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This section of the site has been set up to document all the gigs performed by Joe Bouchard as a solo acoustic performer. Gigs Joe has done with other performers can be found in the "Joe Bouchard & Friends" section.

This simple categorisation is not as simple or straight forward as it seems it should be. Sometimes various other people pop onstage and jam with Joe on certain songs - this sort of inconsiderate behaviour puts me in a labelling quandry: in such an eventuality, does that transform the gig into a "Joe Bouchard & Friends" gig?

No, I don't know either... Oh dear...

Anyway, the known solo giglist is here, the known setlists are here and reviews here. If you can add any information to any of these pages, please let me know.

If you've ever seen a Joe Bouchard Solo show, please consider sending me a review. Your contributions are very welcome so please get in .

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20 Jan 2015

Check out Joe's latest CD release: "New Solid Black" - now available as a Bonus Edition (with two extra tracks co-authored with Helen Robbins).

It had been previously available at gigs as a 6-track "EP" - adding two "bonus" tracks has turned it into an "LP" :-)

  1. Forget About Love
  2. Drive Me Crazy
  3. Love Takes Heart
  4. Memorial Day
  5. Last Call
  6. Roller Girls
  7. Light Years of Love (Bonus Track)
  8. O Jim (Bonus Track)

Details here:

31 May 2012

Hello friends and fans,

The follow up to Jukebox in My Head, Tales From The Island, 2 and a half years in the making, is finally available. 15 songs, all new material.

Check out the complete playlist I posted on YouTube.

Unreleased lyrics by Helen Wheels and Richard Meltzer, plus seven new songs from John (You Like Vampires?) Cook.

Downloads only at this point from CDBaby or iTunes.

Also - if you go to the CD Baby site, there are complete album notes at the bottom of my page. You will have to click the "Read more..." link to see all the lyrics. Credits for all songs are listed too.

It's basically myself and my neighbor I've known all my life, John Cook who wrote all the music. I wrote music for 8 songs, lyrics for 6 songs and the two other lyrics are by Richard and Helen. John Cook wrote lyrics and music for the 7 other songs. He is an amazing writer, having proved himself with Dark Boat on my 1st solo album and You (like Vampires) for Blue Coupe.

The lyrics for the Richard Meltzer and Helen Wheels songs date back several decades. They were hiding away in a box in my attic. The same box that I found Angel's Well by Jim Carroll. I'm a pack rat, never throw out anything.

I can remember looking at the Meltzer lyric years ago and saying "That's a pretty good lyric, but I don't want to do it. It's an old person's song" Well, guess what happened? I changed just a few lines like, it was originally "The days are gone but the years remain" to "The years are gone but the days remain" Ironic? I also changed " I hitched a ride to "New Orleans" to I hitched a ride to "New York". Little things like that. I actually did hitch a ride to NY in the 70s.

I just emailed Watt, he's been in contact with Meltzer. He has Richard's "Fuck" song on a new album. It's a real hoot. I'd like to talk to Richard to tell him about the song. I think it's a strong one.

I wrote a version of Burnin' for You way back then, you all have never heard. It's darker than Donald's but I never finished it. Donald came in with a hot demo and my version ended on the scrap heap. I always knew there was some value in the lyric.


Complete tracklist:

  1. 1000 Midnights [ 4:26 ] || Preview
  2. The Pub That Never Closes [ 3:36 ] || Preview
  3. Wild Lands [ 3:44 ] || Preview
  4. Retro Rockstar [ 3:18 ] || Preview
  5. Midnight in a River Town [ 4:15 ] || Preview
  6. Motel Tropico [ 4:09 ] || Preview
  7. Perpetrator [ 4:45 ] || Preview
  8. Door to the River [ 4:49 ] || Preview
  9. Your Dark Secrets [ 5:26 ] || Preview
  10. Roadtrip [ 3:27 ] || Preview
  11. Christopher Walken Is Walkin' Her Home [ 4:26 ] || Preview
  12. Helluva Hoedown [ 3:07 ] || Preview
  13. Katrina (Jesus the Fixer of Broken Hearts) [ 4:44 ] || Preview
  14. Parole [ 3:47 ] || Preview
  15. Heart of Wine [ 3:26 ] || Preview
23 May 2012

Spectra Records is finally re-releasing Jukebox in My Head. I guess you could call it the "deluxe edition" since I added three more BONUS REMIXES to the package. It has a new cover too.

They will do a pressing of physical CDs soon. I'll post when they are available.

But in the meantime, you can download the tracks from from iTunes


Complete tracklist:

  1. Shadows On the Streets of New York [ 3:27 ]
  2. Travelin' Freak Show [ 4:17 ]
  3. Cowboy's Dream [ 3:59 ]
  4. Jukebox In My Head [ 3:57 ]
  5. One More Song So Long [ 4:01 ]
  6. Which Road Is Mine [ 4:33 ]
  7. Kickin' a Can [ 3:52 ]
  8. Haunted Dance Floor [ 3:52 ]
  9. Dark Boat [ 8:22 ]
  10. Running Out of Time [ 3:26 ]
  11. Camp Sunset [ 2:49 ]
  12. Coming for You Someday [ 4:35 ]
  13. One More Song So Long (Bonus Remix) [ 4:31 ]
  14. Dark Boat (Bonus Remix) [ 10:56 ]
  15. Which Road Is Mine (Bonus Remix) [ 4:20 ]
Haunted Dancefloor || [ Jukebox in My Head ]

If you liked the above, you'll love the rest of Jukebox in My Head, the album from which it comes. Get it from Joe's site.


  1. Shadows On The Streets Of New York
  2. Travelin' Freak Show
  3. Cowboy's Dream
  4. Jukebox In My Head
  5. One More Song So Long
  6. Which Road Is Mine
  7. Kickin' A Can
  8. Haunted Dance Floor
  9. Dark Boat
  10. Running Out Of Time
  11. Camp Sunset
  12. Coming For You Someday
Joe on Cable TV

Joe has made a few appearances on Poughkeepsie Live TV/Don Odells Blues Time - both solo and also with a set of tunes with Jeff Pitchell.

Here are links to some solo acoustic appearances live in the studio on Don Odells Blues Time TV show (I don't have dates but one was uploaded on 18 Oct 2007 so they're obviously previous to that):

  1. Screams / Burnin' For You
  2. One More Song So Long
  3. Dont Fear the Reaper
  4. Which Road is Mine
  5. Astronomy
  6. Fallen Angel
  7. Wolves in the Night
  8. Kicking The Can
  9. Money Machine
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