Hot Rails Blue Oyster Cult Known Gig Stats

Here is a breakdown of all the known SWU | SFG | BOC gigs. Click on any of the figure totals to see a list of the relevant gigs which that total refers to. Each item in the list is a link to that gig's entry in the History section on this website. So... if you want to see, say, just who the hell Norm Gordon is and why he's listed as a BOC member, just select his link and click on the gig you see listed.
Total Known Gig Count [ ]

This figure represents the total number of known gigs that BOC in their various incarnations and line-ups have played up until today's date. This total includes all the known gigs from the early days of the Soft White Underbelly, through to Stalk Forrest and then finally onto Blue Oyster Cult.

Also included are those gigs between 1979-1986 when the band would play under the "Soft White Underbelly" name.

Here's a breakdown of these categories:

NB: A "gig" refers to a single visit by the band to a particular venue on any one day, regardless of the number of sets played on the night. Thus a two-set gig counts as just the one gig.

Individual Bandmember Playing Stats

Over the years, the band has had a number of "support musicians" who've come in to augment the core nucleus. This section will quantify all their known gig performances. As I discover further previously undocumented past gigs, these previous gig figures will naturally increase accordingly.

NB: I've not listed anyone who just guests during an encore or someone who only gets up for a song or 2 (eg David Lucas - cowbell, Sandy Pearlman - harmonica etc), just the people who played a full gig as part of the band...

NB: In case anyone was wondering why Steve Noonan and Chuck Berry aren't listed, it's because they never played with the SWU - rather, the SWU played with them as their backing bands. More info on this can be found here.