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A really fun night with Joe and friends. A bit of a drive in a downpour for me and Jim (Siatras) but we had a blast! We even got a police escort to the pub, asked a cop in town where the pub was.

Ale Mary's is co-owned by Paul Orofino the owner of Millbrook Recording Studios. The studio where BOC, Joe, and tBS have done a lot of work. Paul told a bunch of cool stories, none of which I can share here . You'll have to go pay Paul a visit and sample his great beer selection, the great stories are on the house. Paul also mentioned he wanted to invite Buck, but had forgotten his email.

Joe took the stage solo, and played:

  1. Dr. Music
  2. Hot Rails To Hell
  3. I Slept With Jackie O (dedicated to David Roter)
  4. Tatoo Vampire
  5. Nosferatu (really beautiful rendition )
  6. End of the Line

Joe told me he played the acoustic show in England unrehearsed, but he worked out this set. It showed, he was on fire on guitar. Dennis came up and joined in for the rest of the night.

Joe and Dennis:

  1. Hot Time In Hell
  2. Caught In A Dream
  3. Vampire Night
  4. Under My Wheels
  5. Love You Too Much
  6. Werewolves Of London
  7. Sittin' an Thinkin'
  8. Carnival Toy
  9. Astronomy
  10. Reaper

Dennis said that this was the first time he had played in this kind of setting. I think he had more fun than anyone there. Joe and Dennis did great renditions of all the tunes. Joe kept saying to Paul how they have to go back and re-cut the BDS record.

Ritchie Scarlett of Mountain, and a couple of friends joined in for:

  1. Roadhouse Blues
  2. Hoochie Koochie Man
  3. I'm Eighteen (Ritchie scorched on guitar)
  4. Hey Joe

Members of Joe's band Tree Top Blues came up for:

  1. Honky Tonk Woman
  2. All Along The Watchtower
  3. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  4. Mind Over Money
  5. It's All Over Now
  6. Norwegian Wood
  7. Not Fade Away
  8. Paint It Black

A ton of fun was had by all. If you can, get your butt to see Joe and Dennis with BDS. These guys are having too much fun, you will too.

Joe Bouchard

Hi Gang, I'd like to thank Ed and Jim who drove hours in the rain to see us play at Ale Mary's. We really appreciate their dedication.

A couple of corrections to Ed's set list post: The song Sittin' and Thinkin' is actually Spider and the Fly, an old Stones song. And Mind Over Money is actually the Snoop Dogg song called Gin and Juice. This is the country redneck version by a group called The Gourds that's been floating around cyberspace (often mislabeled as a Phish song.) "Got My Mind On My Money, and My Money On My Mind." I think it's hilarious!

Credits to the other friends who played that night: Norman Deltufo and Pete Gagliardi played drums and piano respectively on the tunes with Richie Scarlet. Bob Sparks and Tom Carey played drums and piano on the TreeTop tunes. Patty G played maracas and sang on some of the Treetop numbers. As Dennis said "I've got a fever and the only prescription is MORE MARACAS"!

We had a ball. The venue holds about 75 people and we had a full house. Paul wanted to establish a club that was a good drinking and listening pub. No electric guitars or full drum kits are allowed. It's a very cool place to play.

Hope to do it again.

Oh I almost forgot. Albert Carey sang on Honky Tonk Women and All Along the Watchtower. He's a great blues singer who will be headlining Mary's in a few weeks.

Dennis Dunaway

Joe Bouchard and I played at Ale Mary's club, owned by Paul Orafino and his partner, Phil. Paul also owns Millbrook Studio where BDS Recorded the bed tracks for the Back From Hell CD. Joe had twisted my arm into playing unrehearsed (something I avoid like the plague.)

Cindy and I shook off the dampness from the torrential downpour as we entered the most homey little club I've ever seen. The wall paper and decorations were as comfortable as a Victorian smoking parlor featuring 300 rare beers, 20 fine wines, and chili (veggie or carnivorous.)

A toy-like coctail drum kit shared the mini stage with an upright piano. Joe (in black leather) greeted us while he got set up. Paul informed me that he would be recording the festivities. I asked Joe what songs we were doing? He said, "Let's just play it by ear." (I felt like the plague was setting in.)

Joe kicked off the opening set solo while about 75 people filtered in. He catered to the BOC fans in his usual good-time fashion. Richie Scarlet popped in (we last saw him backstage after our BDS show in London. He was there on a European tour with Mountain.) Several other musician's arrived and it was shaping up to be quite a night. Joe called me up to play. I knew most of the songs but he pitched a few curves by changing keys (that's his gig.)

I tried to compensate for minor clams with major energy and in the end, our efforts seemed rewarding. I was finished and looking forward to a beer or 300 but Joe informed me that the other bass player didn't show and to, "Stay put."

He invited Richie Scarlet up. Richie strapped on an acoustic guitar while Paul scrambled to re-assign mic's. The drums were manned by Norman Del Tufo while Pete Gallinari stepped up to the piano. Richie turned and called out, shuffle in E, stomped his boot to kick it off, and in a flash, the place was rockin'. Joe came in with a verse of Roadhouse Blues and everybody locked in. It sounded great from where I sat.

We got our Mojo's Workin' then a killer Scarletized rendition of "I'm Eighteen" shook the rafters acoustic style. I told the audience to imagine it at a volume that vibrated their underwear (this brought smiles to some of the ladies faces.) Albert Carey came up to sing. Bob Sparks held down the beat while Tom Carey took turns with Richie Scarlet on the piano.

Patty G joined in with the most amazing maraca shaking I had ever heard. I think the last time I played a room that small was in the 60's, but I would be hard pressed to come up with a more enjoyable night. The rain let up and Cindy and I drove home with smiles on our faces.

Thanks to everyone!


Here's a Jim Siatras clip of "Hoochie Coochie Man" from this gig:


Here are two more youTube clips from this show:


Here's the set from another really fun night with Joe Bouchard and Friends. A great time was had by all, I think Joe and Dennis are going to start doing comedy clubs next. They had the packed house grooving on the music and laughing between songs. Joe and Dennis were once again joined by Bob Sparks from Tree Top Blues on percussion and Pete Gagliardi on keyboards.

Joe solo:

  1. Blues Instrumental
  2. Joan Crawford
  3. Pissin Away The Summer
  4. Cinnamon Girl
  5. Hot Rails To Hell
  6. Burnin For You

Joe and Dennis Dunaway:

  1. Instrumental improv
  2. For Your Love
  3. Under My Wheels
  4. Sweet Jane/Be My Lover

Joe, Dennis and Pete Gagliardi:

  1. Heartbreak Hotel
  2. Don't Be Cruel
  3. Tomorrow Never Knows
  4. Loves A Killer

Joe, Dennis, Pete and Bob Sparks

  1. 1969
  2. Hot Time In Hell
  3. Schools Out
  4. Vampire Night
  5. Reaper
  6. Lola
  7. When The Levee Breaks
  8. Back Door Man
  9. Shapes Of Things
  10. It's All Over Now
  11. Gin And Juice
  12. Dead Flowers
  13. I Got My Mojo Working
  14. Itty Bitty Kid (with a big ass gun)
  15. Not Fade Away/Magic Carpet Ride

Really neat to hear Joe do the old BOC tunes solo acoustic. He introduced Pissin Away The Summer as a tune he started writing for BOC in the 70's. It was just recorded by tBS, and that he had finally finished writing it. Hot Rails to Hell sounds like it could be a blues tune the way Joe is doing it now.

Dennis joined Joe up front, just about taking a seat at our table to play. He's such an amazing bass player, it was a real treat to be able to watch him in such close quarters. Joe always jokes how Dennis likes to be prepared and rehearsed, but he fleshed out all these tunes with some tremendous playing. Joe prompted Bob and Pete on the songs, with what Dennis called "free lessons".

Highlights for me: a super cool rendition of Tomorrow Never Knows, the only thing missing were the seagulls. 1969, The Stooges, Dennis joked that Joe was going to pour hot wax on himself during this song. A very cool song to cover. Hot Time In Hell,the only thing missing was the pyro. When The Levee Breaks, very appropriate for the weather around here of late, plus we got to talking about the new Zep dvd. Shapes of Things, Dennis talked about opening for The Yardbirds in an early incarnation of the ACG. Gin and Juice, the Snoop Dog tune, and my new favorite song.

Dennis sang a really cool song of his called Itty Bitty Kid, a song about real young kids with real guns. He dedicated it to Charlton Heston and the NRA.

Another real fun night except for the ride home (see above). Joe hinted at some possible future "Friends" and special guests. Hope that comes to be, and I hope more folks get the chance to see these guys in this kind of setting. A real intimate and fun show that the audience really feels a part of.

Jim Siatras

Last night while Joe was tuning up, a gentleman along with Paul the club owner comes in and walks on by upto the bar. Joe stops tuning for a minute leans forward and in a soft voice says,"Thats Eddie Kramer. "And I'm like - Ed Kramer????? I know that name from somewhere! And Joe says,He's the guy who has produced records for Jimi Hendrix,and so on.

So while Joe and Band were doing an unpluged song of Vampire nights I went out for a minute to have a cig. And there was Paul playing doorman and the Famous Producer Eddie Kramer hanging out in the misty rain.

So I hung out for a few having my smoke and talking mostly small talk, Nothing about the music bizz really. But still it was neat just to hang and chat with someone who has worked with so many famous people.

Next time I'll have to bring something there for him to sign, in the chance he might be there again!

Douglas Branson

Joe and Dennis did an acoustic gig on the porch of Colonial Records in Kent CT. They did Schools Out... and Diner Girl off the BDS Back from Hell CD.

I believe they did some other Alice Cooper songs, plus Don't Fear the Reaper and a couple other classic rock tunes...


A great night of fun and music at Marys. It's such a cool little setting for this kind of show. Still I had to joke with Joe why he couldn't do this a little closer to home. Once again, a drive in the mist and fog to Millbrook.

Loads of cool tunes and twists. I think I got the biggest kick out of Joe doing Folsom Prison Blues. Complete with all of the neat Johnny Cash guitar movements and stylings. Is there a new "Man In Black" in town?

Joe also payed tribute to Warren Zevon with a great rendition of Werewolves of London. One of my favorites, Carnival Toy sounded great with Patti G on vocals.

Some of the other songs played:

Loads of fun again, big thanks to Joe and friends for another great night of music.


Here's a youTube clip of "Folsom Prison Blues" from this gig (courtesy of Jim Siatras):

Joe Bouchard

Ale Mary's Pub New Years Eve 2003
Joe Bouchard - Vocals, Guitar
Dennis Dunaway - Bass, Vocals
David Wonsey - Djembe, Percussion, Scottish Snare, Vocals
Don Firencz - Bagpipe
Phil Butta - Bartender, Occasional Blues Harp, Cowbell

Set 1

  1. For Your Love
  2. Under My Wheels
  3. Lawyers Guns & Money
  4. All Over Now
  5. Wild Horses
  6. Paint It Black
  7. Last Time
  8. Tomorrow Never Knows
  9. Bad Girl - Carnival Toy
  10. Sweet Jane - Be My Lover
  11. Caught in a Dream
  12. School's Out

Set 2 Joe Solo

  1. Burnin for You
  2. I Think I Slept with Jackie Kennedy
  3. Joan Crawford
  4. Tattoo Vampire

Reading - Ode to Ale Mary's Pub
12 Midnight: Piper Don plays Auld Lang Sine

Set 3

  1. Reaper
  2. Hot Time in Hell
  3. Folsom Prison Blues
  4. Honky Tonk Woman
  5. Werewolves of London
  6. Vampire Night
  7. Dead Flowers
  8. I'm 18

Set 4

  1. Blue Suede Shoes
  2. I Got my Mojo Working
  3. Back Door Man
  4. Little Red Rooster
  5. Astronomy
  6. Reaper (repeated for the stragglers) w/Phil on Cowbell

It was the best New Year's Eve that I can remember. Great crowd. The pub is the coolest with the best selection of beers I've ever seen. No domestics, all imported, Corsendonk Christmas Ale on tap.

The piper was great - I never liked playing Auld Lang Syne so the piper did a great job with it. It took everyone by surprise. The crowd didn't thin out until after 3 AM.

Joe Bouchard

This is officially an acoustic show. Dennis and I invited Neal to come and jam with us, but he declined the offer. In the past we played the gigs at Ale Mary's without a drum kit so there was no need for Neal to come.

But the club just purchased a brand new drum kit (and a few new Fender amps) and I'm sure we will be using all of it this weekend. I'm still encouraging Neal to make a cameo appearance. It's hard to get him out of his house on a holiday weekend.

Dennis and I love to play and we hope to have a few guests sit in with us. Playing two nights in a row gives us double the chance to play a lot of songs. I can't wait.


I had a great Rock & Roll roadtrip this weekend. Went down to Philadelphia, then up the NY Thruway to Albany for two great BOC shows. It was a lot of fun to see Richie Castellano living his dream with the BOC. Always great to meet up with everyone at the shows!

I couldn't think of a better way to wind up the trip than a Joe and Friends show at Marys'. Joe was joined by Dennis Dunaway on bass, Patty G on vocals and percussion, Dave Wonsey on drums, Phil (from Marys) on harmonica, and Richie Scarlet on guitar.

Here's a quick set list and photos. Joe is going to have to help me out with the new stuff, I'm not sure on all the titles. The new material is fantastic! Can not wait to hear the studio versions.

  1. Party Like A Rockstar
  2. Jukebox In My Head
  3. The Cowboys Dream
  4. Which Road Is Mine
  5. Million Degrees
  6. Desire
  7. Burnin' For You
  1. Paint It Black
  2. Desperado
  3. Tomorrow Never Knows
  4. Lawyers Guns And Money
  5. Astronomy
  6. Sweet Jane/Be My Lover
  7. Caught In A Dream
  1. Reaper
  2. School's Out
  3. Roadhouse Blues
  4. Backdoor Man
  5. Carnival Toy
  6. Sympathy For The Devil
  7. Eighteen (I think Joe's strat is still smoking from the workout Richie gave it, brought the house down)

And there might have been a 4th set, but I had to get back on the road and be awake enough to dodge the deer on the Taconic Parkway.

Thanks to Joe and gang for a great time as always at Marys. A real treat to see my friend George at the show, and Jim we missed ya!

Joe Bouchard

Thanks Ed. You're the best. Can't wait to see George's DVD.

Yes there was a short fourth set. The list:

  1. Godzilla
  2. Pride and Joy (with Richie on guitar)
  3. Mississippi Queen (Richie on guitar, Joe on cowbell)
  4. Honky Tonk Women (more cowbell)
  5. Boogie Children Speed Jam

A few corrections to the set above.

We broke the record for the take at the door. Thanks again Ed. Everyone had a great time and the crowd was wild from the start until the last chord at 1:30. We will be playing there again soon.

As is worked out, the first set was all acoustic with no bass. Just me on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Patty on harmonies and hand percussion, and Dave Wonsey on Djembe.

The second set was me on acoustic and lead vocals, Dennis on bass and harmony vocals, and Dave Wonsey on Djembe to start. On Paint It Black Dave switched over to drum kit until the end of the set.

The third set started with my on electric guitar and lead vocals, Dennis on bass, and Dave on drum kit. Patty joined in on harmony vocals and percussion until Sympathy for the Devil.

For Eighteen, Dennis sings a newly written prelude to the song, and Ritchie took over my electric guitar to end the set.

The fourth set started with me on electric guitar and vocals for Godzilla. Richie joined up on Pride and Joy and played until the end of the night.

Whew! Just writing about these sets wears me out. But that's the great thing about Ale Marys. The crowd was into every note we played, and well got their money's worth and more.

It was a really exciting night, from the intimate acoustic stuff at the top and the last rocking finishing note.

Quick Gig Facts
Joe Bouchard

The Mary's show on Mar 12 was another SRO performance, and I recorded the first set and second set. Forgot to turn the machine on for the third set. And I caught the last bits of the fourth set.

So my set lists below might be a little inaccurate especially in the middle. The PA was very clear and the guitars sounded better than ever. "

Set 1 - Dave, Patty and me

  1. Jukebox in My Head
  2. Running Out of Time (new original)
  3. Light Years of Love (BOC cover)
  4. Opened Doors (new original)
  5. Overdriven (new original)
  6. Do It All for You (new original)
  7. Which Road Is Mine?
  8. Party Like A Rockstar
  9. Burnin' For You

Set 2 - with Dennis on bass

  1. For Your Love
  2. Lawyers Guns And Money... (I'm hiding out in Millbrook)
  3. Foxy Lady...the jazz lounge version
  4. Paint It Black
  5. Bad Girl/Carnival Toy
  6. Caught In A Dream
  7. Eighteen
  8. Sweet Jane/Be My Lover
  9. Reaper... the speed metal version with mas cowbell

Set 3 (unsure of the order)

  1. Desperado
  2. School's Out
  3. Astronomy
  4. If Six Was Nine
  5. Hey Joe

Set 4 - w/ local guitar ace Kenny Feranda playing the Strat

  1. Voodoo Chile
  2. Backdoor Man
  3. Wha'd I Say

Most of these sets are just tunes that I call on the spot depending on the mood. Some we know well, some we never play. Either way it makes for an interesting evening, for the players, but also for the listeners. And last Saturday's audience was on the edge of their seat, very attentive. "

Steve Maclennan

I emailed Joe & Neal way back when I first got confirmation of my acceptance at the IFTR Annual Conference in Maryland (June 26-July 2). I planned to extend my visit to be in Philadelphia for LIVE8 & 4th July celebrations and Boston for Black Sabbath / Ozzfest (July 15).

At that time there were no gigs scheduled for BD$ or any of Joe's bands but Joe promised to keep me informed. A couple of weeks before I was about to leave for the US Joe emailed me with info on the Ale Mary's gig... said he'd be there with Patti G, Dave Wonsey & Dennis Dunaway. He said if I could make it there he'd love to meet me and buy me a beer.

So... I did some research... got myself on a train from New York to Poughkeepsie... then the bus from Poughkeepsie to Millbrook... and found the pub. It wasnt hard to find... Millbrook is a tiny, beautiful little hamlet with a diner, a pub, a laundromat, a creek and not much else. I suggest anyone with a day free should check the place out.

I wandered around Millbrook for the day... later in the evening did some washing at the laundromat which is right next door to the pub. At about 8:00pm I heard a guitar being tuned up... curtailed my laundering activities and walked through the door of the pub to find Joe testing out his new Epiphone. We chatted, Joe introduced me to Phil the publican (who showed me incredible hospitality throughout the evening) and I left Joe to his guitar / amp setting up while I sat with a refreshing beverage at the bar talking to Phil. About 1/2 hour later Dave Wonsey arrived... we made our introductions and he went about the business of adjusting the drum kit to his liking.

Around 9:00pm Dennis & Cindy Dunaway arrived... I introduced myself, we chatted briefly... Dennis went to set up his bass and Cindy and I remained at the bar chatting. Somewhere in there Patti arrived. I didnt get to meet her till after the band's first set.

Once the guys (and gal) kicked in, Cindy & I moved to our "reserved table"... about 5 feet from the band. It was unbelievable for me to be sitting so close in such a casual, warm, friendly environment listening to and seeing a couple of guys who I had idolised as a kid and who had played such an enormous part in my own musical development.

I also found it difficult to comprehend that I was sitting, chatting to the woman who had had such an enormous influence on the development of not only the Alice Cooper Band's stage appearance... but rock in general... Cindy of course was also the nurse in the early shows and the dancing tooth on the Billion Dollar Babies tour. I should add that though we did talk a lot about that aspect of her life... it wasnt the sole focus of our conversation... nor was it the main focus of my conversations with Joe or Dennis. Anyway... I digress.

After the first set Joe & Dennis joined us at the table and during the conversation Joe said "You look like your busting to hit something". "Try and stop me!!" was my excited reply. So when the band returned for the second set I was invited up to play lead cowbell on "Dont Fear The Reaper". I had a blast... returned to my table a happy man.

As the band took to their instruments for the 3rd set Dennis called "Hey Mac... .come up and play the kit !" I was stunned. Dennis introduced me as "Steve Mac..the wonder from down under!!" As I moved behind the kit Joe asked "What do you want to play ?" Without thinking I blurted out "Do you guys know "Sympathy For The Devil" ?" and we were off. I was in Heaven. Patti was belting out an African rhythm on the Djembe and Dennis was going nuts on the bass (the white Fender with the glitter head stock) doing that goose step thing he does... Joe was blitzing it on the Epiphone and I was smiling from ear to ear as I soaked up the sound around me. We finished and Joe asked if I wanted to stay behind the kit while Ritchie Scarlet joined us. I wasnt planning on leaving till Dave wanted to get back up.

(A billion thanx to Dave Wonsey for his generosity in allowing me to sit in on the kit... a true gentleman among the brotherhood of drummers). Ritchie kicked in with a slow blues thing which Dennis & I kinda mutated into the extended instrumental bit from early versions of "Is It My Body ?". Then we did an instrumental version of "Tush" which once again we mutated and Dennis & I slipped in a little snippet from "Halo Of Flies"... then we came to a cacophonous end and took a break.

Dave returned to his rightful place behind the kit for the final 1/2 hour and we sat around chatting till 3:00am. A splendid time was had by all. I slept the sleep of a happy man that night.


Thankfully the rain stayed away from New Milford, and Joe and gang put on a great show for the New Milford crowd.

The lineup for the night was:

Joe Bouchard... guitar and vocals
Dennis Dunaway... bass, percussion and vocals
Dave Wonsey ... drums, percussion and vocals
Patty G... percussion and vocals

Very nice setting with the band setup in an old time gazebo. Judging by the age of the slightly older crowd, I was surprised Joe or Dennis didn't break in to some showtunes.

Maybe that's why the Joe pulled out all the Stones covers, aren't all those guys AARP members now?

Patty G told a funny story of how once when their other band Treetop used to be called Treetop Orchestra; a bunch of seniors showed up expecting some big band music.

She said most of the people wound up leaving the club with their fingers in their ears, or pointed in other directions. Everybody stuck around last night for a great sounding night of Rock & Roll.

Here's the set:

  1. Jukebox In My Head... a great choice to open the night, a Joe and Patty tune
  2. Schools Out
  3. Route 66
  4. Bo Diddley... This one got the crowd perked up singing along
  5. Parachute Woman... a great stones cover off of Beggars Banquet. the whole band did a great job with this one.
  6. Vampire Night
  7. French Toast... a new tune from Joe and Patty, sounded good
  8. Lawyers' Guns & Money
  9. Comfortably Numb

There was a short break before the acoustic set - Joe broke out the acoustic guitar, and Dave moved up front to play to play the conga...

  1. Party Like A Rock Star... Joe has a great rap with this one about partying on the road with BOC
  2. Which Road Is Mine... another great rap from Joe about getting "lost" with the senoritas in Nogales
  3. Cowboys Dream
  4. Burnin For You... Joe and Patty do a great acoustic version!
  5. For Your Love (back to the electric setup)
  6. Dead Flowers
  7. Eighteen... Dennis had everybody dancing on this one, though some of the folks had trouble remembering back that far
  8. Astronomy... Very cool to hear this one on the green in downtown with the cars passing by, and a red half moon in the sky
  9. Godzilla... Joe talked about the Yankees using this one for Hidecki Matsui, and how the producer during the Spectres sessions made him do fifty takes of the bass lines.
  10. Reaper... how else could this fun night end?
Joe Bouchard

Here is tonight's set list. Rather than waiting weeks to type this up, I thought I'd send it off while it is still fresh.

It was a two hour show with only a ten minute break between the two sets. Great reaction to the classics and the new songs. We will be doing more gigs like this.

The List - New Milford Green 8/13/05

Set 1

  1. Jukebox in My Head
  2. School's Out
  3. Route 66
  4. Parachute Woman
  5. Vampire Night
  6. Hey Bo Diddley
  7. French Toast
  8. Lawyers Guns and Money
  9. Party Like a Rockstar
  10. Comfortably Numb

Set 2

  1. Which Road is Mine? (acoustic)
  2. The Cowboy's Dream (acoustic)
  3. Burnin' for You (acoustic)
  4. For Your Love
  5. Dead Flowers
  6. I'm 18
  7. Astronomy
  8. Godzilla
  9. Reaper
Joe Bouchard

If you come to CBGBs on Oct 21 you'll see BDB, Bouchard Dunaway and Bouchard. Neal can't make it that night, but Dennis and I are playing with Albert on drums.

Also Rick Tedesco from Dennis's solo project is playing guitar. What great entertainment for a great cause.


Found out about this gig on this website. Went to the city and got there real early. Early enough that we got to meet Albert, Debbie, and Joe as they arrived. Got to get their autographs and take pictures with them.

This was the "Save CBGBs with Cowbell" gig - or something like that... Bouchard Dunaway and Smith was there minus Smith and add Albert and another friend. Great opener... especially since BDS was MY last gig; once again Joe rocked & Dunaway plowed through the bass lines.

The Brain Surgeons with Ross the Boss was unbeatable. The whole band was tight and Albert seemed to be in his glory behind the drum kit.

They really took off when they hit Revenge of Vera Marie & Cities on Flame! Capped off the late evening with an incredible Reaper Jam with mostly everyone on the tiny stage; An awesome time was had by all!


What an excellent evening! Like a family reunion with unbelieveable tunes and a great vibe.

Running order for the show:
Union Label (Bro Jim Bouchard's electric band... playing NICE original works)
Brassless Blues Band (Damn fine old covers played by damn fine players)
Bouchard, Dunaway, Tedesco & Bouchard (see below)
and Brain Surgeons NYC (killer show, as usual)

Joe, Dennis, Rick and Albert definitely had it goin' on from where I was standing.

  1. Under My Wheels
  2. 1969 (Stooges)
  3. Eighteen
  4. School's Out
  5. I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones)

Short and sweet, but truly happenin'. The end of evening jam out was the Joe-proclaimed "Heavy version" of Reaper w/ most all of the evening's participants onstage, and Andy Hilfiger joining in on bass.

It was wonderful to see the guys again... can't wait for the next opportunity.

Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts
Joe Bouchard

Had a great time in Sackets Harbor. It's a small village on the shores of Lake Ontario aout 10 miles from Watertown NY. An important battle was fought there during the War of 1812.

Now the town is a bit tamer, but picture postcard cute as it was decked out for the holidays. I hear quite a few military people from Fort Drum live there now.

The gig was in an old brick building that was an Odd Fellows Hall, later Minstrel Hall, and now a successful comedy club. Great food and an excellent nice brew pub down the street.

The acts were:

  1. Sam Hopkins, blues singer from my old hometown of Clayton NY. Very cool guy with a very soulful voice. He jammed with Mark Mason's Blues Band
  2. The Mark Mason Blues Band, a local favorite featuring Mark on guitar and harp.
  3. The Dawg Rockets another local bluesy favorite. Their singer is a real hoot and entertains the crowd to the max.
  4. Joe Bouchard with a combination of the Dawg Rockets and the Mark Mason Band.

The set list:

  1. Run Run Rudolph
  2. Roadhouse Blues
  3. Honky Tonk Women
  4. Voodoo Child
  5. Red House
  6. Merry Christmas Baby
  7. Jingle Bell Rock
  8. Godzilla
  9. I Can't Get No Satisfaction
  10. Reaper

I definitely used this show to promote my next local upstate gig on July 8 2006 with the Regal Tones.

I was glad to help out the local Zoo in Watertown NY. It was also a great chance to visit with my family including my elderly father who has Alzheimer's but he responded well to my visit.

Joe Bouchard

The Thursday night show was solo acoustic at the Sidewalk Cafe. This was part of the Feast of Friends concert sponsored by my good friend Chris Laubis who runs Poptown Records.

I thought I'd never been to this club before, but when I got there on Thursday night, I recalled that a few years back my daughter Shannon lived just up the street, and we went there several times for martinis or a Guinness.

It was a cool club back then and it's still a cool club today. It's actually there are three sections to the club, a separate restaurant, a bar, and a candle lit backroom which accommodates the concerts.

First, Jynx played. She is a singer/songwriter/keyboardist who has a very cool attitude reminiscent of the moody side of Patti Smith. She had a Theremin player who joined in for several songs. I liked the songs and the vibe.

Next up was me. I played my new 12 string guitar and played two new original songs, Wolves and Runnin' Out of Time. Next came a dark and moody version of Paint It Black followed by my version of a BOC song Death Valley Nights. Death Valley is a song that really has fallen through the cracks of the BOC catalog. It deserves to be reinterpreted, and this one connected with the crowd.

A few more songs followed including Carnival Toy from the Back From Hell CD, Astronomy, Blood and Roses (a Smithereens cover). My version of the always topical Eve of Destruction followed by One More Song (another new song) and Reaper.

For Reaper brother Albert came up and played a drum kit sans cymbals, and Jimmy Cacala, my drummer from X Brothers, played the cowbell. The effect was great and the crowd really felt part of a special event.

Joe Bouchard

The video clip below is a charming version (no bass) of Donald's I Love the Night.

It just so happened that former BOC drummer Ron Riddle sat in, and we played this song for fun. In his 10 years with BOC he'd never played this one. I don't think I played it in many decades.

It's a cool one. That's my good friend Larry Hoppen from Orleans on the harmony.


This Joe & Larry gig was billed as "Two Music Legends in Concert". Here are some more clips from the show with ex-Orleans drummer Charlie Shew on bass:

Quick Facts

Here's a youTube clip of "Someday" (written by Frank Carillo) from this performance:

Quick Gig Facts

I found out about this gig from this link:

This says this for Aug 9th: "Aug. 9/Square dance featuring Myrtle Hayden and her band, Country Spice, on the Kent Green at Area 51; Joint Chefs, Joe Bouchard Acoustic Jam and Kevin Marquis on the porch of Robert Lindsey Bookseller."

Quick Gig Facts

Here's a preview from the 19 Dec 2008 edition of the "The Observer" (Southington):

Music legend Daryl Hall will perform a very intimate show this weekend at the Litchfield Community Center to benefit Healing the Children Northeast.

Saturday's concert also features a live acoustic set from Joe Bouchard, formerly of Blue Oyster Cult.

Hall, one-half of the duo Hall & Oates, lives just over the border in New York, where he films his popular Internet program "Live From Darryl's House." Episodes can be found online at www.livefromdarrylshouse.com

The singer/songwriter still records and performs with John Oates, his partner in Hall & Oates. In fact, the pair will perform on New Year's Eve at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville. In 2006, the duo released the holiday album "Home for Christmas," so it's likely that some festive tunes will be included in Hall's Litchfield set.

The special concert also includes an exhibition and sale of fine art photography from Morrison Hotel Gallery in conjunction with Jeffrey Tillou Antiques.

Tickets are $75. Doors open at 6 p.m. at the community center, located at 421 Bantam Road, on Route 202 in Litchfield.

For more information, call (860) 567-8302 or visit www.thecommunitycenter.org

Here's a youTube clip of "Jukebox in My Head" from this gig:

And here's another clip from this show (which will open in a new window):

Quick Gig Facts
Quick Gig Facts

This is a Triple Threat type gig in a Triple Threat type-venue... but with no Kenny Faranda this gig must go down as a "Joe Bouchard & Friends" gig... OK, make that "Joe Bouchard & Friend"...

Quick Gig Facts
  • "Rock The House", a Band Together benefit concert of Rock music for the Pilot House Special Needs Foundation

The only info I saw about this gig said:

"Rock The House" at Fairfield Theater Fairfield, CT - a Band Together benefit concert for the Pilot House Special Needs Foundation.

Scheduled to appear: Joe Bouchard, Jay Stollman, Giselle Jackson, Fuzz, Eric Kalb, Jerry Vigorito, Rob Fried and special guests Jerry and the gang...

Here are links to a couple of pics by Ron Kovis:

More info on the Band Together project can be found here:

Quick Gig Facts
  • Acoustic with Kristin Richards for Earth Week
Quick Gig Facts
  • "Rock, Soul & Survivorship!" Benefit for CT Challenge for Cancer Survivors Benefit

The line-up info I have for this show is: Joe Bouchard, Charlie Karp, Christine Ohlman, Tyger MacNeal, Pat Marafiote, Rachel Ulreich, Rob Fried, Jerry Vigorito.

The show is to be hosted by Kristen Cusato WTNH News 8...

Joe Bouchard

This is my third performance with the Band Together organization. It's so much fun. They raise money and awareness for a lot of local causes. This one is for the CT Challenge, dedicated to Cancer Survivors.

Since my first gig with them in 2006 with Patti G, they have done 22 shows for charity. The gig I did with them in 2009 was great, but this show might have topped that.

The band is hot. I love working with Christine from SNL and all the other singers too. Charlie played with Buddy Miles for over a decade and is a very soulful blues guitarist.

The setlist was pretty commercial, no Godzilla, and it leans on a lot of "oldies". But is was well played and got an amazing response and many standing ovations.

Set 1
Them ChangesCharlie
Tear It UpCharlie
Take Me To The RiverChristine
Brass In PocketChristine
Gimme Some LovinJoe
(Don't Fear) The ReaperJoe
Livin For The CityRachel
Natural WomanRachel/Christine
Sex MachineCharlie
Rock And RollChristine
What I'd SayJoe
Set 2
Handle With CareJoe/Christine
Shake Rattle & RollCharlie
Put A Spell On YouRachel
Burnin For YouJoe
Hold On LooselyChristine
You Keep Me Hanging OnRachel
Matchbox/Blue Suede ShoesJoe
I've Been Lovin You Too LongCharlie/Christine
People Get ReadyAll