (with Kasim's Joan Jett, Utopia, Meatloaf solo and Jules' solo)
  7. Noodle --> Reaper
  8. See You In Black (encore)

It was a very hot, humid night in Peoria! But a nice stage set up on blacktop with a good crowd. They said 800 presale tix were sold, and I saw lots in line to buy at the gate.

The first opening band was a young, I'm guessing maybe high school- aged rock band called Motorbiscuit from Galva, IL. They covered some 80's rock, like G&R, AC/DC, and Judas Priest. Opened with I Wanna Rock. They were really very good. Their lead guitarist is definitely one to watch!

Foghat was next and played about an hour... the usual set, and very good as well.

BOC came on about 5 minutes till 10:00 with the new Game of Thrones intro music. I personally was not as impressed with it compared to Richie's mix, a little too mellow for me.

It was smoking hot and humid, so they didn't come out a minute sooner than they had to. Opened with the usual R&B, with EB actually having a slip-up of the lyrics on the first verse. Buck had to get him back on track with a couple of "It's Alright" and the song ended without a hitch.

This was my first Kasim bass solo, and was very impressed. He was all smiles the whole show and sounded like he fit right in. Eric dedicated Reaper to Andy Griffith. I was thrilled to hear See You In Black as the encore.

You could so tell Richie and Kasim enjoyed playing that one...they were both all over the stage! Richie came out front after to say hi, and the rest were out to the side of the stage, looked like they had quite a crowd of fans.

All in all, a shorter set than I was expecting, but a great show full of energy despite the heat.

Ken Goldfarb

Here is the set list I am re-born AGAIN!!!!

  1. The Red and the Black
  2. Cities on Flame
  3. Hot rails to Hell
  4. THE VIGIL !!!!!
  5. Burnin for You
  6. Dominance and submission
  7. Godzilla
  8. Shooting Shark
  9. Perfect Water
  10. Don't Fear the Reaper
  11. See You in Black

I was in the second row dead center. Very appreciative audience. I will make it MY BUSINESS to see them whenever they are near.

PS: the opening act was Gill Paris...


This is probably my only show this year as they don't play multiple gigs around here much anymore for whatever reason because every show I see nobody leaves dissapointed, and the crowds are always fairly big as was this one.

They can't fill a big summer venue like DTE (Pine Knob) sufficiently anymore mainly because of inflated ticket prices that aren't realistic.

Foghat actually headlined there this same night but had 38 Special and another band supporting but I can't see them filling up the place so I'll take the festivals and fairs as long as they headline, I can't see driving 100's of miles to see them open for anyone unless really love the band and I haven't seen that much.

Plus if I have to spend the night I have to plan way ahead and it's not always feasable. I was on vacation starting this day so it worked.

Mitch Ryder opened this show for about 30 minutes I guess which I didn't know about and missed because we were still in the beer tent, oh well.

We were second row center and the sound was really good, Ritchie and Buck were lights out as usual and I like Kasim's bass and background vocals a lot.

I don't know if there was an earlier than usual curfew or what because they barely played over an hour till 10:30 which shortened the setlist by a couple songs.


  1. Red & Black
  2. Golden Age
  3. Burnin'
  4. Cities
  5. Shooting Shark
  6. ME262
  7. Last Days (was hoping for Perfect Water, Grand Traverse Bay was yards away, no deal)
  8. Godzilla
  9. Intro (could put another whole song here as long as it is)
  10. Reaper
  11. Encore: Hot Rails

According to the Traverse City Record-Eagle site, Mitch Ryder was on after BOC at a different venue:

8 pm: Bay Side Music Stage - Blue Oyster Cult. Premium tickets are available for $20 and General Admission tickets are $10.

11 pm: Afterglow with Rocker Mitch Ryder. Inside Out Gallery; Garland Street, Traverse City.

Bill Quinn

Another Great show by the boys last night. I was in the front row and the band came with energy and passion.

I purchased 12 tickets for friends and family and we all had a blast. Richie saw me wearing his Tigersfang T-shirt and flipped me a guitar pick as the show started.

I also obtained a copy of the set list. After the show Richie and Jules signed some items from the show.

The crowd was really into the show. I will see them again in 3 weeks, report to follow.

Here's the set list.

  1. The Red and the Black
  2. Golden age of Leather
  3. Burnin for You
  4. Cities on Flame, With Rock N Roll
  5. Harvest Moon
  6. ME 262
  7. Last Days of May
  8. Godzilla, with bass and drum solos
  9. Buck's Noodle --> Don't Fear the Reaper
  10. Encore: Hot Rails to Hell
  11. See You in Black
Randy Stewart

Love your site!

Made it to my first show after listening to BOC since the mid '70's.

For what it's worth, at the July 14th show in Salem BOC did both Hot Rails to Hell and See You in Black as an encore.

Thought after Hot Rails the night was over but pleasantly surprised to get one more.


Here's the set list:

  1. Red & Black
  2. Golden Age of Leather
  3. Burnin'
  4. Cities on Flame
  5. Last Days of May
  6. Godzilla
  7. Buck's Boogie
  8. Reaper

No encore

Michele Williams


  1. Red & Black
  2. Golden Age of Leather
  3. Burnin'
  4. Cities on Flame
  5. Harvest Moon
  6. ME 262
  7. Last Days
  8. Zilla ==> Bass/Drum Solo
  9. Buck's Noodle ==> Reaper
  10. Encore: See You In Black

Bands on the Bill: Blue Oyster Cult, Eddie Money

We made the 9 hour trip up to the Iowa Grand Bike Rally Saturday. It was a rainy and cool afternoon/evening for the bikers and us. The 10% chance of rain turned out to be 100% obviously. Needless-to-say, we were not dressed for the weather.

But the rain didn't stop the show - BOC played for an hour and a half, even though they were openers. We got a very good set, I thought. Thrilled to hear Harvest Moon, hadn't heard that live in a while. The bikers responded well to Golden Age, lots of beer cans raised. Richie still tears up the Last Days solo, think he just keeps getting better. And looks like See You In Black is staying as the encore for now. Eric sounded strong and really great.

Kasim played the usual bass medley, which the crowd really seemed to get into. The bikers were pretty tame, but the girls were very generous with removing their clothing! Eric got a good, close up flash pretty early in the set. There was absolutely no security to be seen, as another girl just almost climbed up on stage during Buck's Cities solo. Fun was had by all I would say.

We got there early, and I welcomed Kasim to the BOC family. He seemed sincerely happy to be there. And when Richie pointed out my Iron Master Tiger's Fang t-shirt to Eric, he gave me his best Kung Fu stance. Funny! That's why I love these guys.

We stayed for Eddie Money's set, also, and after a very long and difficult sound check, he put on a pretty great show. His voice sounded like it's held up very well, and he was a pretty good showman. Gimme Some Water was the highlight for me, a very underrated song in my opinion. He closed with Shakin', which the crowd went wild for (well, the girls, mainly!). This was our last show of the summer before my new school year kicks off in a week, so was glad we made the trip.

Bill Quinn

Another great show last night at the Emerald Queen Casino. The band played with a lot of energy again and the show was fantastic.

Buck and Ritchie's solos were great especially in "Then came the Last Days of May". Jules and Kasim's solos in Godzilla were also awsome.

I had requested a few songs via Facebook to Eric and they delivered with The Vigil and I Love the Night.

Eric used Richie's guitar on "I love the Night" and also performed well on his lead vocals.

I met up with a few Facebook friends as we are all fans of the band.

That was my second BOC show in the last 3 weeks and I can't wait to see them again in the future.

Here's the set list:

  1. The Red and the Black
  2. Golden age of Leather
  3. Burnin for You
  4. Cities on Flame
  5. The Shooting Shark
  6. The Vigil
  7. ME262
  8. Last Days of May
  9. Godzilla, with bass and drum solos
  10. Buck's Noodle then Don't Fear the Reaper
  11. Encores: Hot Rails to Hell
  12. I Love the Night
  13. See You in Black
Jim Duncan

"Illinois State Fair"
Illinois State Fairgrounds Grandstand
Springfield, Illinois
August 17, 2012

Attendance: 4,423

Kenny Head (keyboard/vocal), Todd Johnston (drum), Fred McNeal (guitar), Rick Price (bass/vocal), Rick Richards (guitar/vocal)

  1. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
  2. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
  3. Battleship Chains
  4. White Lightning
  5. The Race Is On
  6. Six Years Gone
  7. I Got You Babe
  8. Railroad Steel
  9. Keep Your Hands To Yourself
  10. Hippy Hippy Shake

Eric Bloom (guitar/vocal), Richie Castellano (guitar/keyboard/vocal), Jules Radino (drum), Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser (guitar/vocal), Kasim Sulton (bass/vocal)

  1. The Red & The Black
  2. Golden Age Of Leather
  3. Burnin' For You
  4. Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll
  5. Godzilla
  6. bass solo [Kasim Sulton]
  7. drum solo [Jules Radino]
  8. guitar solo [Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser]
  9. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  10. See You In Black
  11. Hot Rails To Hell

Jack Blades (bass/vocal), Brad Gillis (guitar/vocal), Joel Hoekstra (guitar/vocal), Kelly Keagy (drum/vocal), Eric Levy (keyboard/vocal)

  1. Lay It On Me
  2. Sing Me Away
  3. Four In The Morning (I Can't Take Anymore)
  4. Coming Of Age
  5. Crazy Train
  6. The Secret Of My Success
  7. Sentimental Street
  8. Eddie's Comin' Out Tonight
  9. When You Close Your Eyes
  10. Don't Tell Me You Love Me
  11. Sister Christian
  12. (You Can Still) Rock In America

Daxx Nielsen (drum/vocal), Rick Nielsen (guitar/vocal), Tom Petersson (bass/vocal), Robin Zander (guitar/vocal)

  1. Hello There
  2. Big Eyes
  3. California Man
  4. She's Tight
  5. In The Street
  6. California Girl
  7. Never Had A Lot To Lose
  8. On Top Of The World
  9. Stop This Game
  10. Heaven Tonight
  11. I Can't Take It
  12. Borderline
  13. bass solo [Tom Petersson]
  14. I Know What I Want
  15. Need Your Love
  16. Sick Man Of Europe
  17. The Flame
  18. I Want You To Want Me
  19. Dream Police
  20. Surrender
  21. Goodnight
Jason Kozun

I attended this show and can supply setlist that I think is complete, I may have missed one. In order of play list where I can remember:

  1. Cities On Flame
  2. Red And The Black
  3. Golden Age Of Leather
  4. Shooting Shark
  5. Burnin For You
  6. Last Days Of May
  7. Godzilla
  8. Don't Fear The Reaper
  9. Encore: See You In Black

Lots of extended soloing in Shooting Shark and Last Days.

Also played parts of Joan Jett's I love rock n roll, Meat Loaf's Paradise by the Dashboard light and Utopia's Bang on the Drum in a medley.

This was my fourth time seeing B.O.C. and they are still amazing live.

Rob L

I was at the show and it rocked. Only wished that they played more songs. It was a 90 minute set and here were the songs:

  1. The Red and The Black
  2. Golden Age of Leather
  3. Burnin' For You
  4. Cities on Flame
  5. Shooting Shark
  6. ME262
  7. Last Days of May
  8. Godzilla
  9. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  10. Encore: Hot Rails to Hell

I have a copy of the setlist from the soundboard. The encore was also supposed to include See You In Black.

Phill Ash

Boyz took the stage at 9:05 to the Game of Thrones theme

  1. The Red & The Black
  2. Golden Age of Leather
  3. Burnin for You
  4. Cities on Flame
  5. Shooting Shark
  6. ME 262
  7. Last Days of May
  8. Godzilla (Kasim intro - I Love Rock & Roll - Bang the Drum All Day - Paradise by the Dashboard Light) --> Solos
  9. Reaper Noodle --> Don't Fear the Reaper (for Neil Armstrong)
  10. Encore - Hot Rails to Hell (Richie)

Show ended just shy of 10:30 followed by fireworks.

Mike Reda

This was an outdoor show on the beach...

Great show.


Here's a clip of the entire show:

Edward Williams

Naperville, Il
Rotary Park
2 September 2012

  1. The Red And The Black
  2. Golden Age Of Leather
  3. Burnin' For You
  4. Cities On Flame
  5. Shooting Shark
  6. ME 262
  7. Then Came The Last Days Of May
  8. Godzilla (Kasim intro - I Love Rock & Roll - Bang the Drum All Day - Paradise by the Dashboard Light) --> Solos
  9. Don't Fear (The Reaper)
  10. Career Of Evil
  11. Hot Rails To Hell
Quick Gig Facts
Austin O.

Eric spotted Rob (Miller?) in the audience and mentioned that he had been to over 200 shows. He told a story about Rob being offered a choice by his mom: go on tour with BOC in Europe, or a new car. Bloom: "Now personally I think this guy's crazy. I would've taken the car, fuck the tour." Then, after remembering the venue: "Oh sorry, I can't say that, we'll never be invited back, sorry folks..."

Can't remember any other details besides them playing a good rendition of "Vigil" and the fact it was my (deceased) father's birthday.

Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts
Jim Dailey

Here's the Foxboro setlist:

  1. The Red & the Black
  2. The Golden Age of Leather
  3. Burnin' for You
  4. Cities on Flame
  5. Shooting Shark
  6. The Vigil
  7. ME262
  8. Last Days of May
  9. Lips in the Hills
  10. Godzilla
  11. Buck's Boogie
  12. (Don't Fear) the Reaper
  13. In Thee (Acoustic)
  14. Astronomy (Acoustic)
  15. Hot Rails to Hell

Awesome show at a great venue. Thanks for keeping up your website. BOC everywhere love it.


No opening act... the band played longer than usual... clocked the set at about hour and 50 minutes... Hot Rails was not acoustic... when they did Shooting Shark, Eric asked if we wanted SS or Harvest Moon. The Vigil was a diversion from the set says Eric.

On the acoustic numbers, Jules played one of those percussion wooden boxes that he sat on. Richie played keys on Astronomy... never saw that coming. Haven't seen Lips in a while.... nice crowd; pretty full.

The band was a little loose... Eric f'd up the lyrics in Golden Age... some of the songs were a bit slow in tempo... the show in general had a laid back feel. I heard someone at the bar yelling "I thought they were supposed to be heavy".

Quoted from bocfans.com


Links to video clips from this show:

J Bar

The band was in a very good mood tonight. Opened with TR&TB, followed by Golden Age, which just smoked. I believe from there they went into B4U, followed by Cities.

I didn't write the set list down in order, but they also pulled out Harvest Moon, Last Days, and a rocking Summer of Love. Oh! And The Vigil!

The acoustic numbers included In Thee and Before the Kiss, complete with harmonica solos! The show concluded with a full throttle Arthur Comics!

After "In Thee", Buck said softly (I was in front and could hear him). "Great tune, Allen, great tune." Wouldn't want to read into it, but it sounded like he was missing him at that moment.

And I will add that B4 the Kiss acoustic sounds amazing. If you had never heard the song before, you could imagine it as just an acoustic number.

There were no openers. BOC came on about 8.15 - 8.20, and played for about an hour 50 min.

Quoted from bocfans.com


Found this setlist on a website... anyone confirm it? Was Astronomy unplugged ?

  1. The Red & The Black
  2. Golden Age of Leather
  3. Burnin' for You
  4. Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll
  5. Harvest Moon
  6. The Vigil
  7. Buck's Boogie
  8. Summer of Love
  9. Then Came the Last Days of May
  10. Godzilla (contained snippets of "I Love")
  11. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  12. Encore:In Thee (Acoustic)
  13. Before The Kiss
  14. Astronomy

Quoted from bocfans.com

J Bar

I think that is what was on the written set list. I heard Eric say to Woody ignore what was written, but I think that was before they played B4 the Kiss acoustically. Astronomy was not played last nite.

Other than that, that set list seems accurate, from my recollection. However, they did Arthur Comics to end the nite...

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Quick Gig Facts

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Phil Guzzardi

My wife and I sat 5th row center.

Eric said in his opening remarks that they never before did an acoustic show, and that this was "an experiment that everyone would witness together." (or words to that effect)

To that I say "Eric, the experiment was a success."

What an amazing show, and what a set list. Thinking acoustic really made them look at their song catalog with new sets of eyes. A good thing, because they played half of my favorite album Secret Treaties. Astronomy was incredible - pure theater (Hey, every song was incredible.)

The biggest surprises to me were Before The Kiss A Redcap, and Harvester of Eyes - couldn't believe how well they worked acoustic. Kasim was the jazzmaster bassist on Before The Kiss. Harvester of Eyes - ah the vocals and the polyrhythms.

Jules switched back and forth between drum kit, and a "wooden washboard played with bare hands/fingers". That "ruff" fill on Career Of Evil on washboard - wow.

In addition to his other musical talents, Richie surprised all with a great blues harmonica.

Reaper acoustic revealed itself in all its Spanish scale glory. And how Buck can play and sing at the same time in the fast part of The Vigil is amazing.

I also heard them play Death Valley Nights during sound check, and it sounded great (I'd snuck up to the balcony during the soundcheck). The harmony vocals also sounded great.

Got to meet them backstage after the show. Great bunch of guys.


Death Valley Nights? Very interesting. I wonder if the embargo against Bouchard-sung songs (excluding Hot Rails, of course) is now over?

Also - they didn't play the song at the gig itself - could they have been rehearsing it for the Best Buy gig?

And... with the best will in the world, can you see in your mind's eye (or ear) Eric being able to handle this tune nowadays and do it any kind of justice for the fantastic song it is?

Some people might be able to suggest an alternative vocalist - one who was supposed to be playing at the Iridium later that night with the Steve Marshall Band (after BOC had finished) and who was thus only a few hundred yards away...

Coincidence? Hmmm...

Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts
Eric Bloom

I am glad to announce that at the Nov. 5 reschedule of the 40th Anniversary show, Joe, Albert and Allen will rejoin Buck and myself. Never know when this might happen again.

The current line up will play most of this show (Best Buy Theater Nov. 5 NYC) The original line up will do 3-5 tunes depending on what we can go over an hour before the show in a quick run down.

Some guests we had rehearsed with cannot make it now. Should be interesting. Expect the original line up section to be towards the end of the evening.

I feel bad a lot of fans got screwed by the hurricane. Believe me, I wish the show had gone on as scheduled. It's been a genuine headache in many ways for us.

We are waiting to hear if the storage locker with all our equipment is ok. Other lockers in the same area had 2 feet of water. Fingers crossed on that one...all our guitars, all our amps, all our electronic extras.

We will rent gear if our stuff is unuseable.


BOC Reunion!!!

Well, "Death Valley Nights" the other night was a clue but it's now been announced that since Joe is back off his X Brothers cruise, and is therefore now "available", a reunion of the original five members of Blue Oyster Cult will take place at this rescheduled gig.

Wow!! Well, I'd come to the conclusion it was a possibility, but seeing it confirmed is pretty special.

What might be neat would be to get Les Braunstein and Andy Winters etc up there for a song or two, also, just as a mark of respect to what went before.

But for all those hardcore fans who'd flown in from all over the place for the original gig and who've had to return home and therefore will miss this, it must seem like a real kick in the teeth...

I hope to hell they are relaxed about camera-phone footage at this gig so all us for poor unfortunate non-attendees can get a glimpse of what we're all missing...

I wonder how many songs the Bouchard segment will contain?

Albert Bouchard

So far 5 songs - Reaper, Cities, SoL, OD'd, Career - but we'll see at rehearsal if there'll be more...


That's a STRANGE selection - are we talking the FIVE GUITAR SoL???? Any chance of the five guitars anyway, if not? - that's a finale waiting to happen right there...

Dunno why Career and OD'd though - if it's ONLY to be five songs then it should be stuff BOC don't normally do, stuff that only you and Joe can really do - stuff like Death Valley Nights - I don't get why BOC sound-checked that song last week, in that case, if it wasn't in preparation for this...

But whatever you play, it's bloody exciting news - it's just a massive shame so many of the hardcore have had to go home and will miss it...

Albert Bouchard

Maybe they'll record it.

Career is a perfect choice IMHO - besides there will be a special guest vocalist that I am not at liberty to divulge.

Joe Bouchard

Doors at 7 PM (the physical doors, not the band doors) Show starts at 7:30. Two sets. I expect to perform in the 2nd set.

This is the one and only time the original BOC is reuniting. Sorry to all the people who can't make it.


There are some other great clips that have managed to find their way onto youTube, despite management taking people aside during the gig and forcing them to delete their memory cards - nice touch...

Anyway - here are the different versions in setlist order - still missing a few, but when/if I get them all, you can sort of go to the gig (second-hand) - hurricane or no hurricane:

Eric Falk

I really enjoyed myself tonight and enjoyed the show warts and all. Great to see Albert, Joe and Allen up on stage and all together with Buck and Eric. This is my first time seeing the old band! My first show was right after Albert left in 81. Really powerful to see tonight!!!

To Buck and Eric: Please get a new sound guy! Today at least the mix was decent and it didn't sound like mud, but geez the sound has been awful for more than a decade and tonight was an improvement, but a professional leap forward.

Here is a link to the picturesand video clips I took at the show. Some are better than others, I'm getting old ;)


OK - as far as I can gather - here are the brief details of last night's show:

Set 1 - with the current band line-up:

  1. Summer of Love
  2. Golden Age
  3. Burnin
  4. Harvest Moon
  5. ME 262
  6. Last Days
  7. Lips in the Hills
  8. Shooting Shark - with Bruce Kapler from "Late Nite with Letterman" on sax
  9. Godzilla - with the bloody drum/bass solos
  10. I Love the night


Set 2:

  1. Harvester of Eyes - acoustic with current line-up (Jules on "washboard" / Andy Ascolese on tambourine)
  2. Astronomy - acoustic (Jules on drums / Andy Ascolese on percussion)
  3. Gil Blanco County - acoustic (with Andy)
  4. Death Valley Nights - acoustic with Albert on vocals
  5. In Thee - acoustic with Allen (current line-up and Andy)
  6. Summa Cum Laude - electric with current line-up
  7. Arthur's Comics (current line-up)
  8. Black Blade (current line-up)
    Next three songs were the original five members of BOC only:
  9. OD'd
  10. Career of Evil
  11. The Red and Black
  12. DFTR - with everyone (Kasim, Andy on Jules on annoying cowbell)

The show started half an hour late - apparently, they were late getting the doors open and the meet and greets over-ran. The result was that when the clock hit 11.00pm they had to vacate the stage with no encore due to union curfews.

So - they were running late, they knew the show had to finish at 11pm prompt, so what do they do? They have a bloody intermission (where are we - the sodding ballet???) - plus: they STILL they do the bloody bass and drum solos in the first set!!!!!

What this meant was that there was no time left for "Cities on Flame" sung by Albert - it was on the setlist to be played!! Crazy!! All the buzz and vibe was about the reunion and yet they cut it short!! Well, just as long as we got Jules Radino's drum solo - wouldn't want to have missed that! I reckon that's what half the audience were there for...

Also on that setlist and not played due to insufficient time were: "Perfect Water", "Pocket", and "Steppin Razor".

Joe Bouchard

Did they have an intermission? I was 5 blocks away having a nice dinner...

Tommy Zvoncheck

How could they NOT do "Cities On Flame?" Never mind.

Joe Bouchard

Too bad "Cities on Flame" was missed at the 40th Anniversary. Nothing says classic BOC to me more than this song... Without Cities = no BOC. Columbia would have dropped us like a hot potato.


what was going through your mind as you found yourself back onstage standing next to Buck once more - and did you have any problems recalling the bass-lines?

Joe Bouchard

What was going through my mind? I wish I could hear his guitar. He had in-ear monitors, I had none.

I could have played my bass parts with my toes blindfolded ;-)

BTW: Thanks to Kasim for the bass...

Albert Bouchard

I was supposed to come out and do a double drum solo with Jules but I was having a great conversation with Allen in the dressing room and missed my cue.

But yes the intermission seemed to last forever.

Too bad Patti couldn't make it but I was still glad to play Career. I almost forgot what a rockin' little track it is.

The thing for me is that it was more a social event. Everyone backstage was extremely nice, a love fest if you will, a far cry from when I last played with them. I hated having the last shows I did as a member of BOC be so unhappy.

As time has passed I've learned to appreciate each one for that special thing they brought to the music. So for me the show was an A+.


Gotta question - everyone was speculating how on earth could you tune out what must have been a madly discordant cowbell chorus going on behind your head during DFTR - I know it must have been politically expedient to give everyone "something to do" during that last song, but 3 cowbells!!...

One other thing... at the end of the night, and you're all saying your goodbyes, how was it left? Any mention of "we must do this again sometime" (hopefully not in 40 years) or anything that left a door open for such a thing again in the future, because there's no hiding the vibe those last few songs got (as well as Death Valley Nights, of course) and the electricity that was in the air...

Albert Bouchard

I just got a nice email from Eric and I'm hoping we can do some creative type stuff again soon. We got caught up the moment and misjudged the amount of time we had. We fully intended to do Cities and maybe Hot Rails as the inevitable encore but the hall was pulling the plug on us. Maxwells (in Hoboken) would have let us play all night...

As for the cowbells, I felt like the Buck character in the SNL skit and the idea of stopping the track to ask the real Bruce Dickinson (who was there) if it wasn't too much made me almost lose it.;-)

Eric Barz

Wow! I ticked a bunch of things off my bucket list last night:

There were other great moments like I Love the Night, the acoustic Harvester of Eyes (of all the songs I never thought I would hear unplugged), a friend and housemate of the band (Bruce Kapler) on saxaphone for Shooting Shark, and a decent song from the Teachers movie that was never released.

Both full lineups were present for DFTR, with Kasim Sulton and Jules Radino playing cowbell in Albert's ears like Gene Frenkle.

Twenty-two songs out of BOC at this point in their careers is more than anyone can ask. Would I like it to have started on time, skipped or shortened the intermission, and heard three more songs? Would I have preferred amplified Astronomy and Death Valley Nights for my first and probably last live performances of them I will ever see? Absolutely!

But all in all, it was an amazing night that I will never forget.

Paul Giammarco

I drove 3 hours to check out the Wonderful Reunion of the Original Blue Oyster Cult. The Best Buy Theater in Times Square was the setting for this Magical Event! I got to see Al, Joe and Allen onstage with Eric and Buck.

The vision of my Hard Rock Heroes jamming together was an awesome moment, and nothing can tarnish that image. The Original 5 played the last 4 songs together, the final number seeing the 2012 BOC members joining in on what was a fun send-off of Don't Fear (the Reaper), including Jules Radino and Kasim Sultan standing on the drum riser, each striking a cowbell!

What really disappointed me was how poorly the vision was carried out. The Blue Oyster Cult Product is still burning after 4 decades, and I'd expect it would know how to time-manage a show after all these years, and not get caught with their pants down - minutes before the "union arena" curfew went into effect.

I feel too much attention was paid on throwing a full show, and the originals were tossed in as after-thoughts. Cities on Flame, the song that put BOC on the map, was supposed to be performed with Al on lead vocals, but had to be scratched because no one was aware the 11 o'clock curfew was creeping up on them.

Hot Rails with Joe would've been the perfect tribute, but even if it was on the list, the acoustic set [excellent, mind you] ate up way too much time.

The redeeming factor in this disorganized experience was the level of class with which the ex-members carried themselves, smiling and handling whatever bungled curve balls were thrown their way.

Thank you Albert, Allen and Joe for your professionalism and presence. You'll be missed again, but Hard Rock Heroes you'll always be.


So, as an info roundup, what got missed due to the rescheduling of this show (not including what got binned due to the over-run)?

Brett Parsons

I attended the BOC show at Casino Nova Scotia last night (November 9). You'll find the set list included below.

  1. The Red & The Black
  2. Golden Age of Leather
  3. Burnin' for You
  4. Cities on Flame
  5. Shooting Shark (Eric gave us a choice between Shooting Shark and Harvest Moon. The crowd seemed indifferent, and they played Shooting Shark)
  6. ME 262
  7. Then Came the Last Days of May
  8. Godzilla
  9. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  10. Encore: Summa Cum Laude
  11. See You in Black
  12. Hot Rails to Hell
Morgan Gay

Was in Halifax for work and was lucky enough to be in town at the same time as BOC. The band went on last night at 8:00 pm sharp. Here is the set list to the best of my recollection:

  1. Red and Black
  2. Golden Age of Leather
  3. Burning for You
  4. Cities on Flame
  5. Shooting Shark
  6. ME 262
  7. Then Came the Last Days of May
  8. Godzilla
  9. Don't Fear the Reaper
  10. Encore: Summa Cum Laude (think that's the name - according to Eric, a song that was recorded for movie 'Teachers' and never made it on the soundtrack).
  11. See You in Black
  12. Hot Rails to Hell

Great show, and was pleased that they played a new song from the new box set. It was a hit with the crowd, let me tell you. While I've seen them several times before, I have to say that the sound was perfect at the Halifax show - clear as a bell, and loud. Eric conducted a bit of a poll by asking the crowd if people wanted to hear Shooting Shark or Harvest Moon. Buck and Richie were at the top of their game. And while I was near the front of the stage, from what I could see the place was packed.

Incidentally I also had the great fortune of crossing paths with Buck Dharma this morning on my way out of town (we were on the same flight to Toronto). What a great guy and a total class act. While I've been a huge fan of BOC for a long time, am perhaps even more so now after having had the experience of chatting one on one at length with Buck. Hoping they come to my part of Canada (Ottawa) soon.

Jim Rice

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