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The X Brothers was the first band Joe joined after leaving Blue Oyster Cult. Originally, the plan was for Albert Bouchard to be in the band but he dropped out before a gig was played.

Joe, Billy and Andy Hilfiger and Jimmy Cacala set up as a four-piece in 1988 and played gigs on and off right through until around 1992, often supporting themselves under the guise of their Doors-tribute band, Crystal Ship. Eventually the project fizzled out around 1992.

After some time off, Joe and the band got back into it after the Metallica/Astronomy deal and have been playing the occasional gig ever since. Currently they comprise Joe on vocals/guitar and keys, Andy Hilfiger on bass/vocals, Jimmy Cacala on drums/vocals, Rob Cannavino on guitar/vocals and Bobby+Hilfiger on percussion/vocals.

The known Cult/X Brothers giglist is here, the known setlists here and reviews here. If you can add any information to any of these pages, please let me know. Have you ever seen an X Brothers/Cult Brothers show? If so, please send me a review - your contributions are very welcome so please get in .

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Latest X Brothers-Related News
17 Oct 2012

The latest X Brothers CD - The Dedicated Followers of Fashion - is available at last from CDBaby.

It's a collection of covers based around the thems of clothing, fashion and rock and roll. The tracklist is:

  1. All for the Love of Rock 'n' Roll [ 3:18 ]
  2. Short Skirt/Long Jacket [ 3:26 ]
  3. Black Leather Jacket [ 2:49 ]
  4. Twentieth Century Fox [ 2:22 ]
  5. Dedicated Follower of Fashion [ 3:05 ]
  6. Hot Pants [ 3:28 ]
  7. Jean Genie [ 4:08 ]
  8. Every Picture Tells a Story [ 5:42 ]
  9. Tight Black Pants [ 1:51 ]
  10. Matchbox/Blue Suede Shoes [ 3:49 ]
  11. Blue Jean Blues [ 4:08 ]
  12. Hi-Heel Sneakers [ 3:26 ]
  13. Rock and Roll [ 3:52 ]
17 April 2012

Joe's first X Brothers CD from 1998 - Solid Citizen - has now been re-released as a digital download on CDBaby and iTunes, so if you didn't get a copy when it first came out, now's yer chance:

  1. Pray [1:12]
  2. Hot Time in Hell [4:44] || youTube Link
  3. On Fire With Love [3:26] || youTube Link
  4. Love's a Killer [4:30] || youTube Link
  5. Pearls [3:11]
  6. Inner Bit [1:20]
  7. Wild Ones [3:51] || youTube Link
  8. Dreamland [4:02]
  9. The Van Song [3:58]
  10. Dream Machine [7:33]
  11. End Post [1:21]
  12. All Things Paramount [3:30]
  13. Run for the Sun [4:32] || youTube Link
23 February 2012

The X Brothers just spent two solid days recording our new album at Big Time Studio in Interlaken NY.

We did 13 tracks for the CD that will be out this summer ("Dedicated Followers of Rock n Roll" is the working title). The songs are all covers, some famous, some obscure, that to relate to the theme of clothing and rock and roll.

Since Andy's got a new line of duds, called Andrew Charles, I thought it was a no brainer to do a fun set of tunes that relate to what's been part of our routine for years. It's a party record. Having a party? Want great music? Just put it on the old Victrola and get down!

You will hear it all soon.


1 Feb 2011

For the third year running, the X Brothers have been part of the Skynyrd January Simple Man cruise - it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it!!

On returning home to deep snow drifts, Joe said:

Yuck on the snow! I wish I was back on the cruise. It went by way too fast...

The X Brothers had the biggest crowds this year. The final show was packed to the rafters.

We played three shows. Thursday night, Friday night and Sunday night. Each set was about an hour. MIchael Cartellone and Robert Kearns from Skynyrd sat in on the Sunday night show.

As for set lists? Hmmm... can't remember. I'll write out a set but then make changes midstream. We tried to make each show a little different since many people came to see us for all three shows.

Highlights: Last Days of May on Thursday, and a Stones medley/jam on the Sunday night show. 2000 Light Years from Home on Friday was especially spacey,

Incidentally, we started working on a new CD, all cover tunes, some obvious, some obscure. We've got 10 demos so far. Hope to have it out in Sept.

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