Welcome to the Blue Oyster Cult History Project - my attempt to document the Blue Oyster Cult concert experience through a series of personal testimonies, reviews, images and photographs.

I'm trying to get as much confirmation info for as many gigs as I can get, so please help. Everything I know about a particular gig is listed after each entry. If a gig is simply listed but contains no extra info, that means it was originally listed on boc.com with no other details, and these - as well as the unknown, unlisted gigs - are the gigs I most want help with, so if you went to one, please get in touch (see below).

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Can You Help?

Have you got anything to contribute to any of the history pages? Reviews, missing info, ticket stubs, newspaper ads, flyers, posters etc etc - if so, let me .

Laying out these pages is proving tough going with lots of unknowns and conflicting gig information!! As well as sending me any scans or info as mentioned above, could I ask if you could check in your attic or basement for old '70s/'80s copies of the following magazines:

Or any music magazine which carried gig listings and/or reviews...

If you do have some, please check through them for any contemporaneous BOC gig data and get in ...

Another way you could help is by jotting down a list of the known gigs played in your particular town, and then popping down to your local library to visit their archive/microfiche department.

Once ensconced in a comfortable chair, you might check out the back issues of the local paper and see if there any adverts for the show (pre-gig) or any reviews (post-gig). If there are, print them out and send me scans.

I don't ask for much, do I?

I'm also looking for reviews. They don't have to be big - if you went to a show in any particular year and all you can remember is one little thing, then let me know and I'll add it to the archive. Who knows, your one little thought could trigger a memory in someone else and maybe we'll get a big old BOC snowball gathering...

Oh well, that's the theory... let's see what happens... :-)

Help Me Date Some "Mystery" Shows
The thing about the way the History pages are structured is that to include a gig on - say, the 1980 History page - I have to know it took place sometime during that year, even if the exact date is unknown.

However, this isn't always the case - I sometimes get info on gigs which have no known date attached to them, and in the past, I've always been rather stuck for a place to put these listings.

So, to help solve this problem, I've started a HELLLPPPP!!!! page - please visit it and see if you can fill in any of the blanks. Cheers!