Bouchard, Dunaway, & Smith in Danbury 2002 [photo by Edosaurus]
  • BDS: Stourbridge 2002
  • Photo: Andrew Aston

Welcome to the Hot Rails Bouchard Dunaway and Smith section in which I attempt to keep track of as many BDS-related shows and setlists as possible.

Bouchard, Dunaway, & Smith comprise Joe Bouchard on vocals/guitar, Neal Smith on drums/vocals and Dennis Dunaway on bass/vocals. Earlier incarnations of the band were called "Brainstorm", "Deadringer" (they recorded a great CD but never played a live gig) and "Eyescream".

Finally, after many days of ferocious debate, they finally settled on a new name: "Bouchard, Dunaway, & Smith" and released a fantastic CD called "Back from Hell" (available from Neal Smith's site).

The BDS giglist is here, the known setlists here and reviews here. If you can add any information to any of these pages, please let me know.

So, have you ever seen a Bouchard, Dunaway, & Smith show? If so, please consider sending me a review - your contributions are very welcome so please get in . And if you know of any gigs or setlists I'm missing, again, I'd be happy to hear from you.

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1 August 2006

Here's Joe's latest news:

I saw Neal at a pool party on Sunday. He just came back from vacation in Finland. The flooding problems in his basement studio have been fixed and we plan to rev up the rehearsals this fall. BDS is booked to play at Chiller Theatre in NJ this October 28. Michael Bruce is planned to make an appearance with us.

I jammed with Dennis's band on Friday, July 21. He's got a great CD coming out soon, the songs are Dunaway gems. The only hold up to a release date is the cover art. Dennis is an artist himself and pretty fussy about visuals.

I also sat in with Rick Derringer two weeks ago at a casino in Connecticut. His show seems to follow a script to the letter, the only things that really gets him off is playing his blazing hot licks on the guitar.

The X Brothers would be playing more if Andy wasn't jet setting to Paris to see the Stones, and St. Tropez for Kid Rock's wedding. Must be nice. He brought a big box of X Bros. CDs with him and promoted the album to Lars, who discussed BOC quite a bit. Also Keith, Ron Wood and Lenny Kravitz got encouraged to promote to X Brothers Mania. It can't hurt to get our name out.

Sometimes I feel like I'm on the wrong planet.

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