When I first thought about how I wanted to present the History section, the one thing I knew was that I wanted to document people's experiences of seeing Blue Oyster Cult live, and the best way to do that seemed to me to be to base the structure around the framework of the timeline provided by the Giglopaedia...

But what I didn't think of was: what do I do if someone sends me recollections of a gig that they don't know the date of? Where do I put those?

From now on - the answer will be: here!

Obviously, the intention is to one day get dates for all these gigs - or failing that - even just a year would do - so that I can move them from this page onto the appropriate History page. If you can help in this endeavour, please let me know!!


1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980
1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990

I saw this post (from 2001) on CigarFamily.com in a thread about Soft White Underbelly:

ewb January 17, 2001 12:18 AM:

Saw them at the Sherwood Country Club in Indianapolis about 1971. Great concert. I remember walking out and seeing the interior of a VW Beetle on fire. (wonder how that happened?)

I also remember later that night being escorted out of the city of Warsaw by the local authorities. hehe You just brought back a memory for me.

Would appreciate some help with dating this a bit more accurately...


My 1st BOC show was June 21st 1973 the venue: The Palisades, Mckeesport PA. Albert and Buck both said to me they played The Palisades in Mckeesport PA before in 1971 as SFG.

I don't have any info about those shows...

Kelly Knight

Happened onto your site, and don't know if I can help fill in any blanks, but I first saw Blue Oyster Cult at the University of Kentucky-either the UK Student Center, or Singeltary Center for the Arts, probably between 1970 & 1973?

They had no other band playing. Tickets at UK were less than $5, and I got in free for ushering. I was VERY young, but saw Johnny Winter, Jimmy Buffett, & It's a Beautiful Day @ the same venue (my sister was a student).

I would love to be able to attach some dates to these shows, but can't seem to find any archives or info on the web!

John Hiett

I ran in to your website and scanned the timeline to see if I could find a gig I attended. It was BOC at the University of Kentucky, Student Center Ballroom, Lexington circa 1972.

They played with another band, but I can't remember who (perhaps I will later) (not Alice Cooper).

This was to promote the new album and they definitely played Cities On Flame With Rock & Roll.

I remember the flying V guitar and another early geometric guitar. I sat 10 feet away from the stage on the floor... no seating. Tickets were about $3 US.

Datewise, I know it was a spring or fall semester. Not summer. Unfortunately the ticket stub got lost during a move.

I had a friend on the concert committee and he was responsible for booking them. He is now dead, so I can't pump him for details.

I know that the University of Kentucky library has every news paper scanned. Either the Lexington Herald Leader or the campus paper The Kentucky Kernel will have a mention of this show:

I just checked and the search only goes back to 1983.


OK, sounds like the gig John is decribing is the same as the one at which Kelly was an usher, so that's a confirmation of sorts. Just need to find a date now...

Kelly Knight

Maybe it was Johnny Winter they opened for, or a local band may have opened for them. I saw the shows at UK in a relatively short time, since I left home at age 15 in April or May 1972... but...

I may have ushered for one or two shows after I returned to Lexington in Sept of '72? The Morehead, KY show has open dates before it, and they were en route from NY to Florida... could have easily picked up a Lexington date, between Oct. 15th & 18th. They did seem to be playing some college venues.

Or MAYBE they picked up the Lex/UK gig when Alice Cooper cancelled May 14th in Louisville? It has to be one of those dates:

Bob Paxon

A friend wrote me to say:

"Bob, did you go with JH and myself to the free concert they gave at the Albright Knox in fall of 71?

They played outside, facing Delaware Park Lake. And they were selling their 1st Album for 99 cents!"

I wasn't there and I don't specifically remember it. I'm guessing it was not likely 1972 if it did happen. But for what it's worth, two of my BOC shows I saw were with the same JH guy.

And I did see free shows in Delaware Park (1974 and 1976) so I know they had them, though my shows were not in the same area - the Albright Knox Art Gallery is a world-class gallery that borders Delaware Park.

Nowadays they have Jazz Concerts in the area he's describing, but I don't recall rock concerts there.


OK - well as the first LP came out in January 1972, Bob's mate can't have seen them in 1971 if that first LP was also on sale at the event. So I think we're definitely talking 1972...

Interestingly enough, if you check back further up this page to the gig dated Saturday 14 October 1972, you'll see a gig listed for Buffalo at an unknown venue.

Could we be talking about the same show?

Albert Bouchard

I know we played on the Gulf of Mexico in the early part of july. It was most likely Pensacola but it could have been Mobile.

We weren't into taking a month off in the middle of the summer.


Can't help noticing there's an unknown Mobile date below this gig - could they have been one and the same?


I attended a BOC concert in Mobile, Alabama in Fall 1972 or Spring 1973, Mobile Civic Center. A fight or something broke at the end - I had not stayed 'til the end ( had an early curfew!) but read about it the next day in the paper (parents were very upset that I may have been there during).

Hope this helps. Newspaper would be Mobile Press Register, can't remember month or time of year.

Bobbi Coker

This gig was at the Mobile Municipal Auditorium, which has been torn down and now, at the same spot, is the Civic Center. I'm not sure of the date though - it may have been in 1971 or 1972. I was 16, my birthday is in September, I was born in 1955.

Dr John played, then Blue Oyster Cult - Spirit was the headliner. I recall lots of kids with painted faces in the fountain out front.

There was such a small turnout, most of the fans were on the auditorium floor, after BOC, there was a too long wait and people started chanting, "Spirit, Spirit, Spirit, etc". Then the announcer finally came out and said the concert was over, they were sorry but not enough tickets had been sold for Spirit to play.

Everybody yelled obscenities and some folks grabbed their metal chairs and slung them about until there was a pile of them, people started leaving, then someone slung a chair into the glass doors.

Mobile is the home of the America's Junior Miss pageant. The crown and scepter was displayed in a glass case in the outer hall of the auditorium. Someone cracked it open and disturbed the relics, whether they were just mislaid or stolen, I don't recall.

I walked out and there were cops chasing kids and kids throwing bottles at cop cars. I imagine they arrested quite a few. That's all I recollect.

Frederick Lukens

I am certain my first gig was at the Spectrum in Philly PA; it was Blue Oyster Cult. I got in with My Mom and My brother. The price was only eight bucks a piece, and we also got to see Alice Cooper and I am almost positive that Johnny Winter was on the bill, too but don't hold Me to it, I was only 7 years old and I have short term memory now.

It might have been a different concert with different people, Johnny Winter that is.

Anyways, I do remember the fact that the lasers were cool and the guitar solos were amazing as was the drum solo, but then again I heard better drummers since.

Like I said I was 7 at the time. Anyways, it was a ball.


A strange conundrum, this one...

BOC only ever played with Alice in 1972 (though no dates in Philly are on record), plus one show in 1973 and one in 1980, a European gig in 1998, plus single gigs in 2000, 2006 and 2007.

The lasers only came in early 1976 and stayed until early 1979, so fall outside the dates they could have played with Alice Cooper...

Obviously, any help would be appreciated on this one...


I saw this post (from 2004) on audioasylum.com in a thread about Glass Harp:

Keaggy was a local boy, so I had a chance to see them at Walsh Jesuit High School--oddly enough, they opened for Blue Oyster Cult. It was a strange pairing!!

So, a Blue Oyster Cult gig - presumably in the early 70s - headlining over Glass Harp. But - if this indeed did happen - when could it have been? I contacted the Glass Harp Facebook page to see if they might have any ideas...

Bob Brandt

My name is Bob Brandt, and I work with Glass Harp. As it turns out, just last year we did a fairly thorough inventory of all known Glass Harp concert history. Still waiting to post all that online, but, for now, here's the list of when we know Glass Harp played at Walsh Jesuit HS. Obviously, it may be incomplete (although I have no knowledge of any BOC show there):

I asked two members of the band about a show with BOC. They have differing opinions whether or not such a show took place.

Daniel Pecchio (Glass Harp bass player), says he said he has no recollection of ever playing with BOC anywhere. In addition, it was his contention that in those days, a typical high school (where concerts were funded by the student body, an independent promoter, or other local organization if school wasn't in session) would likely not have the money to present two such acts.

Conversely, John Sferra (Glass Harp drummer) says "...I have a vague memory of Blue Oyster Cult *opening*. Could have been with Burks and Randy." ("Burks" being guitarist Tim Burks who replaced Phil Keaggy in August 1972, and "Benson" being violinist Randy Benson who was with Glass Harp from approximately Dec. 1972-Oct. 1973).

As to the possibility that Glass Harp would be opening for BOC at that venue: by the summer of 1971, Glass Harp was very much a headliner... albeit in a very limited patch of the U.S... but indeed Cuyahoga Falls, OH would be in the heart of that. It was only outside Ohio/Pennsylvania where they were still a support act most of the time, at least until late 1972 into 1973 (more on that in a bit).

Here's what else comes to mind:

  1. The original poster has this confused with another show, where either one of these bands really wasn't on the bill.
  2. Regarding whether or not Glass Harp could have been a last-minute addition, or that this might be an "unknown"/forgotten date... That's possible, but I would guess it would only have been after Phil Keaggy left the band (approx. August 6th, 1972). At that point, when Daniel Pecchio and John Sferra carried on with a Tim Burks to support their last Decca album (a tour of colleges/universities took place Sep-Oct 1972).

While the music from that point on was arguably more complex and engaging to discerning ears, the band's popularity waned going into 1973 (not only around the country, but also back home in Ohio). It's also important to note that even some longtime fans didn't follow the post-Phil Keaggy version of Glass Harp as closely as before, so the later incarnation(s) aren't as well-documented (even by those who have done a lot of research/collecting).

It seems to me that by 1973 (given my limited knowledge of their history), BOC would be much more likely than at any time before that to show up at a high school in Northeast Ohio. It was also during that year that Glass Harp was in an odd spot; they were just as likely to headline at an area school for the local faithful as they would be to support an up and coming touring group such as BOC.

December 2, 1973 is the last known Glass Harp show before Keaggy/Pecchio/Sferra began sporadic reunions in the late-80's, and then more frequently in the past decade.

With one band member saying "no", another one saying "maybe", and with nothing else to go on (advertisements, concert listings, posters, etc) besides a random post on a message board, this is a really tough one. My best guess (as laid out above) is that if this show took place at all it happened in 1973, wasn't heavily advertised, and has just slipped a lot of folks' memories. Hopefully, someone else out there remembers more.

Robert Gottesman

Saw your website and I was at a show that is not listed. Unfortunately I don't know the date. I was wondering if you did.

It was Blue Oyster Cult with McKendree Spring and Streat. It was at Westchester Community College in Valhalla, NY. All I remember was that it was incredibly loud.

Now I see a date that BOC did with McKendree Spring on 18 Sept 1973 on your website so perhaps it was around that time. Any ideas?

Fran McKendree

Wow! You have quite the site going on there. I do remember a few dates with BOC. Mike Dreyfuss, our violinist, may remember the specifics. I'll ask him...


The best concert I've ever been to was a combination Blue Oyster Cult / Moody Blues concert when I was 7 years old. We had great floor seats and there was a pyrotechnics show.

I was a little kid in New Orleans and went with my mother and her boyfriend to that concert. There were two places they went to concerts fairly often, but I'm having trouble remembering the names of either of the places.

It would have been in 1974, I think.


Hmm... New Orleans... Well, of all the known gigs BOC played in New Orleans, they always seemed to play at The Warehouse - but these gigs are pretty well known and documented - in fact, there's a great Warehouse site that charts every show played there at this url:

No mention of the Moody Blues there though. Also - I don't think that venue has the seating as described so I'm pretty sure we're looking at a different venue for this gig.

I checked a Moody Blues gig list site but could find no trace of any 1970s gigs at all in New Orleans, so they weren't much help, unfortunately:

From what I can tell, looking at their 1974 page, the Moody Blues seemed to go into a three-year long period of stasis starting in Feb 1974, so maybe this gig took place in 1973?

Can anyone else help with placing/dating this show?


I've now seen two online references to an early 70s Blue Oyster Cult Mesa College gig at Saunders Field House. The first one was this:

In this, Priscilla Mangnall recounts her memories of the bands who have played at Saunders Field House and says: "There was Blue Oyster Cult and Sugarloaf, the Colorado-based band, formerly called Chocolate Hair (I think they played at my GJHS Senior Prom in 1971)."

She provided no dating context for this and it was unclear if Sugarloaf were on the same bill as BOC.

However, I then saw this on a Grand Junction Sentinel blog:

In this, Rock Cesario says: "I saw Blue Oyster Cult in Saunders Fieldhouse at Mesa College in the 1970s. Buck Dharma was at lead guitar."

I contacted him for further details...

Rock Cesario

Rare Earth was the headliner and Blue Oyster Cult was the better band that night.

If my memory serves me right it was right after Secret treaties came out. I am thinking 1974, late summer or early fall.

Bill Sharp

I back up Rocky on this one. Not sure of the date. "Secret Treaties" had just come out.

The unusual studio production hit me, and I wondered how the material would translate to stage. Very well indeed, surviving the acoustics and high volume in that gym. Young ears got a lesson.

I'll take the studio recording any day, still out there on its own planet.

Steven Cimino

I did see BOC at the Chicago Auditorium in December 1973. I swear I saw them a second time and I thought it was at an Ice Rink in Naperville, IL. in 1974.

It was middle of summer because the ice was not in place and I remember standing in line outside of the venue on a warm evening.

Is there any possibility they could have performed there the first week of August? I see they were close by in Indiana that week.

I did not think my memory was that bad. If you know of or when that might have happened?


The following post was off the old altmusicBOC newsgroup and refers to a 1974 Binghamton show which I don't have listed. Any help dating this show would be - as usual - gratefully received...

Helmuth Kump

In early 1972, I was living in Queens, NY and the FM station WCBS started playing "Cities on Flame" from the self-titled debut. When that LP got a rave review in Rolling Stone, I bought a copy at Alexanders dep't store on Queens Blvd, with money from my afternoon job.

I wasn't blown away at first... but after about the 5th playing I was totally hooked. My friends at school just kinda said "Blue Oyster who?" My favorites were "Transmaniacon MC" and "Workshop of Telescopes".

When the second album, "Tyranny and Mutation" came out, it was the hardest, loudest, fastest thing I had ever heard and I was mesmerized. To this day that album for me DEFINES heavy metal, and nothing since then has ever come close to it; every song, every word, perfect.

It was that album that had a short blurb on the inner jacket about sending anSASE for Cult lyrics; they came back on white/green computer paper, probably printed out from some IBM mainframe somewhere. That offer was repeated on the next 3 or 4 albums and they always included the newest lyrics plus the old ones. I blame my slight hearing loss on the left side to "Tyranny".

The next few years brought "Secret Treaties" and the live "On your feet...". In 1973 I was supposed to see BOC opening for Black Sabbath at the newly-built Broome County Arena in Binghamton. The show was cancelled that afternoon, Ozzy was sick...wimp! Finally saw BOC for the first time a year later in the same arena.

High point: meeting the band in 1976 when I worked at the hotel they were staying at. Got all but Albert's signatures in the fold-out of "On your feet". Never met a nicer group of guys, and I met a bunch of famous '70s musicians at that job (that's a book unto itself).

All through the '70s I was a huge fan, saw them a few more times. My tastes started changing in the '80s but I always kept tabs on BOC and their progress.


However, this gig doesn't feature in Sam Judd's calendars so is unlikely to have taken place, although it is barely possible that a local NY gig could have occurred in very early January before Sam joined up...

Neal Ross

I can't recall the date, I was stoned out of my mind, but I know I saw Blue Oyster Cult in 76 at Acker Gym in Chico California. It was my very first concert, so I recall it vividly.


Do you have ANY clues as to other details that might help me pin this gig down a bit better - for example, are you SURE it was definitely 1976?

Do you recall any other bands on the bill - could it have been Montrose, for example? - or even what time of year it might have been - Winter, Summer, school holidays etc - anything?

Neal Ross

You know, I don't recall if there was an opening act. I just know it was a month or so before I saw Montrose and Earthquake together right after Montrose put out the Warner Bros Released album.

I know it was during Spring/Early Summer because we went up in a Convertable Firebird with the top down doing 110 mph. I didn't have a car back then so I had to hitch rides with whoever had one at school, so I know it was before summer vacation on the Agents of Fortune Tour because the ONLY song I clearly recall them doing was ETI.

Sorry, wish I could be more help.


Dr Feelgood opened, followed by Slade - anecdotal mention of this gig on a board... if it took place, then June would be a likely date...

Of course, the guy posting on the board I saw could be mistaken about the town - there's a confirmed Feelgood/Slade/BOC gig at the Capitol in Passaic NJ on May 8 - maybe this is the NJ date he was thinking about?

Also - there are some dates in Feb which were supposed to be with Slade including a Passaic one but these probably didn't occur until June. Probably....


The December 76 edition of Creem reviews a gig at a "greasers' palace in Minneapolis" and says BOC opened with Tattoo Vampire, then Stairway to the Stars, Harvester of Eyes, Sinful Love, Cities on Flame, Flaming Telepaths, Last Days of May, 2 songs not named, Dominance and Submission, Buck's Boogie, Summer of Love, Born to be Wild and Hot Rails for an encore.

Needless to say - a date and venue for this would be nice...


I saw this on the Hong Kong version of eBay [http://www.ebay.com.hk] in 2005:

Anyone got any info on this?

Doug Hill

I saw them back in 78 at Phoenix Symphony Hall. UFO opened up.

What a great show. Lasers and all.

Postscript: Looking at your lists, my "78" memory may have been 77 - It was at the Civic Hall in Phoenix - maybe the Exhibition Hall listed on your site (14 November 1977). I remember UFO opened. I remember seeing them at an earlier date at veterens memorial colisieum.

They closed with "Born to be Wild" and crossed the guitars in the finale. I remember that, because I went out shortly after that and bought a guitar!

Still playing!


Well, the November 77 gig was with Black Oak and Head East, so if UFO opened the gig you saw, then it wouldn't have been that one.

1978 still looks favourite for the "unknown" Phoenix show you saw - especially as BOC played a number of gigs with UFO during this year...

Daniel Shearer

I first became a BOC fan back in 1975 with the Tyranny and Mutation album or in this case an 8-track. I would go over to this guy's (named Randy) house and we would jam in his bedroom. I remember he turned me onto Get your wings by Aerosmith, Volume 4 by Zeppelin and Tyranny by one BOC.

I recall thinking it was an odd but quite good album, I had never heard anything like it at the time. For Christmas I was rewarded by my parents with all 3 8-tracks! That led me to Secret Treaties and OYFOOYK and I bought the first album and Agents on the same night!

My Dad even had a novel way to get those 8-tracks for me as he told me that they were exchanging gifts at work and this young guy asked for those same three 8-tracks and Dad figured I would know where to find them and yes we went to the local store called "Budget Disco Tape" and picked them up! Right in front of me!

I had a next door neighbor who was very instrumental in what turned me on to music and as he had already turned me on to bands like KISS, Mountain, Atomic Rooster, Deep Purple, ect. Anyway he kept mentioning that I needed to hear BOC and something about Dominance and Submission and a Transmaniacon MC. I clearly became infatuated over the title TMC and would spend the next summer torturing local DJ's with my mispronunciation of that song!

I am a musician and have been one for over 45 yrs. Yes that dates me! I played drums and percussion back then and later switched to bass and guitar and everyone in BOC is a big influence on me, especially Joe and Buck. I learned a lot of those tunes inside out and could tell you when Joe would change his live bass lines from the studio recordings! I also liked the fact that BOC would not always do a song 100% like it was done in the studio, Dominance is a prime example of this, both live and studio versions are great!

Now we jump to September 1979, I seem to recall that it was a Tuesday night. A recent Harrisburg BOC show had been cancelled and the show moved to Memorial Hall in York, PA.

That show was to be on September 13th, 1979, I seem to recall that the York show happened a week after that, maybe two.

It was cancelled they say due to technical difficulties but the word on the street was that BOC did not move enough tickets to sell out the Farm Show in Harrisburg which holds about 15,000, so the show was brought to York, with the same opening band which was the local act Fly by night (they may have had an album out called Zoo Road).

Apparently to what I just read on the net, Ian Hunter was also scheduled to appear at the Farm Show with BOC and Fly by night. Upon learning that BOC were finally coming to York, Pa I went out and bought a ticket, which I may and I said may, still have the stub. I did write the set list down not long after the show but that is mostly not in order.

The day of the show I was riding a bus downtown and the bus turned onto what is the first block of West Market St. and walking to the right of the bus as it was now going East on Market was one Buck Dharma!

I am 90% sure it was him. I never saw a full front view, just a side view. He had the build, the hair, and just looked like Buck Dharma. He was wearing jeans and had one of those chains that you attach to wallets, I recall that clearly. Anyway, one reason why I never got a full front view of Buck was I recall that like me, he is a very fast walker! And he was also looking straight ahead and glancing at the stores and shops to the right of him, I don't recall him looking to the left just maybe glancing that way and it was never for long, just long enough for me to say holy shit!

And I do recall thinking, "that's Buck!" My Buck sighting was in the afternoon between noon and 4pm.

He was also walking East and the only thing that I can figure is that the band may have stayed at the Yorktowne Hotel which back then may well have been the best hotel in York.

That hotel is 9-11 stories high and was only a block away from where Buck was walking and he was in fact headed in that direction because the hotel sits on the corner of East Market St. and North Duke St.

The band would only need to leave the Hotel on Duke, go West on Phila. Out to Carlisle Ave. and turn right and 2 blocks or so and you are at the Fair Grounds. Now on to the show.

I got to the show a little early to get a seat. The show turned out to be a General admission show so there was no seats just concrete flooring. The hall holds about several thousand people. Once inside I began to look around for anyone that I knew. There were copious amounts of booze and pot. Some people had brought blankets and were sitting on these blankets drinking and smoking. I just kind of putzed around looking for someone that I knew. I seem to recall having a concern that there was going to be violence at the show as some of the people looked and acted rough.

The booze and the pot was not totally hidden from what I recall and I remember being surprised by that.

I finally spotted a guy I knew from a local church. His name was Lonnie and he was older than me by a year or two. Lonnie looked a lot like Eric Bloom and I used to tell him this sometimes. I started hanging out with Lonnie and his brother Bubba (Chris), Bubba was huge, 6'2" and thin, he had long unkept hair and looked like something out of the swamp or a southern rocker. Word was out that you never messed with Bubba in those days. Lonnie basically looked a lot like Eric did in 1979.

Suddenly it seemed like there were more and more standing and at one point there was a general rush towards the stage. We were about half way back and damn it but I wanted to be close to the stage. Lonnie said not to worry as we had something that most people didn't, we had Bubba!

And at one point we started to make our move through the crowd, when people turned to see who was barging through, they got a good look at Bubba who just grinned and the people parted like the Red Sea. Eventually we wound up about 10 ft from the firewall or barrier in front of Eric's mic stand.

Fly by night comes on and they weren't too bad but as time went on we all started getting restless and started to boo them! Chants of "BOC we want BOC!" arose from the crowd that was pretty much either stoned or drunk or both. I was high just from the smell that permeated the air inside. I recall Fly by nights songs seemed to get longer and just drag on which may have been the main reason why they got booed.

So Fly by night's set is done and they are switching over to the Cults set. I clearly recall this; standing in front of Eric's stage mic, go to your left and you had Allen's organ, then the piano beside that. On top of one or both of those keyboards was a portable synth (these were fairly new back then) then there were other keyboards scattered around Allan's area. There may have been the tri keyboard that they use at times; it is 3 keyboards that sit on a stand.

The drum riser was unique; I have seen KISS and others so I know that this was unique. It looked to be constructed out of plastic ice cubes. Stacked together kind of like a pyramid. I noticed that during the show sometimes the riser would light up all one solid color, green and orange stands out in my mind. But once in a while, there would be a chaser pattern happen with that riser, that is where all of the cubes have different colors assigned to them and they change constantly. This was done a few times during the show. I also recall that sometimes the riser lights were just off and then the cubes had a white\creme color appearance when they were not lit.

Everything else looked normal, I do not know if they flew the logo flag or not, like every other major Oyster fan I am psyched by that logo! Anyway to me it seemed that the Cult took a long time to come on stage, I'd say 20-30 minutes or longer and the crowd was starting to get restless.

There was no Godzilla behind them so I just figured that it would not fit inside the hall, but that is weird because at their 1983 show in the same hall I recall them using it!

There may have been a mirror ball suspended on the ceiling over the audience but I want to make it clear that there was no laser show whatsoever. That had been stopped earlier in the year if I memory is correct.

Minutes after the show started, I apologized to the guy standing right in front of me as I was literally standing on his back or felt like it! He was cool; he knew that we were being pressed together like sardines! I do not think this show was sold out and there may have been only 500 at the show. Bodies were being squashed and I felt that this was a safety issue that should have been addressed. It was hot inside. I cannot emphasize this enough; it was like being a Sardine in a can!

I must also emphasize the loudness! This show was loud and I have a vivid memory of that dammed bass hitting me in the chest! In fact everybody commented on this, I thought I was going to have coronary when I first felt it.

The lights went down, and I will never forget this, I could see Eric back by the amps holding a mic, it was dark but not pitch black. I could see Buck take his place in the middle and he had his one foot atop the monitor. Allen came out I think, I know Albert did. And then without them looking at each other or cueing each other in, they were on. That amazes me to this day.

To this day I cannot tell you if they were even introduced.

I have been a lifelong musician, played drums from the 60's up until 1980 when I switched to bass and guitar. I am currently semi professional. So I know about going on and opening up. And BOC they just started it without looking at each other! Keep in mind this song just starts, Albert has a slight lead in but it is damned slight.

Eric's look after the first number or two was leather pants, black shoes; a tee shirt and I think an open shirt. I clearly remember that he wore 2 necklaces around his neck, the Secret Treaties plane and possibly the Cult logo. The open shirt if I am correct was funny as I recall thinking; hey my Dad has that same shirt!

Albert may have been a nana second ahead, with the slice of a cymbal and it was not even a full beat! The band was on! The place was pandemonium like it was 10,000! And not 500! It took me 30 seconds maybe to figure out what they were playing.

I always like to play let's pretend I am writing the set list tonight. What do I want to hear and then I will approach it from the bands view point, what do they want to do or feel obligated to play. You'd be surprised how accurate I can be even with rare songs on occasion.

I realized that they were doing one of my favorite tunes by them and I had picked this as my personal wish for them to open the show.

I truthfully expected maybe Doctor Music or R U Ready but I was well rewarded with DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION! I was trying not to shit myself! It was like all of those years spent of my imagining what BOC would be like on stage and there it was right in front of me!

Yes I do recall saying that they would open with Dominance and being rebuffed by Lonnie and his friends as this was a maybe but not a positive.

Eric was in leather, at least pants and yes he wore the long leather coat and I believe he had the whip! Joe was animated and ended up running over to Eric's side of the stage and jumping up and down like a Mexican jumping bean. At one point Joe broke a string and he and Eric were almost side by side, they looked at each other and Eric began to pull the string off the bass (either D or G if I am correct) but that didn't work so next Eric pulled one way and Joe pulled the other and after two attempts it came off! I think Eric threw it out to the crowd I don't recall.

I don't recall the exact running order of the set but I do know all of the songs they did that night. They opened with Dominance, Cities on flames, Eti, Hot Rails, ME 262, Doctor Music, The great sun jester, In Thee, Mirrors, The Vigil, Godzilla, The Reaper, Born to be wild and they may have done "You're not the one" but I am not sure about that. Here is what is notable and I wrote this set list down when I got home.

Dominance: Joe being animated, Eric in the leather coat with the whip, Buck I believe had on a BOC first album tee shirt and for this song he played a Gibson I want to say sunburst or gold top guitar. I am 95% sure that it was a Les Paul! I have seen him with this guitar before and since that show. I also have a similar Les Paul to the one that he played.

I recall thinking that I had never seen anybody with a band wear one of their own tee shirts and I thought it was kind of cool.

Eti: I seem to recall Eric, Buck & Allen, all three playing guitar, I don't recall if Eric played keyboards but going by the 2nd live lp. He probably did.

ME 262: This was the shorter 4-5 minute version; the Cult Classic version (many years later) always struck me as being reminiscent of this night's version. I was disappointed as it seemed to tag in at the 4-5 minute mark and there was no 5 man guitar jam! Damn!

Hot Rails to hell: A favorite of mine, Joe took a bass solo which I yelled out "fuckin ay! Joey!" Who simply nodded his head up and down a few times in acknowledgement. I remember being thrilled that he at least acknowledged that. Part of the bass solo reminds me of what would show up as the bass line in the verses of After Dark several years later.

Except during the solo, that part started and kept getting faster and faster.

Hot rails to hell Pt. 2: This is where they did the infamous 5 guitar jam at the front of the stage. Albert came out about two minutes into this and I actually thought he was Patti Smith at first! As he came out and was on my left (on stage far right) and it was a little dark over there and he wore a hat, a funny hat, possibly black I recall that hat and thinking "it's Patti Smith!" But of course it wasn't.

I do know that he wore a hat when he came out front. I don't think he had those awful shorts on! Yes Hot rails ran around 10 minutes that night due to the bass solo and the 5 guitar jam and yes I was rather shocked that, that is the spot where they chose to do that. Over on Jack and Alma's board when I gave out this gig info years ago, a lot of folks were taken aback but several people said that it did happen a few times, rare but it was used in Hot rails a few times.

I recall the attention to Mirrors from the band. They did 5-6 songs from that which surprised me. I was a little disappointed in that one of those was not "I am the storm"-now there's a way to open the show! They have did like 3 maybe 4 in a row from Mirrors, I seem to recall that from the Doctor to Mirrors.

Godzilla: This is notable for Albert's drum solo and he wore the Godzilla mask! That I will never forget! The lights went out and when they came back on, there was Albert with the Godzilla mask! What a hoot that was! Damn good solo as well!

The Reaper: This is a personal notable, I made sure to catch Buck's fingering as he started the beginning of the interlude. BTW he has since changed where he plays those same notes at today. I believe this is a 21st century addition.

Born to be wild: No bike, but they did do the Texas chain guitar Massacre that we all love so much and they may have had the mirrors or mylar paper on the back of their guitars.

I seem to recall the Eric possibly played an acoustic for the Great sun jester and In thee. I remember thinking at first that it was weird to see any of them with an acoustic on stage, but hey, they use em in the studio!

The show was over and we all left, I am not even sure how I got home but I did. I was babbling from all of the pot that I had inhaled 2nd hand wise and it was noticed.

In my opinion they were fired up enough and put on a damned good show!

I do recall hanging out for a bit after the show to wait for the band. I recall that several times (this was the first) that a woman, the same woman had come to the local BOC show and did her damnedest to get to the backstage area. I recall this show, that she may have driven a VW Bug and she had dark long hair and I always assumed that she was a groupy.

This show was almost a religious experience for me because this was my first BOC show period and I had been a fan of the band since 1975, Tyranny was my first BOC lp. That I ever heard. My top 3 bands were, BOC, Rush, and KISS (yes them). To this day BOC and Rush remain two of my favorite bands.

Luckily for my sanity one Joe Bouchard remembers this gig well enough and also recalls my "Fuckin ay! Joey" comment. I emailed him back in 1997 and he did say that, plus I still have that email reply from him if need be.

Please somebody else remember this gig! I was not the only one to attend, so someone must also recall this. I would ask Lonnie but I have not seen him in years but I do know where I can find him.

I will also search for my blue binder because that show is still in there!

Dick Wallsmith

There are some BOC gigs that seem to have slipped through the cracks for some reason, like the Old Waldorf gig of 80-09-06 in San Francisco.

The night before they played under the name Soft White Underbelly in San Jose at a club near my house. It was cool that only those of us who knew were onto them for awhile, and it was a small club, so the impact was intense.

I lived in the Bay Area for about 11 years, and there were so many venues there to see bands, and as BOC came through the area they would gig at several of the smaller places.

Sam Judd

I'm afraid Dick must have his years mixed up as there was NO gig at the Waldorf on Sep 6 1980 and there was NO San Jose gig the night before as we were in San Bernadino taking it up the arse from AC/fucking/DC...


I saw this post (from 2008) on heatinghelp.com in a thread on What was your first concert?:

Joannie August 21, 2008 @ 10:28 AM
My first concert was Blue Oyster Cult, opened by Joe Perry Project, at the Civic Center in Bangor, Maine. I talked to Joe that day!!!"

I currently know of only two definite gigs with the JPP:

Sun 27 Dec 1981: Augusta Civic Center, Augusta Maine
Tue 29 Dec 1981: Cape Cod Coliseum, South Yarmouth Maryland

I was wondering - could "Joannie" be possibly mis-remembering which town she saw the gig in? The only problem with that theory is that there's 75 miles between the two towns, so they're not exactly next to each other...

Anyway, assuming this was a different gig (and possibly the next one too in Pittsburgh), then 1981 would definitely seem to be year they occurred.

I saw an archived interview (from 1999) with Charlie Farren, the former singer with the Joe Perry Project during 1980-1982, in which he said:

As for touring, I know you toured with Blue Oyster Cult:

Oh yeah! I forgot about that. Yeah, we did. We did some touring with ZZ Top, but we also played a lot of our own shows...

With Joe's band, it seemed as though we'd play five or six nights with Blue Oyster Cult, then three nights with Alice Cooper, four cities with Rush, three cities with Ozzy, three more cities with Rush, and then we'd do a bunch on our own.

We also did some shows with the Kinks, we did a lot of shows with ZZ Top; we did some shows with Nazareth and Judas Priest. So we were really bouncing around. I remember when we played with Ozzy, Def Leppard was the opening act.

So... "5 or 6 nights with BOC" to find... well, I already know of two, as I said, so that's maybe three or four left to find.

I decided to check out the other gigs he mentioned in the same piece - if he did "5 or 6 nights" with BOC, then "three nights with Alice Cooper" and then "four cities with Rush", maybe if I can get dates for those other shows, I can "reverse engineer" approximate dates for the BOC ones?

The PowerWindows site gives these dates for Rush with the Joe Perry Project:

2 July 1981: Met Center. Bloomington MN
03 July 1981: Met Center. Bloomington MN
04 July 1981: Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy WI
05 July 1981: Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy WI

Alice Cooper
The sickthingsuk site gives these dates for Alice Cooper with the Joe Perry Project:

08 July 1981: Wendler Arena, Saginaw MI [ also with Spider ]
10 July 1981: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit MI [ also with Spider ]
11 July 1981: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit MI [ also with Spider ] 12 July 1981: Lansing Civic Center, Lansing MI [ also with Spider ]

ZZ Top
Ken's ZZ Top Tour Dates site gives these dates for ZZ Top with the Joe Perry Project:

27 Aug 1981: Civic Center, Springfield MA
31 Aug 1981: Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
01 Sep 1981: Spectrum, Philadelphia PA [ also with Johnny Van Zant ]
09 Sep 1981: Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati OH

The ozzyhead.com site lists a series of Ozzy gigs between 2 Aug 1981 through to 13 Sept 1981 of gigs supported by Def Leppard. The Joe Perry Project isn't mentioned but should logically fall within this time frame.

If you apply the logic that they're an MA-based band, then the only gig in that run that ticks that particular box is:
09 Aug 1981: Cape Cod Coliseum, South Yarmouth MA

No particular reason why it has to be an MA show, of course - I'm just guessing...

Anyway - that's the context that one would have thought any gigs with BOC would slot into. Summer 1981... Therefore, on the face of it, my guess for the JPP/BOC gigs would be sometime in 1981, maybe between June and Sept/Oct.

However, those 2 gigs I already know of where at the end of December 81, so they don't really seem to fit in with what Charlie Farren said above.

The known BOC giglists include a pretty intensive 2 month tour with Foghat between September and November of 1981, then a few sporadic shows. After Christmas, there are some NY, NJ and PA shows, so there are quite a few potential dates open...


I saw this post (from 2008) on telecaster.com in a thread called What was the first REAL concert?:

BrianD January 19th, 2008, 02:10 PM
My first REAL concert was Joe Perry Project / Foghat / Blue Oyster Cult at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. When I made it back home ( on a "school night" ) my Mom was waiting with this line: " You were out seeing that Godzilla, weren't you?" Apparently the nightly news showed a 10 second clip of the drummer wearing a Godzilla head mask during his solo."

Regarding Pittsburgh Civic Arena - well, there was a Whitford St. Holmes/Foghat/BOC gig there on 12 Sept 1981 - obviously, Brad Whitford is an Aerosmith connection, but I've seen no mention of Joe Perry playing this gig in their place, so it's a conundrum...

Could there have been ANOTHER Pittsburgh Civic Arena with Foghat (and the Joe Perry Project) in this time-frame?

With Aldo Nova in late Summer...

Part of the 1983 Michelob Concert Series...


This gig is listed as 18 December on the official site but if you check the entry for that date listed above, you'll see why I discount that.

Sam Judd

... we most deffo did NOT finish that swing at Joe Louis arena... we DID play Joe Louis with Rainbow on that tour though as that was the only time I ever actually talked with Richie... I repaired his little 50's reel to reel tape machine that he used as a pre-amp and actually made him smile...

I'm in the midst of reading and listening to everything Joe Meek I can get my hands on... Blackmore was one of his regular studio musicians as he lived just a few blocks away down Holloway road... would LOVED to have asked him about 'ol Whacky Joe... I'll bet the 2 of THEM got on famously... maybe Joe is what made Richie so crazy...

But the Joe Louis gig was mid tour as I remember, but will try to clear some cobwebs and find detail...

Dave Gregovich

BOC's 1984 show in Juneau was in Centennial Hall...


But what was the date?... there was an Anchorage gig on 2nd Jan and a Honolulu gig on the 4th so logic might suggest it was either the 1st Jan or maybe the 3rd...?


Got this email a while ago but the guy didn't mention what gig it was - just that it was 1987...

Al Moran

Hemmy opened this show. BOC was great! Buck stepped on my hand and spilled a pitcher of beer on me - I dont think he even noticed as there was a large breasted blonde with me with her tits hanging all over the stage...

Great show but effects were scaled down quite a bit...


I always welcome any emails about any BOC gigs, but please - gimme a chance!! - at least tell me something about the gig to help me add it to the correct page in the site...

Buddy Christian

By the way, when I was living in Southern California in the late 80's, I was able to see BOC a number of times in small settings and theatres.

In '88, they did a lot of shows in Southern California. My girlfriend and I saw them once at a club in Santa Barbara. That show is not on your list; but I do not have a stub for that show.

So, I do not know the exact date. BOC's site doesn't have it, either. It could have been 03/22/88, before the Pismo Beach show - no way of telling for sure.

But I was at the back bar before the show and Buck walked up to me and commented on my silver BOC jacket, which I still have.

I mentioned about how many times I had seen them. He laughed and thanked me. I would loved to have bought him a beer.

Sam Judd

As near as we could determine at the time (and from my old tired brain today), this was where Buck's white SG went missing - we don't think it was stolen, but left under a table in a dressing room trailer. We were playing an outdoor festival kind of thing in downtown San Antonio (that currently seems to be missing from the giglopedia)...

It was a multi day affair and I've always suspected the next band in there might have found it... but it was impossible to even nail down EXACTLY when it went missing... it was no longer being used at all and was generally staying in the truck... it got unloaded and put in the D-room that day and that's the last time anyone could remember seeing it...

I wasn't loading trucks in those days, so technically it wasn't "my job" to keep track of it, but I got sick to my stomach when I found out it had gone missing....

I'd sure like to help get it back to the bossman as that was THE ONE he wanted to save... I remember him telling me once he wanted to "nail that one over the bar in his den or something" whenever he actually retired... looks like we've got a few more years to find it before he does that, but not as many as we did in 1990...


Any clue as to any sort of date for this?

Sam Judd

Not really... probably spring as it wasn't too hot... I would say fall but the list says we were there in a club in Dec, but I don't even see a TX gig at all in the spring...

All I really know for sure is that it was definitely outdoors on a stage set in a HUGE parking lot near downtown, with a midway nearby in San Antonio sometime in 90.. I was surprised to see a club date for San Antone in Dec... not sure what to say...

It was part of some kind of several day city wide festival they have there every year if that helps..


Just did a quick check and found this SA festival: "Fiesta San Antonio: Fiesta San Antonio, a ten-day Texas festival in late April, is a multicultural celebration that features music, dancing, races and three parades (including and on-the-water river parade). The citywide festival and its more than 150 scheduled events honor the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto."

Dunno if it was in operation in 1990... Anybody got any ideas?

Sam Judd

As well as the aforementioned San Antonio gig, we also played a club in Kileen TX on this swing as well I believe...


I've seen several references to this gig online:

Shot in the Dark, but did anyone out there attend the 1973 BOC Concert @ Delta College in Bay City/Saginaw Michigan?

Out of the hundreds of concerts I've attended, That show is one of the most memorable. If you saw the show, email me @ rbbiggs@ragingbull.com

Bruce, Richmond, VA

July 19, 2009, 09:39:45 PM

BOC has long been a favorite of mine. I saw them at Delta College (in Bay City) in 1972. Their affinity towards science fiction has always been a big draw for me.

So much rock and roll seems to be written by people who seem to have never picked up a book. BOC was/is a band that bucks that trend.

10-12-2009, 12:08 AM

My first concert was Blue Oyster Cult at Delta College Gym (Bay City, Mi area) in 1972-73 (?)- I was 13. The concert was on the local UHF TV station (channel 19) - I thought that all concerts had TV cameras in attendance for a while after that...

I still enjoy Buck Dharma's guitar playing...

Bloody hell - the gig was broadcast on TV??

I wonder if that was just a live feed sort of deal or it was recorded in some format or other...?

Mike Reed

I was looking through the BOC information you have for gigs they played in Michigan, and I didn't see one.

It was in the gymnasium of Delta College back in 1972, 1973 or maybe 1974:

It is in the Saginaw, Bay City and Midland area of Michigan.

The only song I remember is Cities Aflame With Rock and Roll. I was out in the hallway and the guys from the band come in looking for the gym.

I remember the drummer being off a bit on that song. They were the headliners for the evening.

I believe the concert was hosted by an AM radio station out of Flint, MI.

The opening band was a group of African American guys. They played one Rock and Roll song which got everyone going a bit, but then did a set of disco or whatever. What a bummer. I remember shouting in between songs, "Rock and Roll". I didn't go to a Rock concert to listen to that particular kind of music.

That was the first time I had ever seen BOC live. Cities Aflame was being played alot on the radio at the time.

I believe I also saw them at the Saginaw Civic Center a few years later, in Saginaw, Michigan.

In 1976 I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ and since that time I play and listen to Christian Praise and Worship music. What a change, eh?

Most important decision I ever made in my life.


I don't have a clue where and when this "Christmas concert" took place - the only clue as to location would be the promoter: "Glen Eagle Concerts" - so far as I can tell, via Google, that they were based in Indianapolis - but does anyone have a clue as to when this gig might have been and where exactly it took place?


Saw this advert on eBay. There's no mention of this gig on ZZ Top's site, either. Here's the info I get from the ad:

Date: A 4th July Celebration - 12 noon-12 midnight - 12 big bands
Promoter: Starshine Productions
The Bill:
ZZ Top
Left End
Atlantis Philharmonic
Fully Assembled
Glass Harp
Night Hawk
Price: $3 adv $3.50 at ?? (gate/door?)

This sounds like an outdoor thing, but I've not heard of most of the bands though. Looking at the price alone ($3/$3.50), I'd have thought it'd have been 1971 - maybe 1972 - but in Summer 1971, it's not even known if BOC had that name yet, let alone headline over ZZ Top.

Seeing the name of Glass Harp on the list of bands, I got in touch with Bob Brandt, who helped me with an earlier entry on this page.

Bob Brandt

Nothing I've got matches this ad. A few things I can tell you:

  1. Outside of the headliners, those are all Ohio bands... and more specifically, all Northeast Ohio (Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown).
  2. Starshine Productions was a semi-known entity in the 60's and 70's in the Warren, OH area. As Cleveland and Akron were already "marked territory" by Belkin Productions or The Agora, this show almost certainly took place in or around Warren or Youngstown.

    In fact, I believe Starshine were responsible for the "Mosquito Dam Jam" that BOC played in the Warren area in 1976. Maybe this was the same venue, but earlier on and not named as such just yet.
  3. My guess is July 4th 1973, judging by Glass Harp's placement on the bill (they would initially break up later in the year and were on the way down by then), as well as the other bands listed... however...
  4. It's entirely possible that the promoter might have put "Glass Harp" on there even though it was actually a new band called Hartship formed by two former members in 1974. Totally different level of "truth in advertising" in those days for sure.
  5. Not only could this be 1974, but maybe not July 4th itself... perhaps just a "celebration of", which is not uncommon to list for big event I guess. This might have taken place on a weekend before or after, as July 4th in 1973 and 1974 were on a Wednesday and Thursday respectively. I haven't checked that against your BOC list or the ZZ Top list, but it's an idea.

Thanks for the info, Bob. Regarding the Mosquito Dam show, according to the poster I have here, the promoter for that was "Wah Productions".


Saw this advert on eBay. Like the show above, it appeared amongst a load of other Ohio-based shows at the Akron and Cleveland Agoras - however, the only Ritz I know of was in New York.

And if you squint at the blurred image, you can just make out a "212" phone-number...

Here's the info I get from the ads:

Date: Fri 24 Jan (an evening with BOC - special showtime midnight)
Where: Ritz
Promoter: Michelob Presents
$13.50 in advance $14.50 on day

Possible years on which 24 January fell on a Friday are:


If anyone has any clue, please let me know.

Vince Brown

Somewhere around 1982-1985, there was another Presque Isle, Maine Gig. Not the one Aldo Nova opened in Sep of '82 but later.

I attended but have no stub, opener or concrete date.


Here are the only Presque Isle gigs I currently know about:

15 Sept 1979: Northern Maine Fairgrounds, Presque Isle ME (with Ian Hunter Band)
15 Sept 1982: Northern Maine Forum, Presque Isle ME (with Aldo Nova)

So the gig you refer to would be a new show to list - can anyone help with this one?