Patty and Joe at Vivos June 2004 [Photo by Jim Siatras]
  • Patty and Joe at Vivos June 2004
  • Photo: Jim Siatras

This section is dedicated to the Joe Bouchard/Patty G Acoustic Project. Originally known as the Cool Prototypes, the project was an ongoing musical collaboration between Joe Bouchard on acoustic guitar/vocals and Patty Gesmondi on vocals/percussion and originally arose out of their work together in the Tree Top Blues Band.

They made their major live debut on 26 June 2004 at Arlene's, NYC at the Cellsum party (after the X Brothers had to drop out) and the songs - "stripped down, raw and in your face rock tunes played with a minimum of instruments" - were very well received by the crowd.

Buoyed by this, Joe spent the Summer of 2004 writing an array of new material for the duo and between then and 2006 they played on a pretty consistant basis until Patty's back problems - and subsequent surgery - brought the collaboration to a premature end.

The Cool Prototypes giglist is here, the known setlists here and reviews here. If you can add any information to any of these pages, please let me know.

If you ever saw Joe and Patti play, please send me a .

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1 August 2006

Here's Joe's latest news:

Patty and I are playing out regularly. Gigs at Eastside Cafe and Seany B's have been very good. Both club managers are harassing us for more dates, but playing out tends to slow down the recording process, so I'm being very selective. We are slowly working in new songs into the set. Unfortunately a lot of what we do is improvised on the spot and I don't have set lists. I got a new 12 string acoustic and that is filling out our sound quite nicely.

4 March 2006

Joe's latest update:

Patty and I are getting back up to speed. We played last night in a restaurant. It was a great show even with the intimate crowd.

10 January 2006

Patty is still recovering from her back surgery, so we've put any immediate duo gigs on hold. I could do solo acoustic gigs but would that be any fun?

As it was our scheduled Dec 23 2005 at Vivos was canceled by the club anyway so I didn't get a substitute or play solo.

12 August 2005

Here's Joe's latest news in the form of a quick Q&A:

Got a name yet for you and Patty???

We're still searching for a name. Driveslaver isn't bad, but we'd probably only get gigs opening for Slipknot and Mudvayne. ;-)!

Any news on the CD with Patty G?

The CD is a little behind schedule. Slowly I've been getting the new software I need, but I still have yet to purchase a Mac G5. It will be here sometime this fall. My studio is going through a major renovation. I've got a new window. As I type this email, the carpenter is installing a new air conditioner in the wall. It's hard to type, much less record with sawing and hammering going on. LOL!

Patty and I are writing lots of new songs and we will to do several new demos before finalizing the list of songs for the CD. I have to wear two hats in this group. Since I'm the producer as well as performer, I have to consider whether all the songs are good enough, and what sounds would make this CD stand out. I want this project to really be right, so if it takes a few more months to put the pieces of the puzzle together that's okay.

Any news on ""?

Since I'm still redoing my studio, I haven't had time to get the website together. I have been looking into the blog aspect of the site and I think I really don't want to set up a running diary on the net. Unless you are a politician it seems awful intrusive into one's personal life. (My sister has a blog - since our mother passed away recently you can read her eulogy.)

Chances are it will be a very basic site based around a calendar and important news bulletins.

I really enjoy checking your database for BOC facts. Like Sunday I'm going to Saratoga to see Brian Wilson's Smile Tour. BOC played there in May of 1975, over 30 years ago. Wow! I just had to check my facts in case I'm talking with musicians there about my past history.

I'll try to get more set lists to you. The problem is I'm usually making set lists for the gigs ahead, and don't have much time for looking back. And then on the gig, I often change the set depending on the crowd and my mood. The only way I can be sure I've got the set lists right is check the minidisk, and that takes even more time. But like I said it's great to have that database for the archivists. You never know when you will need it.

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