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John Berry

Blue Coupe and Acoustic Jukebox - Infinity Hall Norfolk, CT 10-30-2009

Joe Bouchard-Guitars/Vocal
Bobby MacDougall-Guitars/Harmonica/Vocals
Frank-Stand Up Bass
Albert Bouchard-Drums/Vocals
Dennis Dunaway-Bass/Vocals
Allan Becker-Saxophone

Acoustic Jukebox Set:

  1. Let's spend the night Together
  2. Which Road is Mine
  3. Jukebox in my Head
  4. Death Valley Nights
  5. Cowboy's Dream
  6. Desperado
  7. I've just seen a Face
  8. Kickin a Can
  9. Dark Boat

Had a great time Friday night. Nice seeing John, Lew, Mary, Ron and Betty. Was a fantastic show with some outstanding playing and some terrific arrangements of some classic tunes.

Here are some more photos from the night:


That track together with the other eight are all available on Joe's "hotastro" YouTube channel:

Or, alternatively, here are the individual links which will open up into a new window, if you prefer that instead:

By the way - for info on the Blue Coupe setlists from this show, go to the Blue Coupe Reviews page.


I don't have much info on this "Porch Gig", but I spotted a clip on youTube of a track which featured Steve Katz (of Blood Sweat and Tears, The Blues Project) sitting in on vocals and guitar: