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Acoustic Jukebox have a core base of three members: Joe Bouchard on guitar and vocals, Bobby MacDougall on guitar, vocals and harmonica, and Frank Brocklehurst on the upright bass.

Bobby MacDougall is a part of Joe's Triple Threat outfit along with Ken Faranda, plus he's also previously played with Joe as part of the Joe Bouchard & Friends line-up.

I don't know much about Frank Brocklehurst, except to note that he's previously filled in for Patty G when her back problems forced her to pull out of a gig with Joe that was already booked.

The whole raison d'etre for the Acoustic Jukebox being set up seems to be to perform songs from Joe's excellent solo release, "Jukebox in my Head" - although they do intersperse these tracks with a sprinkling of other classics to produce a great all-round show. See below for details about how you can find this out for yourself.

Acoustic Jukebox don't seem to play very often, but if you've ever seen one of their gigs, please send me a .

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Desperado || Norfolk [ 30 Oct 2009 ]
Live at Infinity Hall, Norfolk CT [ 30 October 2009 ]

Those of us not local to Connecticut and its environs now have an opportunity to see an entire Acoustic Jukebox concert - courtesy of Joe Bouchard and youTube!

Joe has helpfully uploaded the complete Infinity Hall gig to his hotastro channel at this URL:

The clip of Desperado above is from this show, so give it a listen. It has a wonderful vibe which really pays homage to the original - I mean, check out that stand-up bass - it's magnificent!

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