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When Bouchard Dunaway and Smith stopped playing and the Dennis Dunaway Project stepped up their gigging schedule and released a CD, things didn't look good for a continued Bouchard/Dunaway collaboration in the future.

But there was no need to worry! Enter Blue Coupe - Albert Bouchard on drums/vocals, Joe Bouchard on guitar/vocals and Dennis Dunaway on bass/vocals. They started off playing a heady mixture of Blue Oyster Cult and Alice Cooper songs (hence the name), and sprinkled this with a liberal helping of some "classic" covers from the likes of the Stones, Doors, Hendrix, etc.

Realising there's too much talent in the band to simply limit themselves to continually replaying their old hits, they made the conscious decision to create some new music and so, in October 2010, they released their excellent debut CD, Tornado on the Tracks. If you haven't got it yet, you can buy it or download the MP3s at CD Baby.

The Blue Coupe giglist is here, the known setlists here and reviews here. If you can add any information to any of these pages, please let me know.

So - have you ever seen Blue Coupe live? If so, please send me a review - your contributions are very welcome so please get in .

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Latest Blue Coupe-Related News
July 2013

Blue Coupe's second recording, "Million Miles More" has finally been released both on CD and as a digital download on cdBaby.

It features some remarkable special guest contributers - Alice Cooper sings vocals on one track, Buck Dharma plays lead on another, and Ross The Boss and Goldy McJohn also make appearances on what is a superbly impressive recording.

Here's the tracklist:

  1. Prophets Dukes and Nomads
  2. Hellfire Hurry
  3. Hallow's Grave
  4. Everybody Goes Insane
  5. I'll Forever Stick Around
  6. Modern Love (Stalking Time)
  7. Used Car
  8. Supernatural Love
  9. Train of Thought
  10. Ain't Dead
  11. Ride With Me
  12. Devil's Highway
  13. More Cowbell (Gotta Fever)
Jan 2013 UK Dates Announced for Blue Coupe

These dates have been announced:

  1. Wed 23 Jan 2013: Marton Hotel, Middlesbrough [ Ticket Details ]
  2. Thursday 24 Jan 2013: Hertford Corn Exchange, Hertford [ Ticket Details ]
  3. Friday 25 Jan 2013: Hessle Town Hall, Hull [ Ticket Details ]
  4. Sat 26 Jan 2013: Mickleton Blues Club, Co Durham [ Ticket Details ]
  5. Sunday 27 Jan 2013: Butlins Skegness (honest!! yeah, I know...) [ Ticket Details ]
  6. Mon 28 Jan 2013: The Duchess, York [ Ticket Details ]
  7. Tues 29 Jan 2013: The Yardbirds Rock Club, Grimsby [ Ticket Details ]
  8. Wed 30 Jan 2013: The Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton [ Ticket Details ]
  9. Thurs 31 Jan 2013: The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury [ Ticket Details ]
  10. Fri 1 Feb 2013: The Raven Hall, Corby [ Ticket Details ]
  11. Sat 2 Feb 2013: Opera House, Jersey [ Ticket Details ]
  12. Sun 3 Feb 2013: Grand Theatre, Clitheroe [ Ticket Details ]

I was particularly underwhelmed by the calibre of venues and towns which comprise the above "tour" - not to be rude, but where the f*ck is Mickleton? - but Joe has recently given some context to the rationale behind it:

Hey Gang,
I've been hearing a lot of skuttlebutt about these English dates. The truth is we told Dom and Peter, the agents, that we wanted to WORK EVERY DAY. A day off is a day losing money.

Some venues maybe small, and the towns small, but it will be the best show in town for sure. If you play in London you are competing against 40 other shows.

We will be bringing with heavy winter coats and prepared for roughing it. We will have an English driver and roadie. It can't be any worse that my trip to Iraq in 2010.

Hope to see some good UK fans. We'll be bringing lots of merchandise and Cds and cowbells!


Fair enough, but I can't help thinking they'd be a lot better off going to some larger towns with consequently larger populations. Towns with decent public transport and major train stations etc - that sort of thing.

I don't have my own transport so I'm reliant on trains and buses - and this tour more or less kicks me up the arse - I can probably get to Wolverhampton for the Bilston date but that's probably about it.


If you go to any of the shows - please send me the setlist!!

October 2010

The Blue Coupe debut recording, "Tornado on the Tracks" has finally been released both on CD and as a digital download on cdBaby.

It's a great album, and also features The Doors's Robby Krieger and Tish & Snooky from the Sic F*cks as special guests.

Here's the tracklist:

  1. You (Like Vampires) [ 3:29 ]
  2. Angel's Well [ 3:29 ]
  3. Deep End [ 3:23 ]
  4. God I Need You Tonight [ 4:52 ]
  5. Dolphin's Smile [ 2:53 ]
  6. Tornado Warning [ 3:40 ]
  7. Man Up [ 3:31 ]
  8. Untamed Youth [ 5:19 ]
  9. Waiting For My Ship [ 3:52 ]
  10. On the Darkest Night [ 4:25 ]
26 July 2010

Here's Albert's latest news on Blue Coupe...

Blue Coupe have been hard at work the first half of 2010 making a new record. The title is Tornado on the Tracks. On the record we have Manic Panic's Tish and Snooky from the Sic F*cks and Robby Krieger from the Doors as special guests.

The CD will contain 9 new songs and one Byrds cover but we have 4 more that will either be used as bonus or promo material or reserved for the next record. We will be launching a band website and doing a series of webcasts to promote the new record.

We only have one mix that is ready yet but we've made a video for it and we also have 5 more mixes that are almost done. I'm not sure when it will be done because we originally set August 1st as a deadline but it looks like we're not going to make that. We'll do as much as we can before we go on tour in Canada and France in this August.

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