Joe Bouchard and Friends 2004 [photo by Edosaurus]
  • Joe Bouchard and Friends - Ale Mary's
  • Photo: Edosaurus

This section was originally intended to document those gigs played by the original "Joe Bouchard & Friends" - a series of gigs primarily performed by Joe on vocals/guitar, Dennis Dunaway on bass, Patty Gesmondi on vocals/percussion and Dave Wonsey on percussion, and which would usually take place at Ale Mary's Pub/Seany B's in Millbrook NY between 2003-2005.

Since then, and after the closing of Ale Mary's - and more recently with the emergence of Blue Coupe - these shows seemed to drop off the map, which was a shame as these gigs looked like real fun affairs...

Now, obviously all solo Joe shows are dealt with in the Joe Solo section but there is another category which has emerged into prominence - specifically gigs Joe has done with erm... friends...

So, although these might not officially be "Joe Bouchard & Friends" gigs, this seems as good a section as any to house them. I see this as a catch-all section to include all those gigs which don't fit neatly into one of my other categories.

The known Joe Bouchard & Friends giglist is here, setlists here and reviews here. If you've ever seen a show that would fit into this category, please send me a .

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